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Tafsir Ibn Kathir - 072 Jinn

Tafsir Ibn Kathir - 072 Jinn

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Published by Salahuddin Musliim

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Published by: Salahuddin Musliim on Jul 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revealed in Makkah
ِِا ِـَْا ِا ِْِ 
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the MostMerciful.
َْِَﺱ ِإ ْاُََ ِْا َﻡ ٌََ َََْﺱا ُَأ َِإ َِوُأ ْُ  ًََ ًَاَءْُ 
72:1 Say: "It has been revealed to me that a groupof Jinn listened. They said: `Verily, we have heard awonderful Recitation!'
ًاََأ ََِ َكِ ََو ِِ َﻡَـَ ِْا َِإ ىِْَی 
72:2. `It guides to the right path, and we havebelieved therein, and we shall never join anythingwith our Lord.'
ًاََو ََو ًَِـَ ََﺕا َﻡ ََر َﺝ َـََﺕ ُَأَو 
72:3. `And He, exalted be the Jadd of our Lord, hastaken neither a wife nor a son.'
ََ ِا ََ َُِَﺱ ُلُَی َنَآ ُَأَو ً 
72:4 `And that the foolish among us used to utteragainst Allah that which was an enormity infalsehood.'
ًِَآ ِا ََ ِْاَو ُِا َلُَﺕ  نَأ ََ َأَو 
72:5 `And verily, we thought that men and Jinnwould not utter a lie against Allah.'
ِْا َﻡ ٍلَﺝِِ َنوُذُَی ِِا َﻡ ٌلَﺝِر َنَآ ُَأَو  ًَهَر ْُهوداََ 
72:6 `And verily, there were men among mankindwho took shelter with the males among the Jinn,but they increased them in Rahaq.'
ْُَأَو ًاََأ ُا ََْَی  نَأ ْُََ ََآ ْاَ 
72:7 `And they thought as you thought, that Allahwill not send any Messenger.'
The Jinns listening to the Qur'an and Their Belief in It
Allah commands His Messenger to inform his people that theJinns listened to the Qur'an, believed in it, affirmed itstruthfulness and adhered to it. So Allah says,
ًََ ًْُ َْِَ ِإ اُََ ِْا َ ٌََ َََْا ُَأ َِإ َِوُأ ْُ 
ِْا َِإ يِْَی ...
Say:"It has been revealed to me that a group of Jinn listened.They said:
`Verily, we have heard a wonderful Recitation! It guidesto the right path'''meaning, to what is correct and success.
...اًََأ ََِ َكِْ ََو ِِ َﻡَ 
and we have believed therein, and we shall never joinanything with our Lord.This position (that they took) is similar to what Allahsaid,
َناَءْُْا َنُِَْَی ِْا َﻡ ًاََ َْَِإ َْََ ْذِإَو 
And when We sent towards you a group of theJinns listening to the Qur'an. (46:29)We have already presented the Hadiths that have beennarrated concerning this, so there is no need to repeatthem here.Concerning Allah's statement,
ََر َﺝ َََﺕ ُَأَو ...
And He, exalted be the
of our Lord,`Ali bin Abi Talhah reported from Ibn `Abbas that hesaid concerning Allah's statement,
َﺏَر َﺝ 
of ourLord,
"This means, His actions, His commands and Hispower.''Ad-Dahhak reported from Ibn `Abbas that he said,"Allah's
is His blessings, His power and Hisfavor upon His creation.''It has been reported from Mujahid and `Ikrimah thatthey said,"It (
) is the magnificence of our Lord.''

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