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Unix for Beginners.rtf MRW

Unix for Beginners.rtf MRW

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Published by Thiyagarajan

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Published by: Thiyagarajan on Jul 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unix for Beginners ____________________________________________________________________________ 
UNIX for Beginners
Gerard J. KleywegtDepartment of Molecular BiologyUniversity of UppsalaUppsala - Sweden
With help from Alwyn Jones, Erling Wikman and Arnold Andersson
Version 1.0 @ 930111Version 2.0 @ 940116Latest update @ 9/10/2002 2:20 PM
Unix for Beginners ____________________________________________________________________________ 
I - Table of contents
Chapter/Section Item Page _________________________________________________________________ I Table of contents 2II Introduction 4
II-1 Literature 4II-2 What is UNIX ? 4II-3 About this guide 5
III UNIX versus VMS 6
III-1 Commands 6III-2 Miscellaneous 7
IV Basic concepts 8
IV-1 Logging in 8IV-2 Commands 8IV-3 Getting help 8IV-4 Control characters 8IV-5 Editors 9IV-6 I/O streams 9IV-7 File system 9IV-8 Pathnames 10IV-9 Listing directory contents 10IV-10 Meta-characters 10IV-11 Simple file manipulation 11IV-12 Linking files 11IV-13 Changing file permissions 12IV-14 Manipulating text files 12IV-15 I/O redirection 13IV-16 History facility 13IV-17 Aliases 14IV-18 Job control 14
V Example files 16
V-1 .login 16V-2 .cshrc 16V-3 Other files 17
VI Example scripts 18
VI-1 compressor 18VI-2 split 18VI-3 repeat 19VI-4 police 19VI-5 forall 19VI-6 sln 20VI-7 dirtar 21VI-8 tardir 21
Unix for Beginners ____________________________________________________________________________ 
VII Miscellaneous 22
VII-1 ftp 22VII-2 rlogin/telnet 22VII-3 make 22VII-4 tar 22VII-5 more commands 22VII-6 Files versus processes 23VII-7 sed 24VII-8 sed 24VII-9 X-windows programs 24VII-10 cut 24VII-11 system-dependent Fortran functions and subroutines 24VII-12 command-line arguments in Fortran 25VII-13 dynamic memory allocation in Fortran 25VII-14 saving disk space 25VII-15 units 25VII-16 w and who 25VII-17 factor 26VII-18 some more commands 26
VIII Index of Unix commands 27IX Inverted index of Unix commands 30

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