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Must Be Nice

Must Be Nice

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Published by agolden55

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Published by: agolden55 on Jul 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Must Be Nice"
(project title)byAlexander GoldenFirst Revision 6/17/10WGA Registered: I217266
FADE INEXT. COURTYARD HOME, UP-SCALE RESIDENTIAL, COUNTRY CLUBCOMMUNITY-NIGHTTons of underage teenagers flood the area around the pool,girls dressed as slutty as possible in lingerie and otherscantily clad clothing. Guys dressed like wanna-be thugs andold time pimps. Plenty of cigarettes and beer cans on thefloor, bottles of vodka and every other type of liquor. Noparents in sight.V.O.Welcome to my last summer. Things were good. No work, no worries,partying like it was going out ofstyle. Finally got laid. I wasgetting high, getting drunk andhaving a blast. This is how life was meant to be. I wish I couldtell you that in the fall I wouldbe going off to Princeton orplaying ball for some big 10school, but lets face it, I’m afucking slacker.We move past the crowds and cliques of kids drinking,talking, smoking pot, and move into the house. The home isdecorated very minimally. Modern furniture and flat screenTV’s on the walls, more kids inside the house doing most ofthe same as outside. In the back patio is a small group ofkids sitting around a table passing a bong back and forth anddrinking. At the head of the table sits an average sizedbrown haired boy wearing a purple pimp hat and sunglasses as well as a black sport coat.V.O. (CONT’D)Oh, here I am, welcome by the way,this is my house, well my dads. Andthis is one of my Pimps n’ Hoesparties. We never organized it this way but the girls just explained tous they would dress like whores and we could be their pimps, good dealhuh? I may not look happy, but I'm just really high. You see I neveractually threw the parties, Thelarge kid next to me, Big John...Sitting next to our host is a stocky, hefty kid with darkspiked hair wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket, laughingand smoking, talking loudly and needing to be the center ofattention.
V.O. (CONT’D)He would just tell the world I washaving a party and presto! Everykid from the county would show up.House Parties seemed to take on alife of their own. You couldn't pinpoint when they started or whenthey would end. It’s kind of like when you throw a half eaten appleon the ground, at first just a fewants show, but soon the core iscovered with the little suckers,slowly devouring what's left.Time lapse of an apple core on ground being eaten by a swarm of ants until it is completely gone.V.O. (CONT’D)Before you know it the apple hasbeen reduced to a stem and a coupleof seeds and the ants disperseslowly without notice. Unless thecops show up. Then those ants arefucked if they don’t run like hell.Allow me to introduce the rest ofthe crew.Staring at two younger girls dressed in the skankiest clothesat the party are two tall, built kids. One with red crew cuthair, resembles something Russian or eastern European. Theother has dark spiked hair, dark skin and is of Latindescent. Both dressed like pimps.V.O. (CONT’D)These two strapping young gentlemenare Ivan and Julio.Pointing to a young girl with what looks like a lip ring.IVANOh damn, right there. That is myhoney, the one with the lip ring.JULIOWhere?IVANThe one next to that girl in theblack with the hat.JULIOOh. Mmm, I don't think that's a lipring man.2.

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