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Published by Kannan Kumar

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Published by: Kannan Kumar on Jul 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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new testing instrument UT3/H for measuring hairiness ofyarns which can be used with Uster Tester 3 ; AutomaticEvenness Testing Installation. Opt IQS by Peyer AG is acomputer-controlled quality assurance system, and cancarry out the on-line yarn fault classification assisted byP550 yarn clearance system with optical sensor. WIRAAutomatic Fiber Diagram Machine can measure the meanfiber length and record the fiber length diagram bycomputer-control within a few minutes.7. ConclusionAt the 4th OTEMAS, a large number of makers ex-hibited a great many kinds of their products and theiraccessories as far as spinning and winding processesconcerned, and the number of exhibits exceeded beyondexpectation.The outstanding features at this show are rapiddevelopments in automatization, energy conservation,flexible automation and flexible manufacturing system.These developments will contribute to internationalunderstanding and technological progress in textileindustry.Through the 4th OTEMAS, machine makers con-cerned in spinning and winding processes are believed toexert all their powers to develop new porudcts to meetuser's needs by introducing the most advanced technologyand improved engineering.
Weaving Machinery and itsRelated Machinery
Teruo Ishida and Kazuhide ChikaokaIndustrial Research Institute of Ishikawa1. Outline of the Weaving Machines ExhibitedThe weaving machines exhibited at the 4th OTEMASwere as shown in Table 1, i.e. 81 looms from 18 loommakers. Table 2 shows a comparison of the exhibits withthe previous OTEMAS. From this, it is found that thefeatures of the 4th OTEMAS are 1) the number of air jetlooms (AJL) and AJL makers participated increasedremarkably, 2) the number of rigid rapier looms (RRL)decreased, 3) at last there is no shuttle loom (SL), and4) the gripper looms (GL) exhibited are monopolized byone maker as usual.Most of the looms exhibited were moved automaticallyand systematically by using electronics. Hence it wasseen that the technical development of looms in thefuture will be for Factory Automation (FA) or ComputerIntegrated Manufacturing (CIM). Even so, the speed racebetween loom makers was still continued for the demon-stration of high speed possibility.2. Versatility of AJL and RLIt was said that the feature of jet looms is high pro-ductivity and that of rapier looms is wide versatility.These features are more developed in recent years by theloom makers, e.g, at the 4th OTEMAS, a super high-speedjet loom for limited application range or a rapier loom forsophisticated fabrics were noticed.Table 3 shows some technical data of the looms ex-hibited at the 4th OTEMAS.About 40% of the AJLs exhibited were with lobbiesor jacquareds, however more than 80% of the RLs therewere with those shedding devices to show the widerversatility of RLs.There were many Computer Aided Design (CAD)systems for fabric design at the 4th OTEMAS, e.g, theseof Kayaba, Sawa, Takemura, etc. The possible number ofweft yarns (color selection) for the AJLs was up to sixcolors.The first AJLs disclosed by Iwama and Hiraiwa at the4th OTEMAS were weaving towels. It may be a trial todevelop the new market for the new comers. Accordingto the 1998 Textile Yearbook (Sen-i Nenkan), the numberof towel looms placed in Japan was about 18,600.
1 Number of the looms at the 4th OTEMAS
Table 2Comparison with the previous OTEMASVol.36, No.l15
Table 3Technical data of the looms at the 4th OTEMAS16Journal of the Textile MachinerSociety of Japan
Vol.36, No.117

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