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Tafsir Ibn Kathir - 043 Zukhruf

Tafsir Ibn Kathir - 043 Zukhruf

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Published by Salahuddin Musliim

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Published by: Salahuddin Musliim on Jul 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revealed in Makkah
ِا ِَـْا ِّا ِْِ 
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the MostMerciful.
43:1 Ha Mim.
ِِُْا ِـَِْاَو 
43:2 By the manifest Book.
ُِْَﺕ ْُَ ًّِََ ًاءْُ ُـَْََ ِإَن 
43:3 Verily, We have made it a Qur'an in Arabic thatyou may be able to understand.
ٌِَ ِََ َْیََ ِـَِْا ّمُأ ِ ُِإَو 
43:4 And verily, it is in the Mother of the Book withUs, indeed exalted, full of wisdom.
ُَ ُبِْَََأَِِْﻡ ًﻡْَ ْُُآ نَأ ًْَ َْآّا ُ 
43:5 Shall We then take away the Reminder fromyou, because you are a people excessive.
َِوْا ِ ّِ ِﻡ َْَﺱْرَأ ْَآَو 
43:6 And how many a Prophet have We sentamongst the men of old.
َنوءِْَْَی ِِ ْاُَآ ِإ ّِ ْّﻡ ِِﺕْَی َﻡَو 
43:7 And never came there a Prophet to them butthey used to mock at him.
َِوْا ُََﻡ ََﻡَو ًْَ ُْِﻡ ََأ َْَْهََ 
43:8 Then We destroyed men stronger (in power)than these and the example of the ancients haspassed away.
Allah says:
ِُْا ِبَِْاَو ِ
.By the manifest Book.means, plain and clear in both wording andmeaning, because it was revealed in the languageof the Arabs, which is the most eloquent languagefor communication among people.Allah says:
ُَْََ ِإ...
Verily, We have made it, (meaning, revealed it),
...ِََ ًْُ ...
a Qur'an in Arabic,meaning, in the language of the Arabs, eloquentand clear;
...َنُِْَﺕ ْُَ 
that you may be able to understand.means, that you may understand it and ponderits meanings.This is like the Ayah:
ٍِﻡ ِََ ٍنَِِ 
In the plain Arabic language. (26:195)
ْا مُأ ِ ُِإَو ٌِَ ِََ َْیََ ِبَِ 
And verily, it is in the Mother of the Book with Us, indeedexalted, full of wisdom.This explains the high status of the Qur'an amongthe hosts on high (the angels), so that the peopleof earth will respect it, venerate it and obey it.
(And verily, it),means, the Qur'an,
بَِْا مُأ ِ 
(is in the Mother of the Book),meaning,
Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz
(thePreserved Tablet).This was the view of Ibn `Abbas andMujahid.
(with Us,)means, in Our presence.This was the view of Qatadah and others.

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