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Theology 4 Reaction Paper for Mar1609

Theology 4 Reaction Paper for Mar1609

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Published by Eduard

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Eduard on Jul 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Holy TrinityCollege
BS Nursing 2
Yr. N1 St. DominicMarch 15, 2009
Moral Theology
Reaction Paper 
S.T.I.’s, H.I.V. AIDS and Rape & Sexual Harassment 
a.Sexually Transmitted Infections, H.I.V. AIDS
The said S.T.I. and H.I.V. AIDS can beacquired in different ways but most especially it can be acquired through having sexual contact or intercourse with an infected person.For me it can be connected to the SixthCommandment “You shall not commit adultery” because you are doing this act without the proper reason and knowledge and why you are doing thesaid act such as having sexual act and yet younever expect the outcomes. God gives man and woman an equal personal dignity providing themwith the absolute rights and responsibilities proper to all of us as human person. With that reasonman must be responsible through all his or her acts and most especially man should know all theconsequences or outcomes before or after doingthe said act or acts.If this would happen outside your marriagemeaning you are not respecting your conjugalunion with your wife. Having a sexual contact with your wife means you are called to life of love and doing this with other person means you are not  practicing the true essence of what is Christian
S.T.I., H.I.V. AIDS, RAPE, & Sexual Harassment
marriage and you reject your commitment and moral obligations.But if STI or HIV AIDS occurred in a married couple (because of e.g. infected needle is themain reason), the couple must still accept eachother in the reason that no one on Earth can stopthe meaning of true love united by couple asunited by Christ authentic married love. Becausethis effectively leads to God and are helped and strengthened in their superior role as fathers and mothers. As human beings, we must learn to accept them. They are still creations of God and they still possess the characteristic of human beings. They still have life to have and enjoy.They don’t want any disease or illness; they are just victims who have voices and needs our deep understanding.
Rape and Sexual Harassment
Rape is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse.Rape, sometimes also called sexual assault, canhappen to both men and women of any age.Sexual harassment is unwelcome attention of asexualnature and is a form of illegal and socialharassment . It includes a range of behavior fromseemingly mild transgressions and annoyances toactualsexual abuseor sexual assault . We must have the knowledge that in order for us to be respected we must have reverence toother human beings. We should respect othe people’s sexuality. Upon respecting others we areindeed respecting God’s gift to us which is LOVEor LOVING other persons.Rape and sexual harassment is the kinds of disorders of the flesh or 
covetousness of the
S.T.I., H.I.V. AIDS, RAPE, & Sexual Harassment
as what the Ninth Commandment states“You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife”.We should not allow ourselves get caughwith those lustful acts. We must grow maturely and learn to discern all things. We should knowwhen to say “yes or well” and when to say “no or bad . We should keep in seeing the light of chastity or the purity of the heart. Chastity willlead us to Christ and put our sexual drives at theright place. Meaning we must learn to grow upChristianly.For me those who committed these greedy acts lack LOVE or affection in their heart. They need more affection and Christ-driven life. This prevention doesn’t happen in one night it happensthrough a process. Maybe they could start withthemselves.Everyone must have a DEEP spiritual renewalto avoid rape and sexual harassment to occur. Weall knew ever since how powerful God is. God willlead us to the great and good-driven life.We should see the importance of the victimsof rape and other sexual assault victims. They don’t wish to be raped and never allow their dreams to be shattered. They need LOVE and alsoour deep understanding on their situation.
Submitted to:
Mrs. Sheila Neites
 Theology 4
S.T.I., H.I.V. AIDS, RAPE, & Sexual Harassment

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