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Bloody Forks of the Ohio GM Info

Bloody Forks of the Ohio GM Info

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Published by nickwedig5000
Background, situation, rules and advice for the Bloody Forks of the Ohio LARP I ran last year.
Background, situation, rules and advice for the Bloody Forks of the Ohio LARP I ran last year.

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Published by: nickwedig5000 on Jul 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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orks of the 
A Live-Action Roleplaying Entertainment by Nick Wedig Adapted from the tabletop scenario by Jason Morningstar 
Elevator Pitch: 
n 1753, a young George Washingon was sen ino wesern Pennsylvania as a diplomaic envoy o he Frencharmy. His message rom he Briish crown was claim o ownership over he region. I he French did no exi he area, heBriish would orce hem ou.Te French disregarded he message, and orced he Briish army rom is or a he orks o he Ohio River. Inis place, he French have buil heir own base, For Duquesne. Now i is a year laer, and Washingon has reurned osetle he mater once and or all.
his game was originally a ableop scenario o he same name writen by Jason Morningsar(htp://www.bullypulpigames.com/airplay/2009/07/08/he-bloody-orks-o-he-ohio/). Ta game was in urn ahack o he excellen game
 Lady Blackbird 
by John Harper (htp://www.onese- vendesign.com/ladyblackbird/), which was isel assembled rom bis o a variey o qualiy roleplaying games. Check hose ou or urher ree enerainmen.Tis documen is licensed under a Creaive Commons Atribuion Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 license(htp://creaivecommons.org/licenses/by- nc-sa/3.0/us/). Conac me here: nickwedig@yahoo.com.
 GM’s Background: 
he wo grea empires o he 18h cenury are abou o collide in a muddy eld in wesern Pennsylvania. TeBriish colonies on he easern seaboard are hriving, and Briain wishes o expand wesward. France conrols boh New France (i.e. Canada) and he Mississippi River via New Orleans. Naurally, France wishes o nd a connecion beweenis wo colonies, which leads is orces direcly ino conic wih Briain’s expansion across he coninen.In 1753, a young
George Washington
was sen ino wesern Pennsylvania as a diplomaic envoy o he Frencharmy. His message rom he Briish crown was claim o ownership over he region. I he French did no exi he area, heBriish would orce hem ou. While in he region, Washingon noed ha a or could be buil in he very deensible spo where wo smaller rivers joined o make he Ohio River. Following his advice,
 Fort Prince George
was buil where herivers me, making i guarded on hree sides by waer. Te French disregarded he diplomaic enreaies, and orced heBriish army rom For Prince George. In is place, he French have buil heir own base,
 Fort Duquesne
. Now i is a yearlaer, and Washingon has reurned o setle he mater once and or all. Aer his journey, Washingon published his diary o he journey and became very amous back eas. He has beensen back o ake command rom
William Trent 
aer ren surrendered he or o he French. Following he surrender,ren and he Briish orces rereaed souhwards and hasily buil a ramshackle pile o logs dubbed “
 Fort Necessity
”. ForNecessiy is barely a or a all, and exiss mainly o keep he hungry roops rom sealing ood rom he supplies. TeBriish army is ounumbered, hungry, demoralized and, in Washingons own words, “loose and idle”. I is his job o x he siuaion and ge he French o exi he region, hopeully wihou igniing a war.Complicaing he conic beween he wo European powers are he inernal poliics o he local naive Americanribes. Te
 Iroquois Confederation
is a collecion o several oher ribes banded ogeher, noably he
ribe. TeIroquois conederaion claims o own his region hrough righ o conques: hey ough and deeaed he
inhe recen pas. Te Delaware naion (who call hemselves he Lenape) make up mos o he populaion o he area, and were badly oppressed and misreaed by he Iroquois. Te Delaware have recenly rebelled and severed all ies o heIroquois. Washingon’s ally 
 Half-King Tanaghrisson
is here o atemp o bring he Delaware back ino he old, bu heDelaware have no ineres in rejoining he Conederaion. Te Briish are allied wih he Iroquois. Washingon is in acan adoped member o he ribe, called
 , “Te Desroyer o Villages”. Tis alliance has made he Delawaredisrusul o he Briish in he region, hough he Delaware also disrus he French. 
 Ignatius Jones
 , a Briish soldier, desered his pos o marry a Delaware woman called
 Raspberry Girl 
. Ignaius Jones has since been recapured by he Briish and is being held awaiing cour marial. Bu he Briish need all he menhey can ge o gh he French, and hey could use a bargaining chip in ineracing wih he Delaware.Tere are abou 300 Briish soldiers a For Necessiy, bu a leas 600 French soldiers a For Duquesne. Bohcolonial armies are ounumbered by he naives in he region: he Iroquois and Delaware could each muser a leas 700 warriors i war were o come. 
 Louis Coulon de Villiers
commands For Duquesne. He has received orders rom Quebec o no sar any  violence in he Ohio River area. I he Briish sar a conic, he French soldiers can gh back, bu hey canno beginhe ghing hemselves. Consequenly, de Villiers has consruced a plo o provoke he Briish ino saring he war. De Villiers’ broher
 Joseph de Jumonville
will be sen as diplomaic envoy o For Necessiy, hough his mission will be oprovoke Washingon’s anger insead o peaceably negoiaion. Te majoriy o he French army sis a mile away rom ForNecessiy, a Deer Lake, waiing or a signal or or sounds o gunre. De Villiers does no know ha his wie,
 Marie-Am-able de Villiers
 , has decided o accompany Jumonville o For Necessiy o see her lover, George Washingon.

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