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Coleman - We Fight for Oil - A History of US Petroleum Wars (2008)

Coleman - We Fight for Oil - A History of US Petroleum Wars (2008)

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Published by: tonyoneton on Jul 30, 2010
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A history of U.S. oil wars is a work-in-progress which began when PresidentWilson landed U.S. troops at Tampico. Future historians may very well haveto fill in the blanks. The history of U.S. involvement in Persia (now Iran) andMesopotamia (now Iraq) centered around the quest for oil and control of it asa vitally-needed natural resource. With this in mind, the reader may wellcome to the conclusion that news from U.S. (and British) sources has to betaken with a large grain of salt.Oil diplomacy is governed by commercial and eventually, militaryconsiderations. Thus every U.S. President since Woodrow Wilson hasformulated U.S. foreign policy to take care of oil interests. PresidentMcKinley said "isolation is no longer possible," and President Wilson echoedthat sentiment when he said: "We are participants whether we would or not inthe life of the world. The interests of all nations are ours also. We are partnerswith the rest."Therefore this book affects or should affect every American, because moderninternational power is economic, just as all wars are economic in origin.Remember this the next time your sons and daughters are called to fight forthe country. If Iraq did not contain huge oil resources, would the U.S. bebogged down in that country today? Fear of domestic shortages of oil seemsto be the driving force at play. American strife over foreign resources hasbecome the major factor in international affairs. These are issues examined inthis book which should be read by every American interested in the future of their country.
The American imperialism is a fatal product of economicevolution. It is useless trying to persuade our northernneighbor not to be imperialistic, they cannot help being so, nomatter how excellent their intentions...El Universal, Mexico City, October 1927DR. JOHN COLEMAN

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