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BLOOD WARS(TM) Card Game Answers

BLOOD WARS(TM) Card Game Answers

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Published by planescraft
FAQ for Blood Wars CCG. (c) TSR Inc.
FAQ for Blood Wars CCG. (c) TSR Inc.

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Published by: planescraft on Jul 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subj: BLOOD WARS(TM) Card Game Answers IIDate: 14 March 1995From: Steven SchendPost: America Online and all Boards In-BetweenOk, here we are a little more than one week after the release of my"baby," the BLOOD WARS card game, and I can't believe the deluge ofcommentary! In four days, I've received 32 pages of printed remarkson my desk that need responses ASAP. Good or bad, keep all thecomments coming, because we're taking it all in and using it tothink about the successive releases in the game. Ok, enough openingcomments--on with the Q&A!Topic: Misprinted CardsFrom: [A whole lot of folks]PDate: 6-14 March 1995Well, many people mention a couple of cards that are misprinted;rather than hit each question or comment, here are the cards withprinting or format errors (and what they should be):-----BATTLEFIELDS"Sheela Peryroyl's Realm" has an incorrect art border. The bordershould be a square, not oblong border.-----WARLORDS"Bladeling Hero" has an incorrect color in the Challenge Box. Itshould have the white/gray split color under the "N" instead of thefull gray color."Hawk Lord" is incorrectly labeled in the Challenge Box. The bottomleft box should read "12 IS" instead of "12 VP.""Nalfeshnee Captain" is incorrectly labeled in the Challenge Box asa NE Warlord. The box should have a "CE" on top with a red colorbehind the "C" and gray behind the "E".House Rule: Given the nature of this error, you have to decidewhich alignment to play it as: the proper tanar'ri CE or a traitortanar'ri NE Warlord. It's really a matter of voting among theplayers, though you should decide this at the start of each game.Topic: Random ResultsFrom: Patrick Dolan (pat_dolan@BIX.com)PDate: 7 March 1995Question:"Several other cards . . . state to draw a card and use its RRnumber for something. Does this card get discarded?"Response:Due to limited space, we couldn't always mention that same rule,but it does apply in all cases (unless a card specifically mentionsotherwise--I can't recall any card out of the first 602 I designedthat is an exception, but I had to add this tagline anyway to coverthat eventuality.). Repeat after me: IF YOU NEED AN "RR" NUMBER,ALWAYS DRAW A CARD OFF THE TOP OF YOUR DRAW PILE AND DISCARD IT!
Topic: Unopposed ChallengesFrom: Patrick Dolan (pat_dolan@BIX.com)PDate: 7 March 1995Question/Statement:"No mention is ever made about what to do if nobody wants to fightyou."Response:The same things happen to the Challenger, whether he is resisted ornot. In other words, an unopposed Challenger in Intrigue must stilldraw and discard a Hidden Ally for RR, flip, and unflip at the endof his turn. An unopposed Challenger in Combat still discards allLegions and Fates in his Battle Hand (unless they are protected byFate: Supports or Spirit powers)---think of this discard as thetroops occupying the Battlefield.Topic: Battle Hands & Flipped/Unflipped CardsFrom: Patrick Dolan (pat_dolan@BIX.com)PDate: 7 March 1995Question:"Do both players show their hands to one another, and then play thecards, or do they keep them hidden from one another the whole time?Also, the Resolution Phase specifically contradicts the early ruleby saying that players now turn any flipped Warlords, along withtheir battle hands, face up?"Response:Battle Hands are kept hidden under Warlords at all times. The onlytime another player sees what's in that hand is when a power isused to look into hands or when the card itself is used. Followingthe normal pattern, players stuff extra Fate or Shock Troops intoBattle Hands, set aside Command Hands, and pick up Battle Hands.Warlords are either set aside or activated first (unless otherwisenoted), Legion powers are used (i.e. a Berserker is discarded toforce the other player to discard a Legion, etc.), and once bothplayers have used all the powers they wish, they both spread outall the remaining cards in their Battle Hands, assigning Fate toparticular Legions if needed and adding up the CS totals. If aplayer doesn't wish to activate a Fate card, it still goes to thediscard, but effects only happen when the player wishes them to.And yes, even that Warlord you just used in Combat unflips atthe end of your turn. This mechanic ensures that each player hasthe maximum number of options to work with outside of his own turn;of course, the more you do outside your turn, the more Warlordsflip over, and you've fewer to use during your own turn. Thisallows people to be active at all times, not just working duringyour turn and twiddling your thumbs in someone else's turn.Topic: Dealmaking in IntrigueFrom: Jeremy York (beanish@netcom.com)PDate: 7 March 1995Question:" . . . rules or guidelines for cutting deals, making promises .. . I'd suggest discussing house rules on deals (e.g. are futurepromises binding? Can players trade cards?) before playing."
Response:House rules might be a good idea for Intrigue, and that's all up toyou and your friends. Trading cards is simply up to the playersinvolved, but those cards shouldn't be exchanged until the end ofthat game, so the decks stay legal during play.It was really my intent to leave this as open as possible toallow for maximum "backstabbing" potential. Anyone who's playedwith me or Lester knows better than to trust any promises we mightmake during Intrigue Challenges---especially if we agree at onceand are smiling. . . . Remember, it's the Blood War, so deals andpromises are only made to be broken.Topic: Timing of Fate CardsFrom: Jason Grundy (jgrundy@bnr.ca)PDate: 8 March 1995Question:"There is nothing on the timing of Fate cards. . . . Why isn'tanything covered in the rule book? It IS currently a race to seewho plays Fate first."Response:Just like the rules state, you play Fate cards at any time, soattempting to impose some orderly way to do so is a waste of time.In some ways, it IS SUPPOSED to be a race on who plays a Fate carddown, but there are always strategies for doing so, from forcinganother player to burn cards when they can't afford to do so, etc.If you're really having a problem over who gets to play a card (ifattempted simultaneously), have the conflicting players draw a cardfor RR and the highest RR gets to play his/her card first.Cards that cancel the effects of other Fate cards are used andthen discarded. If you play a Pandemonium Madness on a Warlord,that Warlord's player can play a Crown of Protection or aProtection vs. Fate out of his Command Hand to cancel it; the Fatecards go to discard after use. Items played out of a Command Handlike the Crown (or Amulet or Ring) are assumed to be used by aWarlord---they are not limited to use only by Legions (like theScepter of Shekelor), and they do not force a Warlord to discard.Topic: Misc. Info on CardsFrom: Jason Grundy (jgrundy@bnr.ca)PDate: 8 March 1995Question:"Why are there all these things on the cards that have no effect?"Response:Be patient---there will be. . . . Battlefield alignments, races,home planes and home realms, and particular alignment groups arenoted on each card for flavor and to tie it with the PLANESCAPE(TM)Campaign Setting. They are also all factors that are being used infuture Escalation Packs as well as some variant rules that I'mtrying to work on in my none-too-copious spare time. . . . .Topic: Combat Challenge Wins & LossesFrom: Baywee (AOL)

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