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Bartender Guide to Zinc Bar Menu

Bartender Guide to Zinc Bar Menu

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Published by Sky Tao
Bartender Guide to Zinc Bar Menu
Bartender Guide to Zinc Bar Menu

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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Published by: Sky Tao on Jul 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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heineken (holland)
$35 (hh) $60 (btl)
heineken (holland) draught
$35 (hh) $60
 san miguel (phillipines) draught
$30 (hh) $60
 sol (mexico)
$35 (hh) $60 (btl)
clear distinction
$50 (hh) $75~ defining excellence ~
gin, triple sec, light rum, soda water2 shots Gin1 shot DK Triple Sec curacao liqueur2 shots Light rumTop up Soda waterShake the liqueurs over ice and strain into the glass. Add afew ice cubes and top with sodaRim edges of glass with lime, squeeze and drop into drink 
$50 (hh) $75~ let your identity travel ~
vodka, apricot brandy, angostura bitters, ginger ale1 shot Vodkashot DK Apricot Brandy liqueur3 dash(es) Angostura bittersTop with Ginger alePour into glass and mix with ice topping up with ginger ale
spiritual sanctuary
$50 (hh) $75~ a spiritual haven ~
maraschino liqueur, patrón silver, soda water,lemon juiceshot(s) BOLS Maraschino liqueur1 shot(s) Patrón Silver tequila2 shot(s) Soda watershot(s) Freshly squeezed lemon juiceShake with ice & strain over iceGARNISH: MARASCHINO CHERRY WITH STEM
$50 (hh) $75~ a simple & colorful affair ~
strawberry liqueur, orange & cranberry juice, sodawater3 shot(s) DK Strawberry (Fraise) liqueurTop with Soda water3 shot(s) Freshly squeezed orange juice3 shot(s) Cranberry juicePour into glass and mix with ice topping up with soda water
$50 (hh) $75~ establishing a tradition ~
whisky, ginger ale, peppershot(s) Jim Beam Bourbon WhiskeyTop with Ginger aleDash ofPepperPour bourbon glass with ice. Rim edge of glass with lemon.Add some sprinkled pepper and a lemon peel. Stir.Top with chilled ginger ale. Stir gently and serve.GARNISH: LEMON PEEL
$50 (hh) $75~ man of wisdom ~
whisky, amaretto liqueur1 shot Amaretto liqueur2 shot(s) Blended WhiskyPour into glass and stir with ice
$50 (hh) $75cachaca, fresh lime, sugar cube2 shots CachacaLime wedgesSugar cube
Muddle the sugar into the lime wedges in glassFill the glass with ice cubesPour the cachaca into the glass. Stir well.
$50 (hh) $75
rum, angostura bitters, lime juice, gomme,soda water2 shot(s) Rumshot(s) Sugar syrup1 shot(s) lime juice1 dash(es) Soda waterhandful ofMint leavesRip mint leaves and rub them round the rim beforedropping them in the empty glass.Lightly muddle mint by pressing with flat end of barspoonHalf fill the glass with crushed iceAdd rum, lime juice and sugar syrupStir with straw and top with soda water
$50 (hh) $75
vodka, cranberry & grapefruit juice2shot(s) Vodka1 shot(s) Cranberry juice2 shot(s) Grapefruit juicePour vodka and grapefruit juice into ice filled glass andcranberry juice last Squeeze lime and drop into glass
$50 (hh) $75
light rum, gomme, lime juice3 shot(s) Light rumshot(s) Freshly squeezed lime juice1 barspoon(s) Sugar syrupShake with ice. Strain into glass.
$50 (hh) $75
rum, angostura bitters, lime juice, gomme, sodawater2 shot(s) Rum1 shot Angostura bitters1 shot(s) Freshly squeezed lime juiceDash of soda waterShake with ice and strain into a chilled glassGARNISH: LIME WEDGE

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