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From Confusion to Clarity

From Confusion to Clarity

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master sadhguru jaggi vasudev
master sadhguru jaggi vasudev

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Sarathchandar Neo Sannayasin on Jul 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 From Confusion to Clarity
Overcoming Obstacles on the Path
When we make an attempt to cross thethreshold of where we are right now and moveinto other dimensions of experience, a few thingsget mixed up. If you do not develop the necessarydiscrimination and balance within yourself,handling this mix-up can lead to lots of confusion.You step into a spiritual process and suddenly youdon’t know where you belong. You don’t knowwhether you are this or that. People who don’t knowany kind of spirituality, who just live theirmundane life, seem to be dead sure of what theyare doing. Spiritual people are always confused.
It is good if you are confused. It meansyou are constantly stepping into newterritory – that is why you are confused, and it is okay. If you live with the familiar forever, there will becertainty, but there will be no progress. If you are stepping into unfamiliar territory on a daily basis, you willalways be confused. This confusion needs to be handled properly, productively, rather than becoming aselfdefeating process.It is like doing trapeze – when you are swinging on your own trapeze, it is fine. But when you let go andtry to catch the other, that in-between space is terrible, because you are neither here nor there. This is thepredicament of people who want to explore, know, and experience other dimensions of life. They want toknow the other side, but they are unwilling to release themselves from the familiar even for a moment, sothe struggle becomes unnecessarily long. If you let go of your trapeze anyway and jump, the trapeze onthe other side is always in place. You could catch it, but instead you just swing and swing, you loosen thegrip, or you hold it with your little finger. This is torturous.When I talk about leaving the familiar to explore the other, it does not mean leaving physically. It doesnot mean you have to leave your home or office and go somewhere. It is not an external thing. It is aninternal process – internally leaving things that you have been attached to, things that you have beenidentified with. Only because you have felt that you are not sufficient, you took this step of turning spiri-tual. Suppose you were just happy, absolutely fulfilled, just by eating your morning breakfast and drinkingcoffee, you would not have tried anything else. Somewhere, a realization came that this is not enough. Youwant to know something else; you want to experience something else. You want to be much bigger thanwho you are right now.
So when this state of mix-up happens, you are neither here nor there; there will be confusion. If you area devotee kind of person, confusion is not a problem; but such a thing is not possible if your mind questionseverything. If unconditional devotion is not there, you have to handle it the harder way, trying to makesense of every little thing that is happeningwhich is actually not reasonable. When you are just about toreap the benefits of things that you have worked for all your life, suddenly they become meaningless.That’s not reasonable; but that’s the way it is.So if the spiritual process should not be painful, if it has to become a joyful process, one way is devotion– but that is out of question for most people. If that is so, the next thing you need to develop is a very keensense of discrimination so that you are able to clearly see what is true, and what is not. Not arriving at thisfrom past experiences and conditionings of life, but out of a very keen sense of discrimination. If you gointo this, first of all you must have developed a razor-like intellect so that you can cut things clean and see.If you have a blunt knife, you cannot do this; it will mess up everything. It won’t give you a vision of anything.So one of the things that you can do is to keep the intellect aside and become very devout; it will work.Or, you really sharpen the intellect to such a point that it will cut absolutely clean and give you a cleardistinction of what is what. If these two things are not possible, the next possibility is that you just crankup your energy to such a pitch that none of these things matter. Your mind says something else, youremotions say something else, but your energies are so cranked up that it all doesn’t matter… Your mind canbe wrong, you know that. Any number of times, it has been wrong. It is continuing to be wrong, but yourlife energies cannot be wrong. Your life energies do not know any right and wrong; they know only life andlife alone; low pitch or high pitch, that’s all. If your energies are getting high-pitched, so high that they arealmost slipping you out of the body, that’s very good. Otherwise, you must give yourself to service activity.Simply serve whatever you see as meaningful. Any one of these things, you must do, otherwise spiritualprocess becomes very painful because there is a mix-up of realities. You are in transition from one state toanother. You are neither here nor there.You have heard of the hippie movement during the 60’s? People wanted to break everything that wasfamiliar and try to live their life in some other way. All conventions of society became so suffocating, theywanted to break this and do something new. In many ways very genuine people, but they did all the wrongthings. They got so mixed up that it became the most confused and tortured generation for a long time. Butthe longing and their sincere effort to break away from what they know and step into something that theydo not know was wonderful. That generation was a tremendous possibility, if only they had had the rightkind of guidance. Not much of this movement happened in India, but especially in the United States, itreally swept the country in a big way.When they did not know what to do and how to break their limitations, they got into alcohol, drugs, andall kinds of things. One of the reasons was, to take away distinctions. So probably for the first time, menand women started dressing in similar ways.

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