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Published by W.A. Garcia

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Published by: W.A. Garcia on Jul 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nadia Angeles IV-St Ignatius
The 1
SONA of PNOY is not surprising nor exciting, according tomany. The crooked road is emphasized by the president being inherited fromthe previous administration. Basically, the speech is noticeably generalized,and is only a glimpse of what kind of inheritance the PNOY¶s administrationhas. With 30 claps all in all, he received both praises and criticism.PNOY made it very clear toward what direction his government isgoing to, basically, the eradication of poverty; and some of the bills that hewants to pass. He outlined his agenda and priorities to the coming next 6years. And he clearly declared his urge for transparency and accountability,which has a good start right now. With 85% approval rating, majority of thepeople are more likely to agree with him.The specifics that he stated in his speech is considerably for theFilipino citizen, but somehow lacking steps even though we are moving inthe right direction. The alleged anomalies were pointed out, the NFA rice,MWSS, MRT, NAPOCOR, etc. but what is more important is what he is µestablishing¶ than what he is µinheriting,¶ not to mention, the expenditures.Undoubtedly, all the alleged anomalies will be a subject todiscuss in the future even though it is not considered a necessity at themoment. Other issues were expected to open rather than the commoncampaign of the president such as: education, employment, andenvironment reforms. Much of the Political manipulated and business ±oriented stamping out of corruption, other aspects of nation building isexpected to be being taken care of.Investigating on these alleged anomalies is not enough for theFilipino people. The president must also attend other economic concernssuch as, poverty. Eradication of graft and corruption is not the only solution.The greater challenge is how transparency will take place convincing thepeople not to commit crimes anymore; to enforce government support tothe people beyond its relationship in the past years. The expected scenariois that, whatever the GMA administration did before, the new governmentwill go beyond it.What PNOY mentioned are sincerely good measures at certainareas and aspects, but, consequently, we will need more necessarymeasures in order to implement it. The new delegation of the TruthCommission is good news to the people, and so is the unified state. What is

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