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Strange New World Chapter 3 v5

Strange New World Chapter 3 v5

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Published by Tera Cashen
Liz springs the news on three of her sisters, leading to a big fight.
Liz springs the news on three of her sisters, leading to a big fight.

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Published by: Tera Cashen on Jul 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 3
Rose went back to bed. She had to work that day, so she needed her rest. I workedin the afternoon, so I could risk staying up the rest of the night, or morning rather. I saton my bed and poured through the grimoires, looking in awe at all the spells, thedescriptions, the rituals, the ideas.Magic was real. Some part of me was immensely satisfied and content, like thatpart of me hadn’t been fulfilled before and was thankful for the discovery. Another partof me was still blown away. I had watched TV and read so many books dealing with thesupernatural that finding out that magic was real was astonishing. I was proud andhappy, and a little sad. As I read over the spells, I thought about what our parents would have done if they had been alive. Would they have kept us in ignorance of our magic for the rest of our lives until they could no longer protect us? Would they have told Rose when she waseighteen and began training us, using these grimoires?I guess it didn’t matter now. Our parents were dead and they couldn’t help usnow. Even if Mom found had tried to find a way back to us, I doubted she would be ableto. Death was forever. Wasn’t it?I fell asleep with the books on my chest and my head lolled to the side. I woke upto the kitchen cupboards slamming. The fridge opened, then footsteps tramped downthe stairs. I leaped out of bed and checked out Rose’s room. She had left quite early toopen the cafe she helped manage.I went into the kitchen and found a note scrawled on the whiteboard tacked tothe fridge. ‘Tell them for me. Rose’. I pondered the double meaning of this message as I
started for the stairs. Did she mean that I should tell them about the witchcraft now? Ortell them to come home after school? I sighed.I found Alex sitting on the couch in the den, watching cartoons while she had her breakfast. She raised her eyebrows at me in greeting. I went to Mona’s room and openedthe door. She was sitting on the bed, staring at the floor. She looked up at me inannoyance.“Can you knock before you come into my room?” she asked.I knocked on the door frame before stepping in. That made her more annoyed.“Join us in the den please,” I told her, leaving without a response.Then I went to the twins’ bedroom that they shared. Like the twins, the room wasa small corner of chaos, filled with clothing, books, CDs, etc littered in every availablespot. The few clean areas were the paths the twins took to get out of bed or to get to theirdesks. Alex’s bed covers were thrown onto the floor while Emma’s bed still contained alump in it.I came closer to the lump. “Gonna have breakfast?” I asked it.“No,” came the response.“You should have breakfast,” I said. “You need energy for the rest of your day,and it’ll make you feel better.” No response. I pictured Emma glaring at me through thecovers and smiled. I leaned forward and patted the blanket where I thought her head would be.“Argh! Stop!” Emma protested.I laughed and began peeling the blanket back from her. Her hair was mussed allover her face. She glared at me through it.
“Leave me alone,” she mumbled.I smiled down at her. “Outta bed, sleepyhead,” I sang, pulling the covers farther back. “I need you to come out into the den with the others. Gotta tell you something.”I started to walk away but found Emma was already pulling the covers back overher.“It’s important, Emma,” I said sternly. I paused. “And don’t even think about notgoing to school today.”I left the room. Alex was still watching cartoons, but her cereal was almostfinished. Mona sat curled up in one of the stuffed chairs, trying not to watch thecartoons. I sat on the arm of another chair. Emma came out, grumpy and grumbling, butshe sat on the couch.“What’s going on?” Alex asked.“Rose and I have some news to tell you,” I said. I looked at them. Mona and Alex barely looked interested, and Emma was closing her eyes. “We wanted to tell youtonight, but I’m debating on whether to tell you right now.”“I won’t be coming home after school,” Alex told me.I nodded. “We figured you wouldn’t,” I said. “Could you come home for a little bit before you go do whatever it is you were going to do?”“No,” she said. I frowned at her. “Science project.”I nodded again. I didn’t buy that, but I said, “I would prefer it if everyone gothome around the same time. I’ll be working until four, so I’ll be back before four-thirty —”

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