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Compilation Fred Communications November 4 2009

Compilation Fred Communications November 4 2009

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Published by Frank Gallagher

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Jul 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From: Frank Gallagher [mailto:frankly1@rogers.com]
Sent: September-17-09 2:54 PM
To: 'fredelbaz@hotmail.com'; 'xdark_visionsx@hotmail.com'
Subject: Matt phone me upon receipt. Do not open any links
#1 Litigation Initiative For Equity
The Power of innumerable 20 buck herds will be
About Us
³There were no dates in this history but scrawled this
way and that were the words BENEVOLENCE,
began to read between the lines; the whole volume was
filled with a single phrase: EAT PEOPLE´
September 10 2009
52. (1)The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada , and any law that is incons istent with
the provis ions of the Cons titution is
, to the extent of the inconsistency,of no for ce or effect.
The Constitution Act, 1982
Part1, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy
of God and the rule of law
Realizing and materializing the GOLDEN RULE
Osmosis: the gradual, often unconscious, absorption of knowledge or ideas through continual exposure rather than
deliberate learning
Principle s:main beliefs
, values, philosophy, ideology, morality, ethics, doctrine, principle
Supr e mac y
: pre-eminence, ascendancy, primacy, superiority, domination, incomparability, dominance
: contract, licence, deed, agreement, bond, hire, rent, employ
: social equality, equality, egalitarianism
Egalitar ianism:parity, fairness, equal opportunity, impartiality
Spirit:strength, courage, character, guts, will, strength of mind,
, fortitude
Justice : fairness, impartiality, righteousness, even- handedness, fair
dealing, honesty, integrity
Consistency:constancy, steadiness, reliability, uniformity, evenness, stability, regularity
Perhaps the most importa nt application of the rule of law is theprinciple that governmental authority is legitimately
exercised only in accordance with, publicly disclosed laws,adopted and enforced in accordance with established
procedural steps that are referred to as due proc ess.
The rule of law is hostile to dictatorship and to anarchy
According to modern Anglo-American thinking; hallmarks of adherence to the rule of law commonly include a clear
separation of powers, legal certainty, the principle of legitimate expectation and equality of all before the law.
The concept is not without controversy, and it has been said that"the phrasethe rule of law has become
meaningless thanks to ideological abuseand general over- use"
( publicly disclosed laws )
52. (1) TheC o nstitutio n of C anada is the supreme law of Canada, and any law that is inc onsiste nt with the
The following was extracted from the Law Society of Upper Canada
- Lawyers Rules of Conduct
103) Interpretation (f) rules of professional conductca nno t a ddre ss e v e r y situa tio n
, and a lawyer should observe
the r ules in
the spiritas we ll a s in the le tter .
History and their books of
law leave an indelible trail
Impossible to cover up
being the evidence that
irrefutably cornered them.
The Rule of Law(From the Wikipedia)
"T he L etter of the L aw"in the first statement of Part 1, C anadian C harter of R ights andfr eedoms clearly cedes
to the supremacy of God and Jesus of world renown summarized the aspirations attributed to God as
"The Golden Rule"o b v io u sly "The Spirit of the Law".
Where there is conflict between"The Spir it o f the La w " and "The Letter of the Law"
"The Spirit of the Law" has superiority clearly

stated in "The Letter of the Law", where sane moral thought and reason is either stated or implied giving credence to that which is least ap to be mistaken by humankind whereas to be human is to err, there can be no mistaking the meaning and intention of The Golden Rule words put to paper by people can be unintentionally ambiguous, adverse to "The Spirit of the Law" inconsistent with the Constitution, eith erroneously or deliberately placed for nefarious intent or deliberately

interpreted inconsistent with the Constitution, but
of no forceor effect
decidedly necessary to CONSISTENTLY maintain sanity and protect every individual as guaranteed by the Charter
CDF Justice Inc.
Pre se nts
On behalf of the majority
The Constitution Act, 1982
Legitimate Interp retation)
Consistent to every individual¶s
equ al Chart er Gu arant ee
Exposing Government
Clearly the Constitution: Establishment is financed by the taxpayer to administer and enforce the laws consistent with the Constitution conducive to
every individual¶s guaranteed Charter rights for every individual¶s benefit that make up society as a whole demanding UNBIASED, competent
responsible and irreproachable government hierarchy that all of reality attests the powers that be put on the
f açad e n ecessar y o f ORGANI ZED CRI ME
Persisten ce to ign oran ce cou ld n ot p reven t th e on ce b elieved flat world from b ein g a sp h ere
³Solicit Victims of Crime for Class Action suits against Government
CharterDe mo crac
Force Justice Inc.
Get a LIFE
20 bucks says we can have a sane legitimate efficient government/legal system consistent with the
Hi Fred
This is the document I referred to you earlier in our telephone conversation
Please be attentive to the instructions provided you then.
As for further encounters with the ignorant that would judge you and us without looking at the evidence and the
clear transparency of our objective that can be easily accessed and assessed by typing in the I LIFE URL
www.1life.cCis indicative of being under the spell of the nefarious bent hierarchy of State and Church being

deliberate cooperatives of their conspiracy for financial gain or simply indicative of persons with minds
collectively dwarfed by a single toad, that presume they are realists dealing with reality in the best way they can
absent of pertinent knowledge demonstrated by their unfounded accusations and refusal to review the evidence
before playing the part of silly bugger with automated motor mouth triggered by an inferior mind though
presumably equipped with a magnificent brain as are the majority, but use it comparable to the unfortunate that
brought before the people¶s court would be certified incompetent to stand trial directed to an appropriate asylum
for the express purpose to test for signs that the mind could be jolted to conscious state and hence be recycled
to a competent responsible entity adept to be a benefit to the moral society guaranteed in the 1982 enactment of
the Constitution/Charter.

What can you say to persistent ignoramuses that turn down the opportunity for a humongous return on a mere
$20 investment with the bi-product a sane world where poverty is intolerable and thus non-existent?

Invariably all persons of the Lower Tier « the majority will humongously benefit one way or another consistent
with democracy, but only they who comprehend equality must be equally supported to the certainty as only
registered members have indicated their willingness to participate to the materialization though every individual
is equally offered this opportunity to do so will endeavour to kick themselves in the ass upon our inevitable
success that due their persistence to ignorance bliss will know the ultimate benefits of equality united to a most
honourable purpose no less than equality for all but assured an equal share of the loot the unscrupulous

ransacked from us.

It is incalculable to put a price on the efforts I exerted to the rewards not likely to be around to benefit, but it is the knowing that I did the best I could do address personal issues that chanced upon me, that soon concluded impossible to be legitimately addressed by an illegitimate legal system that investigate itself to the certainty of innocence just as assuredly as there is no 2 Tier system to any person not in firm grasp of their faculties.

So to them we must say after casual acquaintance ³I am amazed at your realistic appearance, with no strings
attached would be elated to meet the creator´
Slip away having plenty of time whilst the meaning is inanely pondered.
From the Oval Coffee Table of Charter Democracy Force Justice Inc.
Frank Gallagher CEO/President presiding
September 16 2009

Due the retardants and ineptness of CEO Frank Gallagher to put a competent responsible irreproachable
effective Director Management Team in place to cover my limitations in time to have our Shopping Cart up
and running by this date September 16 2009 have missed a supreme opportunity to advance the
Corporation to its ultimate potential to which I have adequately attended to severely reprimanding myself to
which all such initiatives to keep me in line will be top secret, but be assured that I have appropriately
addressed the issue to the certainty that I am the person necessary for the job until the certainty of my
inevitable eradication.

However every initiative has a consistency of innumerable backup initiatives that will inevitably be used in
one way or many in constant fortitude to the certainty of the materialization of ³TheSpirit of the
Corporation´ that is inevitable and its earliest arrival dependant on the earliest arrival of our competence
and conviction to it.

No matter the apparent failure of any initiative it is not within ³Our Spirit´ to be disappointed, frustrated or
subject to any other emotion obstructive to our success and in fact any such apparent failure provides the
truth as to what we must be vigorously attentive to as a team ever reminding each other as to the
Corporation and Company¶s# 1 PRIORITY with approach ever changing as competently dealt with to the
certainty that each Director¶s # 1 Priority is maintained secondary to the certainty being that which we can
trust being the foundation of which all subsequent # 1 Priorities´ are founded on.

It is due the fact that we are determined to venture into the unknown that no book is presently available
and in fact we are writing:

An OPEN never ending book to the ³Materialization of the Golden Rule´ and its maintenance to the
inevitable certainty, being an imperative read includingall links provided therein for all Directors to fit in to
their schedule, but never to interfere with the progressive advancement of # 1 PRIORITY

The Success of theCorporation guided by ³The BOOK is an inevitable eventuality
Not only due the facts

1) ³The Spirit of the Golden Rule´ is the epitome of simplicity and sanity that has forever blown in the wind
within the grasp of quadriplegics easily seen by the blind well understood by us all at 5 prior to the first day
of school giving credence to that, which is least apt to be mistaken by humankind.
2) Obviously most receptive to the majority « the people of the Lower Tier that united make up the power
to the certainty that their Constitution Charter rights are equally supported ultimately forcing the people of
the Lower Tier to equally support forcing the people of the Upper Tier cooperatives of the illegitimate
Capitalists PIG Democracy into submission to the inevitable eradication of the obvious 2 Tier system that
they adamantly deny exists.
3) It is ³The Spirit of the Law´ that must be CONSISTENTLY UNBIASEDLY ENFORCEDco mpe t en t ly
RESPONSIBLY irreproachably with FORTITUDE and CONVICTION to Adeptness to theCertainty

It is the Reality of the existence ofCha rter Democracy Force Justice Inc.
Make it known to the people that we are
Builtand They WillCome
To that endeavour theDire c tor/Co mmuni ca t i o ns has # 1 PRIORITY in perpetuity

As Director/Communications now placedhast he full immediate coope ration of all Corporation
Board of Directors and will nothesitate to assign any of us to aid in his initiatives ultimately
dedicated to the immediate success of the Corporation

Success simply does nothappen without efficient effective competent
responsible dedication to it and invariably we are only as strong as the
weakest link in the chain that we will work together to maintainan equality of
links to the certainty of the success that wehave ventured together.

All Directors will create a folderCha rterDe mo cracy Fo rce Justice Inc. and within that folder
create folder ³Board Directives´ to file Board Directives such as this document published on our
Scribd site

as document number 168³September 16 2009 # 1 PRIORITY´

To the certainty that we all understand each other and are up to speed with each others # 1
Priority second only to ³September 16 2009 # 1 PRIORITY´ all Directors will be provided copies
of all Board Personnel Directives to be filed in a folder of same name created in the³Board

Directives´fo ld e r .
Also open folder ³THE BOOK´ in the ³Board Directives´ folder and download
http://www.scribd.com/doc/19644250/THE-BOOK saving it in ³THE BOOK´ folder as file ³THE BOOK
September 16 2009´
This will simplify the exchange of computers and the indoctrination of future Directors into the fold
to the certainty of efficient and effective mutual understanding.

We are always open to constructive criticism, and a folder ³Questionsand Answer will also be
opened in the ³Board Directives´ folder to file all questions that Directors are confronted with by
the public so as to address them in sane efficient effective competent manner to the appropriate
answer as I will open a Question and Answer link on the 1 LIFE site that will enable the public to
address their concerns themselves.

Of course all Directors must be up to speed on the inherent issues and hence will have that folder
³Questions and Answers´ on all ³Corporate Computers´ to refer to.
Above all else we must be particularly adherent and coherent to ³Rule Number One´
³Iamalwaysrigh until my necessity is eradicated being our ultimate Priority One.
I of course must be apprised of all Director Initiatives to ensure every Director is up to speed

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