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Maungaturoto Matters Issue 105 August 2010 Part 3

Maungaturoto Matters Issue 105 August 2010 Part 3

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Published by Storm Gerome
Maungaturoto Matters August 2010 Part 3 pages 11 - 15
Maungaturoto Matters August 2010 Part 3 pages 11 - 15

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Published by: Storm Gerome on Jul 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 11Maungaturoto Matters
Here we are with an August column, how did we get over thosefrosty mornings one asks oneself…I guess we did and that’s the most important thing.Well on with the news of Linking HandsThe client calls have been fast and full on and have certainlykept us on our toes, there were days when we didn’t knowwhether we were coming or going with clients moving in alldifferent directions. Thursdays seem to be the worst for somereason, on one Thursday we had 29 people to pick up anddeliver to all corners of the globe…or at least Northland.Now this is great and we are so pleased that you are all usingour service. Unfortunately there is a down side to this and that iscost. We have been very fortunate that this service is seen by ourfunding groups as being a wonderful resource for the commu-nity and are supporting us very well with funds towards the gen-eral running of this service.The money we receive is divided into the areas that the fundershave tagged it to, an example of this is Admin $2000.00 orfuel…$1000.00 or volunteers…$2000.00 or phone…$1000.00and so on. This means when we have used up that money forthat particular expense and the phone for the year may cost$2000.00 we have to find more money in order to keep payingfor the ongoing costs to that expenditure.What I am trying to explain here is that we are starting to runout of funding for our general running costs and we are notexpecting more funding to come in until the end of the year.This means we have Aug, Sept, Oct, and Nov, to come beforewe receive more funds and I don’t think we will make it with therising costs that we are facing every day. What I need to do hereis to send out a plea to you all in the community to help by mak-ing donations to Linking Hands so that we can make it thru thesenext few months.Many of our clients are very generous and give us donationswhen they use our service but not all and this is ok as we doadvertise a free service but the costs of running our vehicles hasrisen to such an extent that we are struggling to meet paymentssuch as insurance, registration, warrants, vehicle maintenance,etc…let alone petrol.So there you go just a plea for help to keep us going till the nextround of funding comes.All our services are still going and will be as long as we havemoney to keep it going. We look forward to being here for manyyears to come and will be as long as we continue to get yoursupport.Office hours are 9 to 3pm remember and our little internet ser-vice is going strong with many regular clients that have becomefriends.We are always happy to have you pop in and say hi and look forward to helping you all to get to your medical appointments.Have a good month…regards Maureen.Mid-Winter greetings to everyone! Winter is well and trulyupon us now and we’ve had a few frosts, some beautiful clearsunny days as well as a few wet wild days as is to be expectedfor the season.As I write this, Term 3 has just commenced, and as the weatherpermits, we are all still enjoying as much of the time outdoors aspossible. This means plenty of fun on the swings, slides, in thesandpit or playing in the dinghy, climbing the fort or up thecargo net – just some of the many facilities available here at thePlaycentre. If the weather packs in there are still lots of things todo inside. We have a wide array of toys, including musical in-struments.Last term, one of our pre-planned activities was ‘Music day’.As the weather was kind to us on that day, we utilised ourdecked area next to the sandpit as an impromptu stage, rigged upthe stereo and placed a few chairs facing it. The kids then had asing and dance along! Some children enjoyed making use of thepercussion instruments, really getting into the beat!Talking of ‘the beat’, last term we had a visit from a friendlypolice officer Constable Llew Smart with his police vehicle. Nosurprise that the children were mostly interested in the siren,loud horn and flashing lights! Thanks Constable Smart!One of the indoor activities, should the weather turn bad, in-clude the ever popular playdough table. At Playcentre ourplaydough is handmade each session. One benefit of making itourselves is that the freshly made playdough is nice to handle ona cold morning while it is still warm to the touch! Also we canchoose which vibrant colour we want it for that day!Also inside, we have a large area dedicated to drawing and col-lage, with lots of craft items available for all manner of pictures,cards, wall decorations, lanterns etc to be assembled. Often arainy day is when some of the best works of art are created!Our children’s library is ever growing and provides a welcomerelief on a rainy day. We also have a range of books for parentstoo, whether it is on the topic of raising a child or a recipe book with ideas for children’s meals.At the beginning of each new term, all parents are asked forsuggestions as to what planned activity can be scheduled foreach session. So there is plenty of scope for the parent to offerideas and extend their child’s play experience, whether it bemaking something, cooking something or going somewhere fora day trip.Playcentre sessions currently run on Monday, Wednesday andFriday mornings between 9.15 and 12.15pm, for preschool agechildren. Please come and check us out if you think your childwould benefit from attending.
Brew me a cup for a winter's night.For the wind howls loud and the furies fight; Spice it with love and stir it with care,And I'll toast our bright eyes,my sweetheart fair.~Minna Thomas Antrim 
Page 12 Maungaturoto Matters
You Can Hire …
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Phone: (09) 431 8733Fax: (09) 431 8736Email: s.jaques@xtra.co.nz
Phone Jenny on 09 431-2826Let’s take the hassle out of your busy life.These are the services we offer.Cleaning on weekly, fortnightly, monthlyor those one off jobs.Rented & Holiday Homes.Windows& ceilingsOvens Domestic Cleaning
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Page 13Maungaturoto Matters
Phone 09 4318 403Contacts: Stephen Rosser,Maungaturoto Station Team Manager,Leigh Knightbridge,Assistant Team ManagerTrainingTuesday 7.30pm (during school term)
Once again ours call outs for June were up on last year’s num-bers. We attended 65 calls compared with 61 in June 2009. 43of these were medical calls, and 22 were accidents.
Trevor Brljevich - End of An Era
During July, founding member Trevor Brljevich attended his lastcall out. In 1955 Trevor, along with 12 other members of theCommunity started Maungaturoto St John.He became sergeant in 1956, and was made divisional officer in1970 and divisional superintendent in 1980, holding this positionfor 13 years. Side by side with his operational roles, Trevor wasadmitted to the Order of St John as a serving brother in 1983,officer brother in 1990 and commander in 1999.Trevor is a highly valued member of Maungaturoto St John andis held in high esteem amongst the wider community. He hasguided many members along their way with words of encourage-ment and patience – with a few tall stories thrown in! Trevor isfamous at our station for keeping the ambulance supplied withlollies (notably mushrooms!) for early morning hour munchies –we are already missing them Trevor.Trevor has given thousands and thousands of hours caring forthe Otamatea community. Records have only been kept since1973. Between 1973 and 2009 Trevor has spent approximately5000 hours on the road caring for patients, and an incredible80,000 hours on standby!His most memorable call out was attending the Brynderwyn busaccident on 7th February 1963. In this accident 15 people werekilled, and 21 injured when a bus returning from Waitangi Daycelebrations plunged over a 100ft cliff on the southern side of the Brynderwyns.Trevor is still actively involved in training nights and PublicDuty. We all join in wishing Trevor very best wishes as he cele-brates his 80th birthday this month.We must also pay tribute to Trevor’s family for their support anddedication. His family must have endured many disappoint-ments over the years when family outings were cancelled at thelast minute due to call outs. Sadly Trevor’s wife Yvonne passedaway in 2005, and is not here to celebrate his birthday withhim..
Flash Light Appeal:
Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed to our‘Flash Light’ appeal in the main street on Friday 25th June.$620.90c was raised in Maungaturoto and Kaiwaka. We had anenjoyable day catching up with people and taking their bloodpressures!A special thank you to Sugarbelles for providing coffee for ourvolunteers.
Trash & Treasure
A reminder that our annual Trash & Treasure will be held at theCentennial Hall the week commencing 27th September. Wewould really appreciate it if you could drop donations off at thehall on Sunday 26th September. Unfortunately storing the itemsis a problem, and it would really help us out if you could do this.
A little old lady answered a knock on the door one day, tobe confronted by a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuumcleaner.'Good morning,' said the young man. 'If I could take a coupleMinutes of your time, I would like to demonstrate the very latest
 in high-powered vacuum cleaners...' 'Go away!' said the old lady. ''I'm broke and haven't got anymoney!'' and she proceeded to close the door.Quick as a flash, the young man wedged his foot in the doorAnd pushed it wide open... ''Don't be too hasty!'' he said. ''NotuntilYou have at least seen my demonstration.''And with that, he emptied a bucket of horse manure onto herHallway carpet.''Now, if this vacuum cleaner does not remove all traces of thisHorse manure from your carpet, Madam, I will personally eatThe remainder.''The old lady stepped back and said, ''Well let me get you a fork,'cause they cut off my electricity this morning."
Maungaturoto AmbulanceStation

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