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Bunch of Thoughts

Bunch of Thoughts

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Published by Pawan Modi

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Published by: Pawan Modi on Jul 29, 2010
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The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or, as more commonly called, the RSS-was started in 1925 on the dayof Vijayadashami. The founder, revered Doctor Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, passed away in 1940 handingover the charge to Sri Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, popularly known as Guruji, who continued to be thechief of the organisation till 1973.The present attempt to collect some of his i.e., Shri Guruji’s thoughts has made us feel like ‘picking pebbleson the shores of an ocean’. The impossibility of compressing in a single handy volume the various thoughtsthat he had expressed for full 33 years of his stewardship of Sangh in thousands of his speeches, talks,discussions, and informal conversation covering a whole range of national topics is obvious. What isattempted here is just to present his viewpoint on various topics in a comprehensive manner. With this endin view, some of his ideas are strung together under different heads. However, we do not claim anyexhaustive exposition of the topics under each head.
Moreover, most of his speeches were in Hindi. The force and diction of his chaste Hindi and the inspiringimages they bring up are bound to suffer while rendering them into other languages, especially to a foreignlanguage. Naturally, the ideas contained herein are his, but the words are ours. As such we are keenlyaware of the shortcomings of these words and expressions. Burdened though with all such anxieties, whatmade us take up this task is the confidence that the radiance of his thoughts will outshine all these dark spots and illumine the national mind. As the following pages will bear out, the thoughts of Sri Guruji, areproving a beacon - light in the confused state of our national mind even to this day. The crisis in ourcountry is more intellectual and mental than physical. Whatever physical maladies are seen today ravagingour body - politic have their roots in the mental weaknesses and intellectual perversions of the leadership atthe helm of our national affairs. Often these failings strut about masquerading as high ideals trying to coverup their disastrous effects. Sri Guruji’s ideas have the intensity of warmth and light to dispel all suchdarkness and charge the nation’s mind with right vision and the spirit of right action.
Since its publication, nearly three decades ago, the book has been brought out in almost all the majorBharatiya languages. It has indeed stirred the thinking sections of the country and even abroad. It is clearthat it had met a long and deeply felt need.It is no exaggeration to say that thousands, if not lakhs, have been inspired by the living thoughts in the
As Prof. M. A. Venkata Rao, in his Introduction, says "It will be seen how full, how positive, howpatriotic, how practical and idealistic at the same time, the principles and methods of nation - buildingadopted by the Sangh are, as adumbrated by Shri Guruji."
As could be expected, these thoughts cover the eternal and abiding aspects of our national life, as also thecurrent and the contemporary ones. This is quite natural. Analysis of the burning problems of the day withsuitable anecdotes and examples do help to emphasise, and highlight the permanent principles. Theexcellence of 
‘Bunch of Thoughts’
lies precisely in this. The abiding values, which should form the warpand woof of our national fabric, are again and again imprinted on the mind of the reader.In this Third Edition we have added the Index and effected some typographical correction, which hadremained in the Second Edition. A short biographical life - sketch of Shri Guruji and some of his thoughtsprior to and during 1947 - 48 are two more new features of this Edition. We are sure that the presentEdition too will meet with the same enthusiastic and enlightened response that greeted the previous ones.The nation’s continuing demand for
‘Bunch of Thoughts’
is amply proving that it is a Philosophy of Thought and Action par-excellence, with its appeal as eternal as the nation itself which it seeks to resurrectand re-build.
We offer our heart - felt homage to late Prof. M. A. Venkata Rao, a scholar of vast erudition and greatdepth of vision. to whom the book is dedicated - for his excellent Introduction.
We are grateful to Shri V. S. Godbole of U. K. for his detailed observations which, have helped us toimprove and update the present Edition in a few respects. Our thanks are due to all those whose loving co-operation has made this arduous though pleasant task, possible.

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