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Basic Wicca Lesson 4

Basic Wicca Lesson 4

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Published by salamanderwolf
lesson 4 of 12 written for local pagan group. this one deals with sex and sexuality and it explores adult themes.
lesson 4 of 12 written for local pagan group. this one deals with sex and sexuality and it explores adult themes.

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Published by: salamanderwolf on Jul 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sacred Sexuality
 There are so many different reasons for why I wanted to do a lesson on sexuality.Many people will possibly not see the point and many more may have problemswith different parts of this lesson. To put it bluntly, that is not a reason to not dothis lesson. The role of a teacher is to lead their students into new experiencesso that they may experience, learn and grow as a person. That is something Iam hoping to do here.Whether you realise it or not and whether you like it or not witchcraft and sexare closely entwined in a lovers embrace. The very first book of shadows dripswith a sexual undercurrent partly due to Gardner’s personal tastes and partlydue to the fact he was tapping into a ribbon of nature worship that had existedand wanted to exist again. In nature you cannot have life without sex, and weare but natural creatures. The sexual drive inhabits our physical and mentalrealms, so it would be arrogant to believe there is no sexual drive or impulses inour spiritual life as well.Magic and sex also have had a long history together. So has religion and sex. Infact anything humans touch will have at some point a sexual influence becausethat is what we are and what we do. The person who can go though their lifewithout doing anything influenced by sex is a rare person indeed. And maybeone who should be pitied. This lesson is here to give you information on this aspect so that you have acomplete understanding of the basics and to challenge your views. The craftdoes not want people who are hidebound and will not question the status quo. The craft wants strong independent people who will change the world, and afterall isn’t that what magic and religion have been doing for years?Before we begin though understand this, there are large amounts of woman whoare forced into working in the sex industry against their will and this is bothreprehensible and evil. The people who are responsible for the forcing womaninto sex work they do not want to participate in must be resisted and fought atevery turn. The same goes for anyone who forces any being into a sexualrelationship without their informed consent.Also understand there will be exercises in this lesson that you may not want todo for various reasons, one of which will be fear. If you wish to do them, thenthat is up to you. If you feel that you genuinely cannot do an exercise then againthat is up to you. This path takes different speeds for different people. Just enjoythe walk.
Religion and sex
No matter what religion you are or want to be you will have to realise that thereligion of your choice has views on certain sexual endeavours. A faith should be
there to help us through the difficult times in our lives, to give us hope when wehave little or to teach us how to be better people to those around us.Unfortunately organised religion has instead taken on itself the mantle of spiritual judge and has given us book after book, war after war and death afterdeath all in the name of their god to teach us what we should believe rather thangiving us the tools to find out for ourselves. To many people a blind follower isbetter than one who questions, after all ask to many questions and you may findsome difficult answers.One of the many ways religions control us is through their lessons on sex andsexual morality. Once you get told something for the hundredth time, especiallyfrom someone you trust then you will believe it. If you’re told not to usecontraception because your god doesn’t want you to one hundred times thenyou will stop using contraception and start having large families to add moreconverts. Control through sexual attitudes established.And if you think that control and manipulation through religion is not thatinvasive or powerful and that you would never fall for it think on this. We areused to hearing about anti abortion violence in the United States but did you alsoknow that it occurs in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Even worse we arenot free from the pro life groups. In 2006 A private members bill to makeabortion illegal in all but exceptional circumstances failed. The question is whywas it allowed to take place at all?I know that the abortion argument is an emotive and touchy one. I use it here toshow you that the majority of pro life groups generally follow a religious faith andit is because of that faith teaching’s that violence is committed. In NorthAmerica alone there are approximately 1000 denominations who opposeabortion access to woman.So to begin with we will have a look at the different faiths and their sexualviewpoints.
Current faiths and their general sexual viewpoints
Orthodox Jewish people have some very strong taboos to do with sex. Notsurprising since a lot of its cannon has remained unchanged for centuries. To befair to the Jewish faith it does say that sex is not sinful or evil. It also says thatsexual desire should be controlled and channelled and finally satisfied in a timelymanner. Looking at the Jewish faith you soon see that it is a mix of progressiveand regressive sexual attitudes. The main point of sex within the Jewish faith is to reinforce the loving bondbetween husband and wife. This means of course there is no sex beforemarriage. In the marriage bed all things are permitted that do not lead tosh'chatat zerah or destruction of seed (ejaculation outside the vagina).curiously
one of the three main rights of the wife is the right to sex and is called Onah. Aman is not permitted to deprive his wife of sex.Birth control can be used as long as at some point the couple have at least twochildren (one of either sex). However condoms cannot be used because theypermit the destruction of the seed, so the pill or other forms of chemicalcontraception only. You can also forget masturbation, since this is a sinpunishable by having your hand chopped off. This however only seems to betrue for male masturbation. The Talmud quite clearly says that if a mother’s life is in danger duringpregnancy then abortion is required because the mother is more important thanthe potential human life inside. What is difficult to stomach for a lot of people isthat a foetus is only a potential human life and not actually alive until themajority is outside the mother during birth.Homosexuality is punishable by death. Only the acts are sinful though, actuallybeing homosexual and not acting on it is ok. Funnily lesbian practises are notforbidden in the Torah, so that was clearly written by men. Due to the Jewishproscription against woman who are menstruating (they are seen as unclean tothe point where they cannot even make a meal) sex at this point is obviously ano no.Christianity follows a similar pattern. While individual denominations havedifferent values, for this section I am going to look at the largest Christiandenomination which is Catholicism which has over 1 billion adherents. Like the Jewish faith the main point of sex in a catholic marriage is to bring a husbandand wife closer.Since the marriage bond is seen as a sign of love between God and humanity,any sexual activity outside of marriage is seen as deeply wrong. The same goesfor contraception which is seen as getting in the way of stopping procreation.Like the song says, “every sperm is sacred”! Contraception isn’t seen as justwrong though, in some cases it is seen as evil. Think about that for a moment.Evil is killing someone or hurting an innocent for fun. Can you truly seecontraception as evil?Unlike the Jewish faith there is no actual proscription against having sex whilemenstruating for woman, it has to be said that years of moral values that raisemen and lower woman in societies eyes have had the effect that this time isseen as dirty and unclean.According to the scriptures homosexuality is seen as a grave depravity. Unlike Jewish faith, this also includes feminine homosexual relationships. Masturbationfor either sex is seen as being contrary to purpose and as such a disorderedaction. There strongest stance though is taken on the point of abortion.

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