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Fire Safety, Policy and Procedure for a Hotel

Fire Safety, Policy and Procedure for a Hotel

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Published by Prosenjit76

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Published by: Prosenjit76 on Jul 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Greenbank Hotel (Falmouth) LtdHarbourside, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 2SR
Fire Safety, Policy and Procedure
To ensure that The Greenbank Hotel Ltd conforms to current fire safety legislation and bestpractice and to create a safe environment for employees and guests.
1. Standard:
It is essential that all employees are aware of this policy and need to act in accordance withits content. Training will be provided to all employees on the implementation of this policy andthereafter during induction training for new recruits.If the alarm is sounded, the Duty Manager or any member of the Fire Team (the Fire Team isdefined in paragraph 2) should note the location zone indicated on the fire panel display andsend either the Duty Manager or member of the Fire Team to investigate.The person investigating the alarm should proceed with great caution, towards the areadisplayed on the fire panel. If safe, report to reception, or the fire should be tackled alsoadvising reception of your actions. Use the appropriate fire fighting equipment (as a guide fireextinguishers are only designed to be used on fires the size of waste paper bins).If it is not possible to tackle the fire, evacuate closing all doors and windows behind you toprevent the fire spreading, where safe to do so. Call the Fire Brigade by
Dialing 999
and brief the Duty Manager. When the Fire Brigade arrive a full handover from the Duty Manager or member of Fire Team will be done and they will then leave to the assembly point.
2. The Fire Team
When the Fire Brigade has been called the Fire Team will take responsibility for further action. 
Fire Teams
Early Shift 0730 -15.30Late Shift 15.00 - 23.00Night Shift 22.00 - 08.3Night Shift 22.00 - 08.30 
Duty ManagerDuty ManagerDuty ManageDuty Manager Duty ReceptionistDuty ReceptionistNight PorteNight Porter Day PorterDay Porte
3. What will cause an alarm to sound?
Break Glass
: There is a Break Glass (manual call point) adjacent to eachemergency exit. To operate break the glass at the front of the device, thealarm will sound immediately.3.2
Fire Panel
: By pressing the ‘sound alarms’ push button. To cancel press‘silence alarms’ push button.3.3
Heat/Smoke Detectors
: Ceiling mounted detectors are located in every roomand will detect heat or smoke in the area. This will send a signal to the mainFire Panel to sound the alarms. The location zone of the detector will beindicated on the Fire Panel display. On the detector a small red light willilluminate to indicate activation.ConfidentialPage 116 April 2009
The Greenbank Hotel (Falmouth) LtdHarbourside, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 2SR
4. How should I react to any alarm?
When the alarm sounds,
Guests in the Hotel will be nervous and it is theresponsibility of each member of staff to remain calm and collected. Follow the instructionswithin your department Fire procedure given to you by the department Head. Make sure youare familiar with the escape routes within your department.
5. Evacuation Procedure.
5.1Duty Manager or member of Fire Team to collect fire box and proceed tointernal assembly point.5.2All employees and guests to evacuate via nearest fire exit and make for theexternal assembly point [Greenbank Gardens].5.3All H.O.D’s or Senior’s on duty should report to the Fire Assembly Point foinstructions from the Duty Manager or member of the Fire Team.5.4The Duty Receptionist should collect the Bed Sheet, all the day’s functionsheets and Department Rosters.5.5The Duty Manager will be in charge of delegating Instructions to H.O.D’s oSenior’s on their areas of investigation throughout the Hotel. Each and mustreport any incidents and all clears that may occur when doing their searchback to the Duty Manager.All Senior’s who have been appointed to check areas and rooms, must takechalk to mark each individual door to say that it has been checked and clear.On completion all must report back to the Duty Manager.5.6The Senior on site in each department must take the daily attendance sheetand check to see that all staff who, are signed in are accounted for when doing your department check at the assembly point. Anyone notaccounted for needs to be reported to the Duty Manager.5.7Guests should be encouraged to leave, however no employee shouldendanger their life for anyone refusing to leave.5.8Assist disabled guests and those with any special needs.5.9Assemble in the ‘Greenbank Gardens’ and report to your department Head or Senior.5.10Do not return to the Hotel until told to do so by the Fire Brigade or a membeof the Fire Team.5.11Do not use the lift.5.12Do not stop to collect belongings.ConfidentialPage 216 April 2009
The Greenbank Hotel (Falmouth) LtdHarbourside, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 2SR
6. What to do on discovering a fire.
6.1 Raise the alarm6.2If the Fire is small enough to be contained attempt to extinguish it.6.3Ensure you have a clear escape route when trying to tackle any fire.6.4Use the correct fire fighting equipment.6.5Where possible make sure you have a companion with you.6.6If the fire cannot be contained call
and brief Duty Manager.
7. How do I know which extinguisher to use?
What a fire needs to survive:
ConfidentialPage 316 April 2009
Dry Powder Extinguishers
are usually rated for multiple purposeuse. They contain an extinguishing agent and use a compressed non -flammable gas as a propellant
Water Extinguishers
contain water and compressed gas and shouldonly be used on Class A (ordinary combustibles) fires
CO2 Extinguishers
are most effective on Class B and C (liquids andelectrical) fires. As the gas disperses quickly, these extinguishers areonly effective from 3 - 8 feet. The CO2 is stored as a compressedliquid, as it expands, it cools the surrounding air. The cooling will oftencause ice to form around the horn where the gas is expelled from. Asthe fire could re-ignite continue to apply the agent even after the fire isput out.
Foam Extinguishers
contain foam and compressed gas and shouldonly be used on liquid fires such as deep fat fryers.
Foam Blankets
is a safety device designed to extinguish small fires.It consists of a sheet of fire retardant material which is placed over afire in order to smother it used in kitchens and to cover people.

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