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Published by kandi_rao
JDBC vs ADB Adapter
JDBC vs ADB Adapter

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Published by: kandi_rao on Jul 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Generated by Clearspace on 2010-07-15-05:001
 jdbc & adb adapter ...
 pavan penmetsa21 posts sinceMay 12, 2010
1/ difference b/w JDBC & ADB ADAPTER ?2/ what is the name space ?;;hi ,;could u help me pls,,,,,,,,,,;;regards,pavan
 Sujith Vasudevan 
16 posts since Dec 6, 2009 
Re: jdbc & adb adapter
May 25, 2010 11:06 AM
FeatureAdapterJDBC Palette
Ease of IntegrationDesign time and run timeenvironments, which are tobe managed separately.JDBC palette for bothrun-time and design-timeoperates in the same way.CompletenessVery scalable componentto handle both inbound andoutbound messages.(No Trigger)BW JDBC doesnot have a mechanism todetect database changes ina push environment.
 jdbc & adb adapter ...Generated by Clearspace on 2010-07-15-05:002
Consistent error viewing andhandlingAdapter are written usingSDK and strictly adhere tostandard error viewing andhandling. Thereby makingmonitoring easy.JDBC provides error objectsand rules have to be writtenfor error viewing andhandling.Transactions VolumeAdapters are useful inhigh-to-medium loadsituations for both real-timeand batch-updates. Adaptercan be run on the applicationmachine using native lib.BW palette are useful inmedium-to-low level loadreal-time situationConnectivity Design TimeJDBCJDBCConnectivity Run-TimeODBCJDBCTransaction SupportWhen asynchronousoperations are acceptable.Useful when dealing withsynchronous model and youneed to take explicit actionon transaction failureSQL StatementsUseful when you are usingstraight forward and simpleSQL statementsUseful when the databaseoperations are notstraight forward i.e. theoperations depend on alot of "if..then..else" datadependent clauses.Ease of DataTransformation, parsing andmappingData is transformed todesired protocol format (JMSetc) at the source. Parsingand mapping takes place inprocess flow.Data transformation, Parsingand mapping takes place inprocess flow.Result-set formatADB result-setJDBC result-set, useful ifintegrating with any 3rd partydatabase custom application.Exception HandlingIf a subscriber adaptercannot write data to itsdestination table, it will writethe data to the
You have to implementexception handling in theprocess.
 jdbc & adb adapter ...Generated by Clearspace on 2010-07-15-05:003
Database SupportOracle, MS-SQL, Sybase,DB2Embedded drivers are:tibcosoftwareinc.jdbc.oracle.OracleDrivetibcosoftwareinc.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServtibcosoftwareinc.jdbc.sybase.SybaseDrivThere are additionalsupported drivers, pleasesee release doc for detailsEase of MonitoringAdapter enabled withHawk framework (admin)deployed as a service hasmuch fine grain monitoring,configuration & managementthan JDBC activity.Palette monitoring canbe handled as embeddedcomponent in the process.Component ManagementAdapter is deployed asseparate component fromthe process and requiresmanagement.Palette is embedded in theprocess along with dataparsing, mapping etc. anddoes not require separatedeploymentProtocol supportTIBCO EMSTIBCO EMSLoop DetectionAdapter has embeddedprovision to switch Loopdetection on when trying tosync data between sourceand target applications.Depending uponimplementation may or maynot require Loop Detectionimplementation.
 Sujith Vasudevan 
16 posts since Dec 6, 2009 
Re: jdbc & adb adapter
May 25, 2010 11:10 AM
XML namespace specification enables the names of elements and attributes in an XMLdocument to be unique, similar to the role of namespaces in a programming language. UsingXML namespaces, XML documents may contain element or attribute names from more thanone XML vocabulary.;Click hereName spacehttp://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml-names/ 

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