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Heart Propaganda Two

Heart Propaganda Two

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Published by Carlo Ami
One way of moving beyond the results of the various propaganda of the world is via the propaganda of the heart. Rather than relying upon the truths of religion, mass media and government as truth, we can use our own intuitive sense of the heart to run our lives.
One way of moving beyond the results of the various propaganda of the world is via the propaganda of the heart. Rather than relying upon the truths of religion, mass media and government as truth, we can use our own intuitive sense of the heart to run our lives.

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Published by: Carlo Ami on Jul 23, 2010


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Heart Propaganda-Debugging Your Own Operating System
by Carlo AmiWhy are we a society so apparently immersed in fear, suffering and personalimpotence?From the time we come out of the womb, we are bombarded with thepropaganda of the world. We are indoctrinated to feel small, to misunderstandwhat true power is, and to stay on a treadmill of old “solutions” that do not work.For a moment, compare yourself to a computer. We have our own operatingsystem. We are fed data: our experiences. We output that data in our thoughtsand our behaviors. The problem is that much of the propaganda of the world issimply false, incorrect data. Your mind houses this data and responds to thebeliefs and “facts” you have registered there.We have been conditioned by the propaganda of the world to focus on what wedo
want. We stew in the muck of visions of failure, damnation, financial ruin,and homelessness.Consider the possibility that, harbored in your heart is the most importantelement in your operating system. Like the brain, the heart has thinking neurons.It also might be seen as a brilliant anti-virus program that has the ability to debugor clean up the various lies that have been fed into your operating system.All of the judgments, assessments, and fear-based responses are products of thepropaganda you have accepted as being valid data.The mechanism of any propaganda is repetition. If you hear or see somethingoften enough, the mind tends to accept it as truth. The world has fed you awhole bunch of lies over and over. This has polluted the hard drive of the mind.Our governments, religions , mass media and other institutions we have beenconditioned to trust have been feeding us lots of lies. Whether that has beenpurposeful lying or not is not important. Simply the recognition of that which is“false data” is what is important. The destructive propaganda of these institutionshas impacted us collectively, and this is particularly crucial in regards to how weapproach “The Big Picture”---the questions of why we are here in this life, of whatis important, and what comes after this life.Our institutions, we have been told, are here to serve us. The government is inplace to protect our interests. Does it? Religion, some say, is here to provide
Heart Propagandaby Carlo Ami Page 1 7/23/2010
spiritual sustenance. In practice, most religion does exactly the opposite.Common sense would tell you that any worthy religion would have as its missionto unite and empower. Most religion provides the counterpoint to that.Is there a wrathful and omnipotent god who will damn you to eternal torture if youdo not follow His rules?Compare the actions of our governments and religions to those of the humanego. Ego likes to tell us that we are small. We respond by pretending we arebig. Ego judges, condemns, and is often confused and afraid. It, like our religions and governing bodies, fears loss of power.But what
power really?Because of the propaganda of the world, most people think that power is thecapacity and willingness to manipulate, dominate, enslave or cheat. Part of whatwe are in this life to learn is that the basis of any real power is love.How do we move beyond the old conceptualizations of power? How do webecome more truly powerful beings? How do we evolve. One powerful way isvia what I call Heart Propaganda.To move beyond the destructive input of disempowering propaganda, we cansimply choose to make use of our own heart propaganda, the repetition of truthsabout life, repeating of important beliefs, and the visioning of a loving,harmonious planet.Heart Propaganda can help clean up or de-bug our internal operating systemHow can you make use of this tool?
First, get clear about what is important to you. Clarify what youbelieve about why you are here. Then, live your life with thatbeing important.
Find ways to repeat empowering beliefs to yourself. Write outor print the most inspiring ideas and post them where you canread them frequently, on your desk, car dashboard or refrigerator. Compose a brief statement about the mostimportant aspects of what you envision for yourself and your world.
The third, and maybe most important factor, is your awarenessof opportunities to practice your loving beliefs.
Heart Propagandaby Carlo Ami Page 2 7/23/2010
Keeping these factors in practice can be very empowering. Your life is as it isbecause of how you have responded to the truths and to the propaganda of life.Though Heart Propaganda you can reprogram yourself to live more lovingly,more effectively, more powerfully.*****************************************************************************************For specific tools on using heart propaganda for your own happiness,contentment, wisdom and and true power, see the homepage atYourPauseButton.comFor simple Heart Propaganda tools, including free Pause Sessions,see the website atYourPauseButton.comSee the blog sections of the site for inspiration and resources.Remember your power to live your life withlove!You are notyour body.You are notyour mind.You areyour soul.You liveeternally.So whywould youwant to fear anything,anyone?Live your life with truepower,lovingpower.
Heart Propagandaby Carlo Ami Page 3 7/23/2010

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