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Petition From Augustin Brabant and Others (1874)

Petition From Augustin Brabant and Others (1874)

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The Metis of the Qu'Appelle River Valley petition for their rights on September 11, 1874.

The Metis of the Qu'Appelle River Valley petition for their rights on September 11, 1874.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Jul 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Petition from Augustin Brabant and Others,Dated Lake Qu’Appelle, 11
September 1874.
Your Excellency,— The Half-Breeds of the Lakes Qu’Appelle and environs offeryou to-day their homage, and submit to you the following petitions which they present intheir name and in the name of all their brethren scattered over the prairies, and beseechyou to give them a favourable hearing, and to remember them in the various arrange-ments that the Government may make with the Indians.They ask you:—1.
That the Government allow the Half-Breeds the right of keeping the landswhich they have taken, or which they may take, along the River Qu’Appelle;The right of fishing in all the lakes of the above-mentioned river.The right of hunting freely in the prairies west and south-west of the LakesQu’Appelle, without being arbitrarily hindered by the Indians, but only in virtueof the regulations that the Indians in concert with the Half-Breeds, and the Gov-ernment shall establish hereafter for the good of all;The right of trading at the lakes and environs of the Lakes Qu’Appelle.They ask:—2.
That the Roman Catholic mission may have the free and tranquil enjoyment of its possessions, and participate in all the privileges and rights of the Half-Breeds.They ask:—3.
That the Government, in concert with the Indians and Half-Breeds, do make,with regard to winter quarters and buffalo hunting, laws which will be of greatuse to all, such as to prevent wintering too far out in the prairies and to compeleveryone to start together for the chase, &c., &c.Moreover, that the Government establish an authority composed of personswho have the confidence of the people of the place, and charged to manage the af-fairs of the country, make its laws, see that they are put in force and judge differ-ences.In all these demands the Half-Breeds have no intention of depriving the Indi-ans of their rights, but merely claim the recognition and respect of their own, andare disposed to live with the Indians as with brothers and with friends.Hoping that these demands will be favorably received, they beg Your Excel-lency to accept the assurance of their profound respect for you and of their perfectsubmission to your Government.The Half-Breeds of Lake Qu’Appelle—
2Blondeau, SimonBrabant, AugustinDavis, BaptisteDelorme, NorbertDénommé, PierreDesjarlais, MichelDesmarais, MichaelFisher, AlexFisher, JohnFlammand, AndréFlammand, LouisonFlammand, PierreFlavin, AntoineHamelin, AntoineKavanagh, ThomasKlyne, MichaelLapierre, PeterLaroque, AntoineMcKay, JosephMonet, JeanMonet, PatriceOuellette, AntoineOuellette, MoïsePeltier, JosephPeltier, PierrePoitras, JosephPoitras, PierreSeigneur, CorbertSeignoir, FrançoisSt. Dennis, FrancisSwain, Alex.
Augustin Brabant. (b. 1828)
Augustin was born at St. Boniface, the sonof Augustin Brabant Sr. and Marguerite Gene-vieve L’Hirondelle. He married Julie Philippethe daughter of Jacques Philippe and MargueriteJolicoeur before 1851. He died on June 29, 1907at Lestock, Saskatchewan. Their daughter, Eliza-beth was married to John Fisher. In June of 1868Isaac Cowie met free-traders Augustin Brabantand St. Pierre Poitras along the Grande Coteaude Missouri going to trade with the Qu’AppelleValley Saulteaux and Cree hunting parties. Thetwo Metis had ten or twelve carts each.
Belhumeur dit Monet, Jean. (b. 1832)
Jean is Louis Riel’s father-in-law. Jean wasborn on September 15, 1832 at St. Francois Xa-vier, the son of Andre Belhumeur and Margue-rite Maron. Jean married Marie Malaterre, thedaughter of Jean Baptiste Malaterre and Angeli-que Adam in 1860 at St. Francois Xavier. Theirdaughter Marguerite married Louis Riel in 1882at Carroll, Montana.
Belhumeur dit Monet, Patrice. (b. 1845)
Patrice was born on December 16, 1845,the son of Michel Monet dit Belhumeur andLouise Gonneville. He was Louis riel’s wife’scousin. He married Julie Robert, the daughter of Joseph Robert in 1874 at Lebret.
Blondeau, Simon. (b. 1827)
Simon Blondeau was born on the PembinaRiver, the son of Louis Blondeau and MarieLouise Laframboise dit Franche. Louis Blondeauworked as an interpreter for the North WestCompany at Fort des Prairies in 1804 and atCumberland House in 1815-16. He was presentduring the aftermath of the Battle of Seven Oaks.Simon Blondeau married Francoise Desjarlais,the daughter of Antoine Desjarlais and MarieCatherine Allery, in 1850 at St. Boniface. Theirson John was married to the Augustin Brabant’sdaughter Caroline. Simon worked for his father-in-law, Antoine Desjarlais at Fort Desjarlais inthe Souris River Valley in the 1850s.His nephew Louis Blondeau Jr.
was one of the men who manned the barricades on the La SalleRiver to prevent the entry of Canadian governmentofficials in October of 1869.
Davis, Baptiste Jr. “Boinence”. (b. 1822)
Blondeau, Louis. (1846-1877)Louis Blondeau was the son of Louis Blondeau Sr. andJosèphte Desfonds. He was married to Philomène Martel thedaughter of Joseph Martel and Marie Richot.
Baptiste was the son of Jean Baptiste Davisand Julianne Desnommé. His parents were bothmembers of the Turtle Mountain Band.
Delorme, Norbert “Mankachee” (Frog).(1837-1898)
Norbert was the son of Urbaine Delormeand Madeleine Vivier. He was born on May 8,1837 at St. François Xavier. He married Char-lotte Gervais, the daughter of Alexis Gervais andMadeleine Gervais on June 7, 1858 at St. Fran-çois Xavier. The couple hunted buffalo on theplains for many years. He was then involved infreighting and other work with the HBC. He wasthe older brother to Joseph Delorme. He movedto the North West Territory in 1874. In 1874Norbert was one of the Metis hunters who hadsigned the Half-Breed petition from LakeQu’Appelle. In 1878, Norbert and other Metisbuffalo hunters at Cypress Hills wrote a petitionasking for a special Metis reserve of land. Nor-bert settled at St. Laurent on the South Sas-katchewan in 1880 and worked as a freighter forthe HBC. He was a member of Riel’s Council(Exovedate) at Batoche during the 1885 Resis-tance. Delorme’s St. Laurent home served asmilitary headquarters for the Metis campaign.Riel sent him to the Battleford area to enlist thesupport of the Indians in that area. On April 16,1885, Norbert and Fine Day took some prisonersat the Bresaylor Settlement.The Indian and Metis camps were separate.The Metis leaders were Norbert Delorme andAndré Nault however the leaders of the com-bined group were Delorme and Rattler (FineDay). Norbert led the Metis fighters during thebattle of Cut Knife Hill. Norbert fled to Montanathen moved to Alberta after 1885. He set up aranching operation at Pincher Creek. (With con-tributions by Larry Haag, Metis Resource Cen-tre.)
Desnomme, Pierre. (b. 1815)
Pierre Desnomme married MagdeleineDeschamps dit Amyotte before 1836. He diedApril 12, 1875 at Lebret.
Desjarlais, Michel. (b. 1819)
Michel Desjarlais was born at St. FrancoisXavier, the son of Antoine Desjarlais and MarieCatherine Allery. He married Julie Bonneau, thedaughter of Francois Bonneau and Marie Favelin 1851 at St. Francois Xavier.
Desmarais, Michel. (b. 1810)
Michel Desmarais was the son of JeanBaptiste Desmarais and Louise “Saulteaux”. Hemarried Marguerite Vivier, the daughter of Alexis Vivier and Marie Anne “Assiniboine” in1830 at St. Boniface. He then married JosephteRochon, the daughter of Joseph Rochon and Jo-sephte Ducharme in 1835 at St. Francois Xavier.
Fisher, Alexandre. (b. 1821)
Alexandre Fisher was born in September1821, the son of Henry Munro Fisher and Mar-guerite Laframboise. He married Susanne Des- jarlais, the daughter of Antoine Desjarlais andPelagie Martin in 1840 at St. Boniface.
Fisher, John. (b. 1827)
John Fisher was born on February 12, 1827,the son of Henry Munro Fisher and MargueriteLaframboise. He married Elizabeth Brabant, thedaughter of Augustin Brabant and MargueriteGenevieve L’Hirondelle in 1843.
Flammand, Andre. (b. 1857)
Andre Flammand was born on February 12,1857 at Baie St. Paul, the son of Louis Flam-mand and Josephte Bellehumeur.
Flammand, Louison. (b. 1829)
Louis Flammand was born in 1829, the sonof Joseph Flammand and Marguerite Moreau.Louis married Josephte Bellehumeur, the daugh-ter of Andre Bellehumeur and Marguerite Maronin 1853 at St. Francois Xavier.
Flammand, Pierre. (b. 1841)
Pierre Flammand was born on October 19,1841, the son of Joseph Flammand and Margue-rite Moreau. He married Marguerite Ducharmedit Decoteau, the daughter of Joseph Decoteauand Marie Anne Lafournaise in 1863 at St. Fran-cois Xavier. He then married LaRose Bourassa,the daughter of Jean Baptiste Bourassa andMadeleine Pelletier in 1874 at Lebret.
Flavin, Antoine.Hamelin, Antoine. (b. 1842)
Antoine Hamelin was born on August 7,1842, the son of Solomon Hamelin and IsabelleVandal. He married Philomene Perrault, thedaughter of Jean Baptiste Perrault and MarieCharon dit Ducharme in 1862 at St. Boniface.
Kavanagh, Thomas. (b. 1841)
Thomas Kavanaugh was married to EliseKlyne, the daughter of Michel Klyne and Made-leine Millet dit Beauchemin on October 13, 1867

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