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Secrets News File Mar 11 for Upload

Secrets News File Mar 11 for Upload

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Published by Henry May

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Published by: Henry May on Jul 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Secrets of theSasquatchartifacts & images
n the course of any study, certain artifacts, relics, orimages emerge that become so connected with thesubject they effectively represent it. These are theimages one finds on book covers, website first pages,and also in advertising material. Their significance isbased on either main evidence aspects orattractiveness. In short, they are the subject’s“attention grabbers.”As a rule, it takes a while for these items or imagesto get fully established, so they take on unofficial“rankings,” (high, medium, low, sort of thing).Nevertheless, they all have a story that got them intothe limelight, and most often that story is not told.Presented here are what I consider to be the mainsasquatch/bigfoot artifacts and images together withwhat I know of their “stories.” Some entries are stillway down the road on the journey to highrecognition, but are definitely earmarked to get sucha status at some point.1
The Mysterious Stone Artifacts
Several stone heads, such asseen here, that appear to depictape-like creatures were created byNorth American First nationspeople somewhere between 1500
and 500
As apes are notnative to North America, thesource of the imagery raises aquestion, and has led to thespeculation that perhaps it was thesasquatch.Acurious stone foot, alsocreated by native NorthAmericans, has not beendated, but appears to date backto at least the time of the stoneheads. It is seen here from thetop. Although the big toe andheel portion are missing, it isobviously patterned after alarge foot. It has beenspeculated that the foot mayhave been designed after asasquatch footprint. It has a shallow bowl-shaped hollow on the top andhas therefore been classified as a medicine man’s bowl. This is highlyinteresting from the standpoint that the sasquatch is held sacred bymany native people, so a bowl of this nature may have been carved inorder to give it some “special powers.”
The Petroglyphs
Native American petroglyphs(carvings in rock faces) arefound throughout NorthAmerica. They generallydepict animals, humans andnumerous symbols. Someimages, however, do not fallinto these categories, andfrom what we have learned orcan see, possibly representsasquatch or bigfootcreatures.Although the depictions couldcertainly be mythologicalbeings, the strong belief ofmany present nativepeople in theexistence of thesasquatch leads us tobelieve that there ismuch more to thecarvings.
Petroglyph LocationsTop: California (Courtesy K. MoskowitzStrain.Center: New Mexico (Courtesy RobertMorgan).Lower: British Columbia (Author).

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