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Published by Henry May

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Published by: Henry May on Jul 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.bigfootdiscoveryproject.com November 19, 2006 Volume 2 Number 7
Message from the Curator
Now that our first fund-raising flea market haspassed, I need to thank all of you who helpedmake it happen. That would include a few folkswhose help was very substantial, like DaveD’Arpino, Mike Barrow, and Joyce Kearney. Ialso want to mention Mellow Russell, AnnaKay, Hillary Ferris and Dean Verheyen. Thanks,you guys really made it happen. And thanks toall the others who contributed in one way oranother. We raised well over $500.Things are still a bit sketchy in the finance area,but we have confidence that we’ll be able tokeep everything intact and underway, even if itis not a 24/7 endeavor. Bigfooting gets slow inthe winter anyway. I have interviewed for a jobwith a nearby computer software company as aMarcom Associate, but they are looking for anexperienced HTML/Dreamweaver mavin, andI’m not there yet. I have been working atteaching myself how to make web pages andhave made great progress in a fairly short time,but I don’t think I’ll be ready for this particular job in time. The best thing about this jobpossibility is that it gave me incentive to learnthe ropes on web sites ASAP. So before toolong you’ll start to see some changes in theBDP web site as I learn the ropes myself. Imentioned in the last issue, we have some folkswho already have the knowledge who havevolunteered to help upgrade our site. But so farthe project is still awaiting action. Once I learnthe ropes, the site will become a lot moredynamic as we’ll be able to make frequentpostings, especially about our ongoing researchof local sighting reports.Our last couple of meetings have been fairlysmall groups. For a while we had an average of 18-22 people at the monthly meetings, but forvarious reasons the attendance has beendeclining. This is to be expected from time totime, as most people have lives that don’trevolve around bigfoot studies. There are familyevents, school and other social events that cancoincide with the meeting date and result inmissed meetings. But we sometimes wonder if the meetings are becoming too similar, with thesame old same-o. At the last meeting we talkedabout working up a calendar for next year thatwould include more variety in the types of gatherings, including more time spent as agroup out in the woods. We are also going tolook into having more guest speakers wheneverpossible to share their insights and theoriesabout bigfoot.For example, I recently spoke with ThomPowell, author of 
The Locals
and he seemedinterested in our work here; should he be in theBay area, we’ll probably be able to talk him intoan appearance at the museum (Thom does hisbigfooting in Oregon.) I also spoke with CraigWoolheater, head of the Texas Bigfoot groupand one of the bloggers on
Hesaid he plans to visit the Bay Area in Januaryand will be coming by the museum to talk shop.He’s putting together a bigfoot museum inJefferson, Texas next year. Hopefully his visitcan be set to coincide with our first meeting of 2007.Sometimes I think the attendance problem hasto do with the meeting date. Not everyone canget to Felton on a Sunday night because of theneed to be at work early the next morning.Whatever day we choose, there will of coursebe conflicts for some folks, so we’re consider-ing having an occasional meeting on a differentday of the week: Saturday, for example. Anyfeedback you guys can give me as to whyyou’re no longer coming to the meetings wouldbe helpful. By the way, some of our membersare active bigfoot researchers but live out of theimmediate area. If any of you plan to be inour neck of the woods, please let me know inadvance so we can promote a meeting with youas a guest speaker, to share some of yourexperiences or insights with other members.There’s strength in numbers, and we hopeto make this museum more dynamic in thecoming year so everyone will be lookingforward to each meeting. Hopefully ourmembership will continue to grow, andremember, a group like this can survive only if the individual members are willing to partici-pate from time to time and not just sit back andread the newsletter each month. Write an essayon your best guess as to what bigfoot is; shareyour own bigfoot encounter or event; tell usabout your last bigfoot outing; recommend anew book, movie or documentary. Be an activemember. (No meeting this December. Our next isJan 21, 2007)Another issue for the museum is the recruitingof genuine scientists, academics and othertypes of consultants to serve as advisors to theBDP. Just yesterday we had a visit from a manwho says he’s a Nez Percé Medicine Man.This guy was about 6’11 and said his NativeAmerican name is “Talks with Owls.” I askedhim if he might be available to accompany uson some of our outings next year and he saidyes. I also had a recent visit from an Archeolo-gist from UC Berkeley who was willing toshare some insights on local Native Americanhistory as it might relate to bigfoot.
Recent acquisitions for the Reference Library:
DVD Documentary:
OREGON BIGFOOT Search for a Living Legend 
 Autumn Williams, Kelly Berdahl, MichaelNave and videographer Jeff Johnson.
Cryptozoology: Out of Time Place Scale
Catalog of an exhibit of art organized by theBates College Museum of Art and the H&RBlock Artspace at the Kansas City ArtInstitute---Michael Rugg
Rummage Sale Fund-raiser at the museum
Mike R, Joyce, Tom, Dean, Mike B, Dave, Hillary
5 Days Out in the Redwoods –What Could Be Better Than That?
by Tom Yamarone
The day had finally arrived – we weregetting back out into the woods, albeitNovember 2nd there were no regrets. Allthose glorious, sunny days of Septemberand October had passed and into the openstorm door we drove. Scott McClean hadmade the drive up from the Los Angelesarea the night before and we were off atthe break of dawn on Thursday morning.Our destination was the BFRO RedwoodsExpedition, a 4-day outing that we hadattended last March as well. The forestsof the Redwoods National and State Parkencompass the coastal range from Orick,CA to Crescent City, CA, along a 35 milestretch of Highway 101. It’s no secret thatthis area boasts some prime bigfoot habitat.Del Norte and Humboldt Counties havebeen historically active areas with manyreports of sightings and footprint discov-eries – including the Patterson-Gimlinfilm in 1967 and Jerry Crew’s footprintcast in 1958. Without disclosing exactlocations (as this is one of the tenets of participation in these expeditions), wewere focusing our time and efforts in thehills outside of Crescent City and alongthe Smith River and its tributaries. That’sa lot of ground to cover!As I mentioned in a previous newsletterarticle, I have been excited to return to thisarea since speaking with a local witness onthe phone. Jay Rommel and his familyhave lived in the area for many years andhave multiple bigfoot experiences to report.We were in contact with them and hopingto interview the Rommels regarding thesightings that the son and daughter hadnear their home in 2003 and 2004. As wewere to discover, the little towns along theSmith River are the site of many bigfootencounters. The Six Rivers NationalForest is the “backyard” for many of theseareas and large tracts of land are ownedby lumber companies. Add in a couple of salmon runs a year in the Smith River andyou have a formula for bigfoot and thelocal residents crossing paths every nowand then.
Expedition Begins – Meeting upwith the Group
We had left early to avoid traffic in Marinand Sonoma Counties and this allowed usto stop at a couple of locations in theHumboldt Redwoods State Park. It’salways a treat to drive the Avenue of theGiants and make a perfunctory stop at theLegend of Bigfoot gift shop. I like to takethe Miranda exit and drive north along theAvenue into Myers Flat. On this day, weopted to exit at the Founders Grove anddrive Mattole Road through the Rock-efeller Forest. We went to visit AlbeeCreek campground and have a lookaround. It’s an old homestead that wasgiven to the park and made into a camp-ground. A good sized orchard still existsin the clearing near the campground kiosk.It was a nice stop and a great walk throughthe big trees as the rain had ceased forthe moment.We hit the steady rain north of Eureka andstopped to have a look at another locationsouth of Orick near Stone Lagoon. Wedidn’t stop very long and were soondriving over the Klamath River and by theTrees of Mystery in a total downpour. Wearrived at our destination in the JedediahSmith Redwoods State Park to find thatour camping companion – and museummember – Mark Stenberg had movedto more secure shelter in town and wefollowed suit. I’m sure the readers inBritish Columbia and Washington aregiggling at our aversion to squatchingin the rain, but it’s mostly the risk andinconvenience of using our electronics inthese conditions that brings about this mindset – plus the fact that you just can’t hear awhole lot in the forest while it’s raining.We met up with the group and soondiscovered that we had a bunch of BigfootDiscovery Museum members in atten-dance: Bart Cutino, Mark Stenberg, BoboFay, Scott McClean and me. Overall,there were over 20 people participating inthis endeavor and we were joined by eightlocal residents. It’s great to have localpeople participating and advising us onplaces to check out. The group was givenfirst-hand accounts of the sightings theRommel family had experienced. We thenwent to visit another family that has beenhearing strange vocalizations in the earlymorning hours – one event taking place just two nights prior to our arrival. As iscommon in these large group outings, wethen split into smaller groups to go explore.We spent the first night checking out acouple of isolated roads in the park. Therain was steady so we headed back to basecamp just prior to midnight. Mark and Igot up at 4 a.m. and drove out to meetsome other expedition members who weresleeping in their cars in the woods. We joined them at 4:30 a.m. and weren’t ableto do much as the rain was still comingdown. At 5:30 we took a drive on a backroad through the redwoods and tried somecall blasting just before dawn. Nothingresponded so we took to the trails andwalked for about an hour as the gray lightcrept through the forest canopy. We tried
Smith River at Hiouchi, CAAlbee Creek CampgroundMark, Tom and Bart showing their Bigfoot DiscoveryMuseum ID Cards.
wood knocking and calling as we walked,but whoever was sharing the forest withus kept to themselves.After a quick morning nap, we resumedour exploration of the backcountry. Mostof the land in the hills above the SmithRiver is privately owned to the ridgeline.We still explored some logging companyroads by foot and determined to returnthere that night. We were out at thislocation for two hours on Friday nightwhen a local man stopped by our vehiclesto ask if we needed help. We told himwhat we were looking for and he told usof a sighting he had the previous weekwhile driving home on this mountainroad. Just after 9 p.m. on Thursday,October 26, 2006 this local resident wasdriving up the road when he spotted alarge, grey bigfoot in the road ahead of him. As his headlights illuminated thecreature, it stepped off the road into theforest. He estimated that it was 8 feet tall.We had checked this location earlier inthe day as it is at a mountain pass thatconnects a creek watershed leading to theSmith River with the backcountry to theNortheast. This was exciting news and wespoke with this man for more than a half hour.Later that night, we drove out of the hillsand down to the Smith River. From therewe walked a dirt road along this feedercreek. We were in two groups of 3 personsand as my group began to head back tothe vehicles, a loud wood knock emanatedfrom the creek habitat to our left. Itsounded very close and was quite distinct.We stopped and got our cameras out torecord any other sounds but noneoccurred. (You see, if it’s actively drizz-ling, the cameras are kept dry under therain gear. That was the case here.) After 5minutes or so we continued on our wayout. Nothing else was reported by the othergroup and we returned to base camp justafter midnight.
Interviewing Eyewitnesses at theLocation of Their Sighting
Scott and I paid a visit to the RV Park inHiouchi, CA along Hwy 199 where theRommel children had an encounter withtwo bigfoot in September 2003. Thesighting was well documented by BFROinvestigator Jim Hooper at that time andalso was the subject of a newspaper articlein the Crescent City Triplicate. The storygoes as follows: Alex, age 12, was ridingbikes with a friend when they stopped nearthe edge of the forest, not far from thepark office. Thirty yards up on the forestedhillside stood a large bigfoot who wasobserving them. Both parties stood stillin shock and surprise as they observedeach other. Alex described the creature asleaning out from behind a tree with itsarms poised as if ready to run. He statedthat they seemed to stare at each otherfor close to 5 minutes before the boysbroke and rode home to tell theirfamilies. The Rommels were just sittingdown to dinner so his attempt to get hisfamily to come see what he had seen wasdelayed by dinner… a very quick mealaccording to Alex and his sister, Sara.She got a friend and returned to thenearby hillside with Alex and his friend.As Sara, age 13 at that time, was lookingat the hillside with a small pair of bino-culars, she spotted a gorilla-like facestaring at her friend. At the moment shetold her friend and looked back, it wasstaring at her. Just then, both girls ob-served a second bigfoot bolt from thebushes and run away from them downthe hillside to their right – about 100 feetaway from them. They all returned hometo tell their parents. The next day, theyreturned to the hillside and found largefootprint impressions at the spot wherethe creature stood watching them.Scott and I videotaped the family re-counting these events at the site. Wephotgraphed the hillside from bothvantage points – the children’s and thatof the bigfoot. It’s been three years andthe vegetation has changed slightly,but the locations are easily recalled.Scott and Alex climbed up to where thebigfoot was and where one of them ran,while I taped Sara, her mother andfather recounting the day’s events.
Alex shows the spot where he first saw the bigfootcontinued on page 4...The hillside where the second bigfoot ran downCall blasting over the Smith River

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