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Published by diptimansom

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Published by: diptimansom on Jul 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Decision Support System are interactive informationsystem, that rely on an integrated set of user-friendly hardware &software tools to produce & present information that is targeted tosupport management in decision making process.The DSS assists management decision making by combiningdata, sophisticated analytical modals & user friendly software into asingle powerful system that can support semi structured orunstructured decision making. The DSS is under user control, fromearly inception to final implementation & daily use. DSS helps toclose the information gap to enable manager to improve quality totheir decision.
Decision Support System Components.
1)The Database.2)A Model base.3)The DSS Software System.1)The Database.The DSS database is a collection of current or historical data froma number of applications or groups. It is organised in such amanner that it provides easy access for a range of applications.DSS do not create or update data, but rather use liveorganisational data so that the decision could be taken basedupon actual conditions.
2)A Model base:-A model can be physical model, a mathematicalmodel or verbal model. This can classified in to 3 types.a)Behavioral model:-These models of DSS is on studying/understanding the behavior/trends of market.Trend analysis, forecasting, co-relation are the ex. of thismodel of DSS.b)Management Science model:-These model are developed on theprinciples of management, management accounting.Budgetary system, Cost accounting, inventory managementare examples.
Decision Support System
Behavioral modelManagement Sci. modelOperational researchmodel

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