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Black Eyed Kids-The Story of Jamie Cyan

Black Eyed Kids-The Story of Jamie Cyan



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Published by Devon Pitlor
Former teen idol Jamie Cyan learns the truth about Black Eyed Kids and the favors they demand.
Former teen idol Jamie Cyan learns the truth about Black Eyed Kids and the favors they demand.

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Published by: Devon Pitlor on Jul 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Black Eyed Kids: The Story of Jamie Cyan
by Devon PitlorPrologue:Jamie Cyan stared into the endless black void of their lifeless orbs andcame to understand that the unknown boys had a singular mission,and this mission concerned him and him alone and had nothing to dowith washing their hands or reading in his house.I. Whatever happened to Jamie Cyan?What did happen to the once-great child actor and singer?Silam Hershkin, “the Cutter,” was determined to find out, and to thisend Cutter Hershkin had unleashed his entire crew, his investigativestaff, otherwise known as Cutter’s Diggers and Drillers. And they hadfound next to nothing.Three hours before broadcast time, Cutter sat in front of a half-melonshaped ashtray overflowing with the stubbed out butts of at leastthree packs of cigarettes that Cutter had consumed one after another.Cutter slapped his palm against his forehead more than once andswore at everyone that got near him. Mostly his maledictions wentlike this: “We are going to fucking bomb tonight…implode with our
own boredom…do you hear me? The public wants dirt. They wantme to live up my reputation and cut as deep as I can. The little snottyson of a bitch doesn’t have a thing to cut into…”Nevaeh Lark, Hershkin’s main backstory writer, broke in: “He’s not alittle son of a bitch anymore. He’s thirty-seven now and seems to bevery happy with it.”“Well, he shouldn’t be. Who has seen the snotface in the last tenyears? What has he done, starred in? He’s hosted a few celebreunions, done some commercials and a walk-through on a serial ortwo. But other than that he’s zippo, zilch, zero. With the odds thatrun against flash in the pan child actors and teenage heartthrobs, heshould be dead of an overdose or a motorcycle accident by now.Instead, he’s perfectly pleased to live out in Mirandela and play withhis yacht. We don’t even have a sex thing on him. He hasn’t beenseen with a girlfriend in twelve years, but no one can pin him down asa fucking faggot. At least that would get some ratings. Instead, wehave a calm-ass guy with a totally private life that none of you paidsnoops have been able to unearth a thing about. There is
somecrap buried somewhere, and you brass tits have less than three hoursto find it, or I’m going to can the lot of you. Now get back out andfind me my wedge before showtime.”Nevaeh, a seasoned celebrity stalker, slunk out of Cutter’s office.Cutter returned to the swell of papers he was studying. Reports byother celebrity hounds. Old lurid yellow press clippings. Overseasphotos from gigs in Europe and Asia. There was nothing. Absolutely
nothing.Fourteen years of relative obscurity. America’s prime child actor andlater teenage idol, the hottest item in the media for almost twelveyears, had simply given up the spotlight and slipped into obscurity,living comfortably and apparently contentedly off his enormousearnings as a one time celebrity. The cutest boy in the world he wasonce called. Rumors of girls committing suicide for him were oncecommon. His singing engagements with a plasticated, trumped uppseudo-band had netted him millions. His product spin-offs andendorsements billions more. His interviews up until his so-calledretirement at age twenty-three…oh shit. It wasn’t supposed to be thisway, Cutter knew. Cyan had grown older and lost his boyish cuteness,but he was supposed to be struggling to regain something, some holdon the fans, some new recast into a fresh re-posturing. He wassupposed to be out creating scandals with underage girls or moviestars --- or even other boys, for Christ’s sake. He should have beentaking the risks that bored has-beens choose, driving fast, usingstimulants, playing Russian roulette, cutting his face and arms withrazors, getting creepy tattoos…something. He should have beenmaking news.But for all that he had once been, Jamie Cyan had simply grown upand out of the public eye. He gradually faded from the music scenealtogether, and his occasional television spots were poorly rated andnone were ever designed to be any sort of revival. Jamie had made allthe money he would ever need in life and had wisely invested it too.He lived in a huge and paid-for sprawling five level house in

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