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Published by willguzzo

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Published by: willguzzo on Jul 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To:R icha rd .j. ve e nstra @gm a il.com
Sent: Wednesday, July 1, 2009 12:20:21 PM
Subject: Concern regarding Jeremy Rose

Hi Rick,
I’m so glad I got to see you again on Monday and enjoy one last night with the Chicago Young
Republicans (CYRs) before I headed back to Wisconsin!

I did want to bring something to your attention, though, regarding Jeremy Rose. I’m not sure
what position you hold with the CYRs, but I thought maybe you could discuss this matter with
him. I like Jeremy and I think he’s doing a great job as the CYR President, but I’ve always been
uncomfortable with the way he interacts with women in the group. I have debated whether to
say anything or not, but at the last happy hour (June 17) I found myself in a situation where I felt
extremely uncomfortable, and I feel I would be doing the CYRs a disservice if I did not bring it
to someone’s attention.

I have always observed Jeremy being very “hands-on” with women at CYR events, such as
putting his arm around them and getting very close when he holds a conversation with a woman.
I have not noticed him demonstrating the same sort of behavior towards men. The particular
instance I referred to in the paragraph above happened on June 17, after the happy hour. Jeremy,
I and two others (one guy, one girl, I can give you the names if you would like) went to Jeremy’s
house to hang out after the event, and more people were expected to be arriving later on. I
became very uncomfortable on the walk over, as Jeremy was putting his hand on my neck and
around my waist. When we arrived, Jeremy continued with this sort of behavior, putting his
hand on my thigh, tickling me, and leaning in very close to me. It really felt like he had invited
me to his place solely to see if he could sleep with me. I said I wanted to go home and asked if
one of the guys would walk me to the street so I could call a cab and go home. I am very safety-
conscious; if it is late at night I am very nervous about walking around the streets alone, and as it
was a weekday I knew the streets would be deserted that late (about 1:30 am). Jeremy and the
other guy refused to walk me out, saying I needed to stay and hang out with them, and Jeremy
took my phone away from me (I had been trying to call a cab) and sat on my lap, not letting me
up. At this point I felt like his behavior was bordering on keeping me there by force. At last the
girl who was there walked me out to the street and I hailed a cab and went home.

After this experience I seriously considered whether or not I wanted to go to the membership
event, which I had been looking forward to attending for a month as my last CYR event in
Chicago. In the end I did not let Jeremy’s behavior hold me back from going, but I think it is a
serious problem that I even had to consider the inappropriate behavior of the CYR President as a
reason to not attend an event. This makes me wonder how many other women there are out there
who have had the same experience, and have chosen to discontinue their involvement in the
CYRs because of it. I think it is very important that the President of the CYRs project a
respectable image and Jeremy’s behavior is completely unacceptable, and needs to be addressed
before it damages the CYRs image and membership.

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