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The Wedding Gift Prologue

The Wedding Gift Prologue

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Published by Kathleen Mckenna
A small town beauty queen gets more than she bargained for when she marries money and receives a mansion as a wedding gift, too bad she's not alone there. Another bride lived there and killed there, and never left.
A small town beauty queen gets more than she bargained for when she marries money and receives a mansion as a wedding gift, too bad she's not alone there. Another bride lived there and killed there, and never left.

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Published by: Kathleen Mckenna on Jul 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 THE WEDDING GIFT90,000 WORDSThe Wedding Gift by Kathleen MckennaPrologueAP News Oklahoma City 12/23/75Manson-like slaying rocks small town Christmas festivities. Last evening, basedon an anonymous tip, authorities were called to the home of Roger Willets in Dalton, Oklahoma.Upon entering the mansion, authorities discovered all seven members of the RogerWillets family slain. The walls were covered in cryptic messages, possibly written in the blood of the victims. “It was the most grisly overkill you could imagine” stated Deputy Riffler of the Dalton Sheriff'
’s office. Deputy Riffler isa man not easily rattled, having just returned to Dalton a decorated hero from his second tour in Vietnam. However, it was obvious to this writer that even thiswar hardened veteran was left shaken and stunned by the carnage he had viewed.The police have no suspects at this time, but state that they are following numerous leads.Kathy Robells- Oklahoma City.AP News Oklahoma City 12/25/1976Authorities in the town of Dalton, Oklahoma have released the following statement regarding the recent slaying of the Roger Willets family: “New evidence has come to light showing that the murders were committed by Robina Willets, wife of Roger, age 35, and mother of Emily, age11, Dalton, age 10, Savannah, age 7, Ryder, age 5, and the infant George, age 4 months. Robina Willets, age 29, who afterslaughtering her husband and children, then took her own life.This is something we have never seen here in Dalton, and do not expect to see inthe next thousand years or so. Roger Willets was a fine man and the largest employer here in these parts. His wife was a gal from somewhere up north, and we don’t know, and can never know what made her do such a thing. Mrs. Willets was a strange girl, and no one really knew her. We think she might have become unhingedafter her last baby, but it
s no use speculating any longer. The best thing todo is put this behind us and let the town start to heal─ most particularly the Willets family, who has had a terrible shock and loss.” stated Deputy Riffler ofthe Dalton Sheriff
s office. The bodies will be released for burial, as all autopsies have been completed. The burial is planned for Saturday at 3PM at Our Lad
y of Perpetual Sorrow in Dalton. The remaining family members could not be reached for comment.Kathy Robells- Oklahoma City. Dalton City Tri-Area Weekly January 3-10, 1976Services are being held Saturday, January 5th at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow in Dalton for Roger Willets, age 35, his daughter Emily Willets, age 11, son Dalton, age 10, daughter Savannah, age 7, son Ryder age 5, and son George, age 4 months. Roger Willets was the owner/director of Willets Petroleum Services, a fourth generation oil and drilling operation founded in Dalton by George Willets in 1931. Roger is survived by his brother George III and his sister in law Bethany.The Willets family has asked that donations be made to the George Willets Memorial Foundation in lieu of flowers.AP News Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- October 30, 1986Halloween high spirits take a turn for danger in Dalton, OK. Dalton City, Oklahoma is a small, bucolic town, located ninety-three miles east of Oklahoma City.“Nothing much happens in Dalton, and that’s the way we like it” states Dalton businesswoman, Orla Nashbone. But recently there have been a spate of unexplainedfires and two boys were injured at the former home of Roger Willets. The Willets mansion is Dalton’s finest historical property; it was built by George Willets in 1932 following his takeover of the Chumley Brother’s oil claim, and subsequent start up of Willets Petroleum. The mansion is a stately white colonial, boasting three stories and some fifty manicured acres. The mansion known locally asWillets House, has been empty since the 1975 slaying of the Roger Willets family, and has become something of a local target for children hunting for adventure. Despite the posted warnings and high wrought iron fence around the property,“Kids will be kids, and they dare each other to go on in and find a ghost.” states Sheriff Riffler of the Dalton Sheriff
s Department. Two nights ago, such innocent mischief went badly when a passing neighbor heard screams from the property and called the Sheriff
s office. “I was walking Teddy, my keeshond, by the Willets place, when all of a sudden I heard the most horrible screaming, and thena crash. I was too afraid to look myself but I ran right on home and called Sheriff Riffler. I hope I never hear a sound like that again as long as I live” stated local woman Darlene Riggits. Upon arriving at the stately home, Sheriff Riffler and two deputies found local residents Charlie Worthier and Donald Readle, unconscious and badly injured at the bottom of the empty pool on the property. “The boys were up on the third floor of the house. They had broken in and I supposethey thought the fastest way out was climbing down the old oak on the side, butthe branches could not hold them and they both fell into the pool. We’ll sure have some questions for them when they are feeling better.” stated Sheriff Riffler. The Willets family has not responded to questions from this reporter, but has issued the following statement through their family attorney, Richard Channingof Dalton:“The Willets family is distressed to hear of the injuries of these two young boys, but states that they do not feel liable for said injuries as they occurred during the commission of a crime─ that of trespassing. They send their prayers andthoughts to the families at this difficult time.Kathy Robells - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Dalton City Tri-Area Weekly October 31-November 6 1986Services will be held on Tuesday November 1st at John the redeemer Baptist Church for Charlie Worthier aged 14. Mr. Worthier was a lifetime resident of Dalton City. He is survived by his parents Charlie and Elma Worthier, his brother Randy, and sister Leeann. The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the George Willets Memorial Foundation.

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