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Basil - The Holy Spirit

Basil - The Holy Spirit

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Published by tb1607

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Published by: tb1607 on Jul 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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De Spiritu Sancto
De Spiritu Sancto(THE HOLY SPIRIT)
St. Basil the Great
bible study centre
http://biblecentre.net/theology/books/holy/spiritu.htm [25/08/2003 12:55:31 p.m.]
Chapter 1:Prefatory remarks on the need of exact investigation of the most minute portions of theology.Chapter 2:The origin of the heretics' close observation all syllablesChapter 3:The systematic discussion of syllables is derived from heathen philosophyChapter 4:That there is no distinction in the scriptural use of these syllablesChapter 5:That "through whom" is said also in the case of the Father, and "of whom" in the case of the Son and of the SpiritChapter 6:Issue joined with those who assert that the Son is not with the Father, but after the Father. Also concerning the equal glory Chapter 7:Against those who assert that it is not proper for "with whom" to be said of the Son, and that the proper phrase is "through whom." Chapter 8:In how many ways "through whom" is used; and in what sense "with whom" is more suitable. Explanation of  how the Son receives a commandment, and how late is sent Chapter 9:Definitive conceptions about the Spirit which conform to the teaching of the Scriptures Chapter 10:Against those who say that it is not right to rank the Holy Spirit with the Father and the Son Chapter 11:That they who deny the Spirit are transgressors Chapter 12:Against those who assert that the baptism in the name of the Father alone is sufficient Chapter 13:Statement of the reason why in the writings of Paul the angels are associated with the Father and the Son Chapter 14:Objection that some were baptized unto Moses and believed in him, and an answer to it; with remarks upon types Chapter 15:Reply to the suggested objection that we are baptized "into water." Also concerning baptism Chapter 16:That the Holy Spirit is in every conception separable from the Father and the Son, alike in the creation of perceptible objects, in the dispensation of human affairs, and in the judgment to came Chapter 17:Against those who say that the Holy Ghost is not to be numbered with, but numbered under, the Father and the Son. Wherein moreover there is a summary notice of the faith concerning right sub-numeration Chapter 18:In what manner in the confession of the three hypostases we preserve the pious dogma of  the Monarchia. Wherein also is the refutation of them that allege that the Spirit is subnumerated Chapter 19:Against those who assert that the Spirit ought not to be glorified 
http://biblecentre.net/theology/books/holy/contents.htm (1 of 2) [25/08/2003 12:55:34 p.m.]

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