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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

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Published by saarejahanseachha

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Published by: saarejahanseachha on Jul 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lance Armstrong
why we like him?
Any guy that wants to educate the public about a disease that he was still battling atthe time deserves our admiration. This man had cancer in his brain and lungs, butfought back to become number one in his sport. He is gentlemanly and heroic; avery likeable combination.
why is he famous?
Lance Armstrong is famous for his courage. The professional cyclist fought off a life-threatening disease and graced the front page of many newspaper sports sections.He hasn't merely returned from an illness to win the Tour de France; he fought off cancer to become one of the best ever.
overall rating85
Lance Armstrong must rate high in this category. His athletic prowess merits therecognition that he receives for his accomplishments. His founding of various
charitable organizations and stature as a role model are well documented. Armstrongis deeply embedded in North American culture and is the epitome of what the humanspirit can overcome.What makes Armstrong so revered is that he is fallible. He has endured failure in hislife. He is not immune to everything. But, he is hard to defeat. Whenever heencounters any sort of obstacle, he meets them head-on and comes out victorious. If you had to pick any athlete to lead you into war, you'd ultimately choose LanceArmstrong.He never had anything handed to him on a silver platter; he earned everythinghimself. From an early age until now, Lance Armstrong feeds off of challenges. Henever quits, he merely moves on to bigger and tougher challenges.
personality & talent95
Lance Armstrong has the heart of a lion. It is in his makeup to never give up andalways give his best. His compassion and concern for others knows no bounds. Hehas used his very painful battle with cancer to promote his causes. People respectArmstrong and are drawn to him by the pictures he paints.He is a very loving guy, something that is refreshing in the modern age of spoiledathletes. For the past three years, his talents have been showcased for the world tosee. His fellow cyclists appreciate and fear him. It is hard for a competitor to harborany ill feelings towards Lance Armstrong.His personality is very goal-oriented. There are very few people in the world that areas self-driven as Lance Armstrong. He has been the most consistent cyclist in theworld for a few years and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.
woman magnetism85
Lance met his current wife Kristin, a public relations executive, through his cancerresearch foundation in 1998. Kristin was obviously attracted to Armstrong's strongdetermination and moral convictions.Many women might possibly find Lance's athletic physique and sheer dominance of his sport very attractive. His enormous heart is also appealing to women, whoalways appreciate a man who's sensitive.
accomplishments & fame97
Lance first gained notoriety in 1991, by winning the US Amateur CyclingChampionship. In 1993, he won the million-dollar US Triple Crown of cycling. In1999, he won the first of three consecutive Tour De France titles. Aside from his
storied battles with cancer, Armstrong's fame grew in part by starring in a series of national advertisements for his sponsor, the US Postal Service.Armstrong's various public announcements for cancer awareness merely added to hispublic exposure. In 1997, he founded a cancer research foundation, something thathe is immensely proud of. Through his charitable work and his sporting of the yellowchampionship jersey, Lance Armstrong is the most recognizable cyclist in the world.
Sports Illustrated 
even named him "Sportsman of the Year" in 2002, in honor of hisfourth Tour de France victory and incredible perseverance.
coolness factor90
Armstrong is well respected by fellow cyclists. He was the first to use a type of aerobic training that aids in his conditioning for races. While other racers cycle bystanding up and pushing down (which burns up your reserve carbohydrates), Lancesits and pedals in lower gears, thus giving him more oxygen. Many of his fellowcyclists are taking a serious look at Lance's training methods.Evidence of his coolness is his sheer popularity. Most children could not name onecyclist. Yet, the name Lance Armstrong is widespread in North America. When kidstake to the street and bicycle, they invariably invoke the mindset of Lance. Manykids round that last corner on the way home pretend that they too don the yellowchampionship jersey.
personal style60
Lance Armstrong is not a man of fashion. It is rare that you will ever see a photo of him without his bicycle shorts. But, when he isn't racing, he tends to be a very laid-back person. Lance wears a lot of T-shirts and is always in casual mode.He has the mentality of an athlete. As such, Armstrong doesn't care too much abouthis appearance. He always wears his hair extremely short and doesn't appear tohave any stylist dressing him, unlike many people that work in the public eye.That we enter a bike marathon and have Lance Armstrong on our team -- pushing usall the way to the finish line.

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