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Chem Busters About

Chem Busters About

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Published by skalpsolo

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Published by: skalpsolo on Jul 30, 2010
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UntitledChemtrails - Something you can do by Jon LoganBy this point, if you haven’t heard of chemtrails, then you must have beenliving in a cave somewhere. Chemtrails. Lines in the sky, drawn by aircraft.Lab tests of samples collected from chemtrails have been reported to containmany toxic ingredients. It appears that there are at least 2 main kinds ofchemtrails, and the most common by far is an aerosol mixture of oil, powderedmetal (usually barium or aluminum) and powdered quartz. The other kind(s) havebeen reported to contain desiccated human blood cells and virulent bacteria.Fortunately, I have never seen the second kind where I live. They are the onesthat form ‘spider webs’ in the sky which drift down and are deposited on thelandscape. More common by far is the sight of an airplane, usually white, whichleaves a streak of white vapor behind it that hangs in the sky, and / or spreadsout to form a haze which covers the sky from horizon to horizon. The clouds insome cases become dark and overcast, in others they flee and vanish as droughtsets in. The sky has a silver haze to it like smoke. Under some lightingconditions, the Chemtrail haze creates rainbow circles in the sky as sunlight isrefracted by the layer of oil suspended in the atmosphere.Many people experience health problems as a direct result of chemtrails.Difficulty breathing, sudden flu-like symptoms, and intense headaches arecommonly reported. For more information on the Chemtrail phenomenon you canvisit www.educate-yourself.org or just google ‘chemtrails’ and you will findmany websites dedicated to the analysis of chemtrails, describing the phenomenonin much greater detail than it is the purpose of this article to do.In fact, this article assumes that you have already heard of chemtrails. If youhave, and have looked into it, then you will probably know already that somepeople are doing an excellent job of raising public awareness on the subject. Ofcourse, if that effort is to have been to any purpose, then someone somewherehas to actually do something about it. Nobody seems sure exactly what to doabout it, though. Until now, that is.Maybe one day mass protests in the street will end the international sprayproject, and the people at the top who are responsible for it will fess up andexplain everything. But in the meantime, there is actually something that youcan do, and it is relatively simple. It has been repeatedly proven to produceresults, and it will produce results on a scale commensurate to your effort.Interested? Read on.The main adverse effects of chemtrails are environmental contamination(especially with heavy metal toxicity), adverse health effects to biologicallife, and aberrant weather phenomena. These problems all respond to treatmentwith Orgone technology and / or Radionics. Something you can actually do aboutchemtrails is to build a Chembuster, and install it somewhere near your home.A Chembuster is a device which uses Orgone technology to stabilize the weatherpatterns of a localized area. It was invented by a man named Don Croft about 5years ago. It has been repeatedly observed to clear the smog created bychemtrails and to take much of the energy out of violent storms. In some areasit has been repeatedly observed to cause the break in a long standing drought.Overall, its effect on the area of its use appears to be, in a word, balance. Ifan area is afflicted with drought then the Chembuster will tend to increaseprecipitation and the formation of clouds in its area. If the area has violentstorms or an excess of rain, then the Chembuster will tend to diminish theviolent weather patterns and stabilize the local weather within a microclimateextending for a few miles in all directions. These effects in some casesmanifest dramatically at the moment of the device’s installation, but for themost part appear gradually and steadily over a period of months and years.A Chembuster has many similarities to a Cloudbuster. A Cloudbuster is anotherOrgone tool which is used to modify weather patterns. Cloudbusters were inventedby a man named Wilhelm Reich about 70 years ago. They work by moving largeamounts of Orgone, and the Orgone in motion causes changes to the temperatureand movement of air. Since it can change the way the air moves and how warm orcool it is, it produces changes to weather patterns. A Cloudbuster requires thatyou know something about weather patterns, and something about Orgone energy,and have some degree of humility in its use. Otherwise, it creates problems inPage 1
Untitledthe wrong hands because it is a powerful piece of technology which can alterweather patterns.A Chembuster is like a Cloudbuster in that it moves large amounts of Orgonearound in a predictable fashion. But it is different in that it changes Orgonefrom one form to another. A Cloudbuster is designed to be used by a person,consciously directing the tool to produce a desired result. The Chembuster isdesigned to respond to changes in the Earths Orgone field and beself-regulating. So far, I and many thousands of other people around the worldhave found it to be just that... safe.When installed, the Chembuster processes Orgone in such a way as to harmonizethe energy. It removes accumulated Radionic data and breaks up stagnant Orgoneenergy, gets it circulating again. It circulates Orgone energy and processes itas it does so. Additionally, it changes the speed at which it allows energy tocirculate in response to local changes in the Earth’s Orgone energy field. Thesefunctions may seem complex, but the engineering is relatively simple. Inlayman’s terms, the device is installed, and then becomes part of the Earth’sOrgone field, acting to augment the Earth’s natural ability to ‘heal itself’.This has the demonstrable result of beneficially affecting the health andemotional morale of human beings, stabilizing violent weather patterns, andreducing or eliminating the haze associated with chemtrails.Back in the early days many of us were concerned that Chembusters would causethe heavy metals from the chemtrails to accumulate and concentrate near thedevice. There are persons now who still say that this is the case, but Idisagree, based on my experience. After 3+ years, I have seen nothing to supportthis view.So what happens to the metals then? I am not entirely certain. I think that acertain amount of them are in some way rendered inert by the aetherochemicaleffects associated with Radionics ( www.littlemountainsmudge.com/Radionics.htm). Whether the toxins in the aerial spray are deposited elsewhere and filteredout in the water cycle, or whether the toxins are transmuted into harmlesselements by the action of the Orgone energy, the fact is that it certainly seemsto be cleaner around here since I started using the devices. We seldom if everhave days when the air literally smells of Chemspray, but this used to becommon, before the Chembusters were in use.We still get sprayed, but the haze doesn’t hang for near as long, if at all. Thedrought we had experienced for several years has diminished with each successiveyear since I started using the devices in my area. In fact, this year it lookslike there will be enough water in the river I can actually take the canoe outfor a spin.Build one, you can get the info for free on the web, and you don’t have to beknow what you are doing or be humble to use it. You can be a jerk, and it willstill work. Heck, imo the guy who invented the Chembuster IS a jerk, FWIW. Thetechnology still works.This may seem anticlimactic if you were expecting an article about the exactchemical composition of chemtrails, or about the latest sightings, or acompilation of data and documentation proving that chemtrails exist. You can getthat for free on the web, just use google.But if you want to actually make a difference in your life, you can build one ofthese devices for 50 to 250 USD, and start cleaning up the mess. It’s an arrayof metal pipes, parallel but not touching, a few inches apart. The pipes areheld parallel by a dielectric disk with holes cut in it to form a spacer. Oneend of the pipes are open. The other end of the pipes have a short piece ofplastic hose stuffed inside the pipe. A small quartz crystal is nestled insidethe hose, and the end of the pipe with the crystal is covered with metal tape ora metal end cap. Each of the 3 to 10 pipes is done that way, open on one end andthe other end is covered with a metal cap, inside the end with the metal cap isa small crystal wrapped in dielectric tubing.The pipes are assembled into a parallel array, and the end with the caps is castinto a big chunk of MHD Orgone Matrix Material. That’s it. I have tried manyvariants and they all work, though the relative size of the components can makePage 2
Untitledthe device either more or less efficient. I recommend viewing the originalspecs, (which are public domain btw). You can find them on this page:http://www.metatech.org/Cloudbuster_&_Orgone_generator.htmlI and other experimenters have found that many components of the basic designcan be successfully varied, the design is actually quite forgiving andadaptable.Here’s a little about how Chembusters work - The pipes act as an Orgone antenna,and to some degree as an Orgone vacuum tube. They pull Orgone through from endto end. Also, the copper pipes act as a conventional EM antenna and thereforeare able to assist the device in attenuating EM pollution.There is a small quartz crystal inside one end of each pipe. The crystal acts asa lens to focus the energy so that a higher rate of flow can be achieved in thepipes, and to some degree acts to carry Radionic data concerning the function ofthe device.Between the quartz crystal and the inner wall of the pipe is a dielectric layer.A chunk of garden hose or tubing works well for this and is convenient. Thisboth isolates the quartz from the pipe electrically and acts as an Orgone vacuumtube (organic tube inside metallic tube) and speeds the Orgone through. Thisgives a strong flow bias to the pipe, inducing the energy to flow towards theend with the crystal. This is basic Orgone dynamics, many Orgone beamers arebuilt using this principle and have been for decades.The end (with the crystal) is then covered with a metal cap and connected to alarge body of Orgonite. The Orgonite absorbs energy, pulling the energy in asthe pipes push it out. The energy builds up in the pipes, the pressure (chargedensity) rises until it pushes through the metal cap and flows into the Orgonematrix material. When the Orgonite is connected to the Earth, the energy flowsfrom the Orgonite into the Earth. As the energy flows through the MHD or HDOrgonite, it is processed by the Orgonite and harmful properties are removed.The pipes induce a large flow of energy, and the Orgonite cleans and balancesthe energy as it passes through.As long as the Parts are of correct size in proportion to each other, the devicewill work dependably and with little or no maintenance. The overall energystorage potential of the Orgonite base should be at least 3 or 4 times theoverall energy storage potential of the pipes. This will ensure that the energyflows from weakest potential (the pipes) to strongest potential (the Orgoniteballast at the base of the device) under normal circumstances.As a rule of thumb, you could say that with MHD Orgonite If your pipes are sixto eight feet long and .75 to 1.5 inches diameter, you need 2 to 3 gallons ofOrgonite. If HD, then 1.5 to 2 gallons for the same pipe lengths.All in all, I have to say that Orgone tech applied to the problem ofenvironmental pollution has proven more effective for me than any amount ofpetition signing I have done ... ever.Things aren’t completely normal, the world is definitely changing. But I’ve been‘gifting’ (using Orgonite tools for environmental healing) for about 4 years nowin this area, and the results have been intriguing. The smog often forms up in awall abutting the area where the devices are installed, and you can observe thatthe sky on one side of the line is grey and oily, and on the other side the skyis clear with scattered puffy clouds and the haze from the chemtrails is absent.This ‘hole’ has taken the form of a long ellipse which runs out to the northwestand southwest for many miles, and shrunk to the point of disappearing at times,only to reappear within a few days at most, always in the same general area.There s no regular rhythm to the opening and closing of the hole, it appears tobe in response to changing weather conditions.Chembusters and TBs, when deployed together, generate a geostable Orgoneenvironment which manifests measurable and benign changes to the weatherpatterns in the area of their use.Below are some more points of view from folks who have had the time andPage 3

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