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God's Instruction to Educate Fellow Human Beings About Jesus....

God's Instruction to Educate Fellow Human Beings About Jesus....

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Published by BORIS

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Published by: BORIS on Jul 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde -11.4.1963
God's instruction to educate fellow human beings about Jesus....Wherever the opportunity of mentioning the divine Redeemer JesusChrist presents itself to you, you should speak of Him and emphasise Hisgreat significance for every single person.... Where possible, you shouldmotivate people to remember Him, for everyone knows Him, everyonehas heard of Him, yet only a few have a living faith in Him, and only theycan partake in the blessings of the act of Salvation.... But they are preciselythe ones who should try to invigorate their fellow human beings' faith inHim, Who alone can save them from spiritual adversity, which will only be perceptively felt after their body dies. You should not fail to make useof every avenue in order to steer the conversation towards Jesus Christ,even if the other person feels uncomfortable about it.... you should simplyask him what Jesus means to him, whether he has already thought aboutthe doctrines regarding Him and what conclusion he has come to.... Evenif they only want accept Him as a human being, Who advocated His ownphilosophies of life and sacrificed His life for these opinions, you cannevertheless explain to them that He was certainly a man who livedamong people, but that He had to fulfil a spiritual mission and that everyperson can derive benefit from that mission if he wants.... Indeed, mostpeople only regard their life on earth as an end in itself and don't believein their souls' continuation of life.... Nevertheless, you should also try tounsettle these opinions and truly, I will place the right Words into yourmouth if all you endeavour to do is kindle a small light for these blindpeople, if you want to help them fulfil their purpose of earthly life. If youare imbued by the knowledge which corresponds to the truth, you willtime and again feel impelled to convey this knowledge to people and thenopportunities will arise where it is possible for you, and I truly blesseveryone who tries to persuade his fellow human beings to believe in Jesus, because Jesus must not be by-passed if the soul wants to attain blissone day when it enters the spiritual realm after physical death. This faithin the soul's continuation of life is likewise lacking in most people,

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