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Published by Jiordan Simon

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Published by: Jiordan Simon on Jul 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Green Boxes
By: Jiordan Gabriel F. Simon III-SVP
When you would walk along the corridors after dismissal time and after everyonealready left while carrying loads of books, notebooks and school materials, there arefour things that you would observe – empty classrooms, the janitor’s push cart, therailings that keep us from jumping off the building and the lockers facing backwards thatkeep us from not using it. Being a student, it is really frustrating to look at thesevaluable piece of furnishing lined up worthlessly, while you were carrying the heavyloads of academic materials on your back. It feels like candies taken away from a baby,while we drool looking at it being eaten by someone else.The lockers are needed to secure our valuable belongings - books, notebooks,school supplies and PE outfit. We store the valuables that are unnecessary to bringhome. Lockers also slim the propensity of stealing or “mapitik”, in Claretian terms,especially on the last grading period of the school year. Rather than leaving thesevaluables under the table, they are now secured in the lockers. The criminal minds willthink twice before they crack open that lock since they would commit another graveoffense.Likewise, it lessens the load that we carry everyday so that we won’t hurt ourbacks. Remember that our vertebra can only take an extra load of 10% of our idealbody weight. Looking on the veracity of the weight of all of our materials, it measuresfrom Twenty to Thirty kilos depending on the number of books, supplies, the bag itself and projects. As it can be observed a number of students has poor posture becausecertain body mechanics cannot be practiced like carrying of very heavy loads. Certainweights should be distributed along the central bodyline, meaning the torso and ourarms should have a good distribution for our legs and feet to carry. With the dailypractice of incorrect way of carrying and excess load, it brings about muscular whorl andpain. This predicament adds along with our academic stresses, therefore, it affects ouroverall physical health and we get sick easily.The common question that you might say to the people who banned the use of lockers is “Why isn’t the lockers given to us?” however they most probable reply would

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