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Minnesota Wing - Jul 2005

Minnesota Wing - Jul 2005

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Published by CAP History Library
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: CAP History Library on Jul 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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The official publication of Minnesota Wing Civil Air PatrolJuly 2005
by Capt. Joseph Bradfield,Worthington Squadron
Eighty-four cadets led by32 cadet staff successfullycompleted MinnesotaWing's Seventh CadetTraining Group July 2.Maj. Chet Wilberg,Hutchinson Squadron,served as encampmentcommander. C/Col. JoshuaGulbranson, ValleySquadron, served as theCadet Training Group com-mander.Minnesota wing adoptedthe cadet-led format of summer encampment in1999. Formerly, the sum-mer encampments had beenled by senior members.During the "CTG"-styleencampment, three concur-rent levels of training takeplace. Basics, usually firstyear attendees, learn todrill, practice customs andcourtesies and learn to relyon each other for optimalpersonal, flight andsquadron achievement.Two squadrons of threeflights each made up thisyear's training group.Seventy-two basics gradu-ated the encampment, for atotal of 84 nonstaff cadets.Successful basics mayapply for the staff develop-ment squadron, or SDS, inlater years.SDS attendees learn teach-ing and assessment strate-gies, theory, motivationalmethods and more. Theywill apply the skills andknowledge they havetrained for after what usual-ly has been at least twoyears of study, often more,when they themselvesbecome training groupstaff. The SDS squadronwas comprised of 12 cadetsthis year.All levels of cadets partici-pated in the activities madeavailable by the MinnesotaAir National Guard, as wellas by Camp Ripley, a mili-tary "reservation" main-tained by the MinnesotaArmy National Guard.Camp Ripley, which lies incentral Minnesota, offeredseveral activities suitablefor encampment, includinga confidence course;Blackhawk helicopter ori-entation rides; a simulatedfiring range; and tours of the tanks, jeeps and fight-ing vehicles at theMobilization and Training
Encampment / Page 3
Cadets survive and thrive at wing summer encampment
C/Airman Nickolai Podvin, Southeast MinnesotaSquadron, sits in a restored cockpit of an F4 Phantom jet that shot down one MiG before being eventuallyshot down itself. photo by Capt. Joseph BradfieldEncampment cadets try out the “Weaponeer,” a shoot-ing simulator on non-human targets. photo by Capt.Joseph Bradfield
by Col. Steve Miller,wing commander 
This month I report to yousome major changes at ournational headquarters. AlAllenback resigned as ourexecutive director. Afterretiring from Air Force andthree years as our executivedirector, he chose to reallyretire.Many of you may haveheard the news regardingour national commander,Maj. Gen. Dwight Wheless.Effective July 1, heresigned. Wheless madesignificant contributions toour organization. He willbe missed. Below is the let-ter he wrote to the NationalBoard and the Board of Governors on June 15:“Outside of the joy of myfamily and personal friends,my greatest joy in life hasbeen my 24 years of serv-ice to my country throughCivil Air Patrol. The past10 months since assumingcommand of this greatorganization have taken meall across the nation, carry-ing our story of better than64 years of commitment tothe principles of freedomand liberty for all people,the protection of ourshores, the training of young people in the waysof respect and discipline,and the teaching of the les-sons of air power.“During these 10 months, Iessentially retired from thepractice of law to devotefull time to this command,but I have clients I haveserved for 38 years whostill rely on me for advice,and I have yet to fulfill mypromise to finish the com-pletion of our law office'sconstruction of a branchoffice and the training of 
is a publication of Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol,U.S. Air Force AuxiliaryP.O. Box 11230, St. Paul, MN 55111www.mncap.orgwingtips@mncap.org
The views expressed, either written or implied, are not neces-sarily those of the U.S. Air Force, the Civil Air Patrol orMinnesota Wing. Submissions should be sent to the aboveemail address.Wing Commander: Col. Steve Miller
Editor: Maj. Shannon Bauer
Commander’s Column: National commander steps down
Col. Steve Miller
new associates. Also, Iseem to be missing all the junior baseball games anddance recitals that mygrandchildren are involvedin every weekend.“These months have alsogiven me the opportunity towork closely with Brig.Gen. Tony Pineda, whom Ihave tried to expose to allfacets of commanding CivilAir Patrol so that he couldstep into the commandposition seamlessly whenthe time came. Tony hasbeen a loyal companionduring these months andhas shown me that he hasthe potential of being a finecommander.“I also believe ourHeadquarters’ staff is a finegroup of professionals,well-tuned, customer-ori-ented and will find greatsatisfaction and fulfillmentahead. I know that the staff and Col. Vogt will work well together and onlygood things will come fromthat.“So, believing a transitionwould not be harmful tothis great organization atthis time, I hereby tendermy resignation from theoffice of NationalCommander to becomeeffective no later than July1, 2005, or earlier at anappropriate change of com-mand ceremony at a timemutually agreed upon withBrig. Gen. Pineda. I wishfor Civil Air Patrol and allits members the continua-tion of our fine tradition of service to country, and thesatisfaction of knowing thatvolunteer time in Civil AirPatrol has been well-spent.”Sincerely, //S// DWIGHT H. WHELESSMajor General, CAPNational CommanderBoth of these individualwill continue on in CAPbut in less time consumingroles. We wish them well.On a more positive subject,if any of you have been bythe wing maintenance facil-ity, you will have noticedsignificant progress. Sincemy last update, the floorinsulation, floor heatingand cement floor have allbeen installed. At this time,progress is being made onthe inside walls, electricaland plumbing for the struc-ture. The facility may befinished by the end of July.It has been a long process,but the end of this portionof the maintenance facilitylooks to be in sight.There continues to be manytraining opportunities forour members. The unitbased search and rescueexercises and the Group IVSAR were completed inJuly. August brings twoadditional SAREXs. Wealso have the Staff Assistance Visit from theAir Force. Your Wing staff will be busy preparing forthese events.
-Semper Vigilans
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July 2005
July 2005
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Equipment Station, as well as the usual encampmentcourses in aviation careers and moral leadership.This year, the ANG sent the cockpit of an F4 Phantomfighter jet for cadets to examine and sit in. It was parkedfor most of the week, through graduation, in front of theencampment's headquarters building.During graduation ceremonies, Wing Commander Col.Steve Miller announced that Wilberg will again be com-mander of next year's encampment. Miller alsoannounced the next CTG commander will be C/Maj.Ryan Kenny. Both Wilberg and Kenny accepted the com-mand appointments in a formal exchange of the CTGguidon.
Encampment / from Page 1
by Capt. Janelle Gates, Minnesota Wing
The Minnesota Wing HonorGuard presented the Colorsat the Minnesota AviationHall of Fame at theThunderbird Hotel inBloomington for a crowd of more than 500 April 23.This is the fourth year thatCAP has been awarded thisopportunity.Being inducted included:Kenneth C. Butler,Minnesota Flying Farmers;Joseph Devorak, World WarII fighter pilot and FergusFalls FBO; BohnFawks,World War IIbomber pilot and Hopkinscommunity leader; Col.John R. Hed, Korean Warveteran and Duluth AirGuard officer; ArthurHinke, naval instrumentflying specialist and NorthCentral Airlines manager of flight operations; and Maj.Gen. Doyle Larson, formerhead of Strategic AirCommand IntelligenceService and advocate forveterans affairs.In addition, the Hall of Fame will be presenting the“Best Aviation Writing by aMinnesotan” for the fourthyear to Lou Martin for hisbook,
Wings over Persia
,highlighting his flyer careerduring tumultuouschangeover of rule of theShah of Iran to AyatollahKhoumeni.The cadets were providedwith dinner and the oppor-tunity to meet and visit withall of the inductees, as wellas many other aviators inMinnesota.The Minnesota AviationHall of Fame will award a$1,500 flying scholarship toa deserving young person tohelp furthering an aviationcareer.If interested, please send aone-page essay on yourgoals for an aviation career.On a separate page, pleaselist the name of a flighttraining school or aviationvo-tech school you plan toattend. Send applicationsto: JanelleGates@msn.comby Aug. 1.
Color Guard participates in aviation hall of fame ceremony
The Minnesota Wing Honor Guard presented the colors at the Minnesota AviationHall of Fame induction ceremony in April. Photo by Dave Weiman,
 Midwest Flyer
Aviation scholarship opportunity

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