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Train Track Trauma

Train Track Trauma

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A short story about a young girl named Aleara who get's more in life than she bargained for...
A short story about a young girl named Aleara who get's more in life than she bargained for...

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Published by: Jennifer Anne Priestley on Jul 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Train Track Trauma
She tumbled down to the train track, rocks slamming into her bruised body.The train whistled, the track shook as she shot into darkness.I am Aleara Taylor and this is the story of how I died.Aleara shut the pages of her book as she climbed in through her bedroomwindow tossing her book onto her desk. “Coming Mother” she shoutedgrabbing her jumper before running downstairs. “Alex is here for you” her mother smiled her blue eyes glistening, the same way Aleara’s did.Alex walked towards her and kissed her cheek softly, placed a hand on her lower back, before he led her upstairs back to her bedroom. Aleara sat downon the bed when her small kitten Tabby jumped onto her lap, purring as shetickled behind his ears. “You really shouldn’t sit out here, you could hurtyourself” he sighed shutting the window. “Look I need to talk to you” he satdown on the window seat while he rubbed his face with his hands, Aleara’sface dropped seeing the change of emotion in his eyes. She lifted Tabby off the bed and shut the door behind him as he strutted off, she dropped to her knees in front of him, she knew what was coming but she didn’t want to believe it. “What is it baby?” she asked blinking away the tears. “I…I needto go away for a while” he said wiping his sweating hands on his jeans.“And you can’t come with me” he added the tears flowing down Aleara’scheeks. “ I just… I need some space for a while I won’t bother you again” hestood up and walked towards the door. “Oh and can I have my chain back?”She moved her trembling fingers up to her neck and unclasped the chain.She stretched out her arm and handed it to him, her tears dropped rapidlyonto her bed leaving mascara stains on her favourite sheets. He shut the door  behind him, she waited until she heard the slam of the front door before shecollapsed onto her bed. She wrapped the sheets around herself, her breathingheavy as she cried.Her mother came into the room and held her close “ I know it hurts nowdarling but it will get better, Jaynie is coming round tomorrow, best friendsalways manage to make things better, you’ll see.” She put an extra blanketover her daughter before she turned out the light and shut the door behindher. Aleara cried herself to sleep.I woke up slowly, ‘ I need to sort myself out’ I thought, just as there was aknock at the bedroom door, just the same way Alex used to knock. ‘ Snap
out of it’ I thought. “Aleara I’m so sorry” Jaynie shouted launching herself at me. ‘ Lucky he shut my window I suppose’.“Here put a pair of these on” I saw a pair of jeans land on the floor in frontof me. I walked off to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I tried to brush mymass of hair but I wasn’t having much look and I got ready. I walked back into my room to find Jaynie laughing and blushing slightly while reading amessage on her phone. “Who’s A?” I asked after stealing her phone andholding it above my head, I was taller than her and knew she couldn’t reach.“It’s nobody just a guy from school” We went to different schools so Iguessed I wouldn’t know him. “Give me it back” she jumped onto my bedstill trying to reach. I tossed the phone to her and picked up my jumper off the floor. “Come on I want to do something for a change” I blurted out notreally sure why I had said it I would of much rather stayed in my room andread a good book.She opened the front door as I ran down the stairs, we wrote a quick not for my mother in case she came back from work before I got home. We walkedoutside just as Alex came past. ‘What was he doing here wasn’t he supposedto be leaving?’ Jaynie took hold of my hand and I took a deep breath as wecarried on walking. Jaynie was looking in Alex’s direction probably justtrying to see if he had gone yet. She looked back at me after what felt like aneternity, just as we got to the shops.‘Glad I didn’t wear mascara today’ the tears moved slowly, I wiped themaway hoping nobody had noticed. I jumped when I realised Jaynie wastalking to me. “Look Aleara I have to go I’m really sorry but I have to… babysit the twins” The twins were her little brothers Tommy and Billy or theterrible twosome as I knew them. ‘Great I thought I didn’t want to come outin the first place and now I’m on my own’ I walked around the local bookshop seeing closing down signs everywhere I looked. Maybe a good book would cheer me up. I picked up a copy of Pride and Prejudice, I tend tolike classics. I jumped at the sound of my phone ringing. “Aleara I need totalk to you” my heart leapt at the sound of his voice it must have been twominutes before I realised I hadn’t answered. “Erm” Great an intelligentresponse from me“Meet me at the old train station tonight at nine, please come alone…it’simportant” he said his voice sounded very shaky before the phone cut off.8:45 The Train StationI heard the leaves crunch underneath my feet as I walked toward the trainstation, the full moon, the only source of light here at all. His shadow

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