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Orgonite and the Curing Process

Orgonite and the Curing Process

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Published by skalpsolo

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Published by: skalpsolo on Jul 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1Orgonite and the curing process31/01/2006 04:08:11http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/artorgonitecuring.htm
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I am in the process of editing this article for clarity and updating it, as it was written some time ago. Thenew text will be available bothin a basic form online and an expanded form as an ebook. This text willcontinue to be available as part of a free download. All information given here is the considered opinionof the author. I am not a medical doctor, and you are responsible for your own discretion.
Inother articles,Ihave mentioned that charging theErgonitewhilethe resinis curing has a large effect. Tostartout with,not allorganic components are not equally responsive to charging whilethe resincures.Polyesterresin,acrylicresinand pitch alldemonstrate this property in significant degrees.The waxes seem a lotlessresponsive in this area,somethingwhich i attributetothe formationof crystallinestructures withinthe resinwhile solidificationtakes place.Polyester("Fiber Glass")resin,for example,is well knownin conventional scientific circles tohave significant electromagnetic attenuation properties.Thatmeansthat it absorbs electromagnetic energy.Sinceenergy is never created or destroyed and only changes form,the energysoaked upbythe resinhas to go somewhere,doesn'tit?Afterexperimenting for a couple of years,i cancomfortably say that the way Ergoniteis treatedduring construction creates
atleasta 70%difference
in the finishedproduct.Inother words,bypaying some attention tothe thoughts,emotions,energies,etc.towhich the Ergoniteis exposed whenyoumake it,youcangenerally get at least 70% morefunctionality thanyou would if youdid not payattention to these factors.Now,iwould liketo point out that the beauty of Ergoniteis that youcanget that 30% functionality,regardless of how youmake it.Itis not NECESSARYto charge the resinwhile it cures,it is animprovement.And in manycases,30% functionality is morethanenough tomake a significant difference.But if the Ergonitecanbe made yet morepotent,why not do so? If youcanoptimize theErgonitetowork with a specific ailment,or todo a chosentask,thenit only seemsprudent todo so.There are,imo,2 mainways in which the Ergoniteabsorbs a charge /program while it is curing.One way is throughthe personmaking it,and the way that theyinfluence the energy while handling the materials.Another way is toexpose the Ergonitetoenergies generated byvarious metaphysical tools while it cures.Obviously,bothof these approaches encompassmanydifferenttechniques.Bothof these two approaches canbe used either alone,or in combinationwith eachother.Myself,i generally use acombinationof the two.Itis alsopossible for the Ergoniteto turnout with either a sympathetic or a counteractive effect.The frequencies used in thefollowing descriptionare justexamples.So,if you expose Ergonitetoa hertzianfrequency of say 15kHz,generated bya deviceof some kind,the Ergonitewillbecome moreresponsive to that 15kHz frequency.The fact that the Ergoniteis now moreresponsive to 15kHz canbe appliedin one of two primaryways,depending onwhatthoughts and intent youexpose it to,or whatother frequencies are present.If you expose the resinto 15kHz and leaveit at that,the finishedErgonitewill tendtoamplify the15kHz frequency effects whenstimulated byit.Itwilltendto produce that frequency effect aspartof it's output,converting otherenergies it is stimulatedwith INTO the frequency effect of 15kHz.The same appliesif you expose the resinto botha weak 10Hzsignal and a strong15kHz signal.Itwill tendto'capture' the act of 10Hz being drownedout by15kHz,and have that functionprogrammedinto it.Doing it that way,you are getting a sympathetic effect towards 15kHz.But suppose you flip it aroundthe other way.Suppose youexpose the resintoa 15kHz signal,and atthe same time giveit aclear mentalimpressionthat youwant todampenout and get ridof 15kHz.If youdo it that way,you willget a counteractiveeffect,in proportionto the clarityof the mentalimpressionyougivethe resin.Itwilltendto respondwell to 15kHz,but instead ofamplifying15kHz,it willdampenit out,and convert15kHz into other energy 'colors' or frequencies.The same applies if youweretoexpose the Ergoniteto a strong 10Hz signal and a weak 15kHz signal.Itwould thencapturethe act of 15kHz being drownedout by10Hz,and have that functionasa 'program'.Inreality,the way that different frequencies interact with eachother has arguably a bigger effect that the volumeof eachsignal.There are frequencies that are harmonic to 15kHz,and theytendto boostit.There are frequencies that are discordant to15kHz,and they tendtodampenit.So,boththe relative strengthof eachsignal and the effectsof signals oneachother produce aneffect.Bydefault,Ergoniteseemsto produce a sympathetic effect tothat which excites it during curing.Inother words,if youwant toget a counteractive effect,youhave to 'tell' it youwant a counteractive effect.This,doubtless,is why sometower bustershave agreater effect thanothers.Many peopleare programmingthe Ergonitewith a counteractive effect to the tower's signals,whetheror not theyare consciously awareof it.Many other people are not,and sothe Ergoniteis running at varying degrees ofefficiency.Ratherthancriticizing,it is myhope that this willhelp peopleall aroundtoimprove their Ergonitemanufacture.
Page 2Orgonite and the curing process31/01/2006 04:08:11http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/artorgonitecuring.htm
People who are alreadydoing reiki,visualization,or other traditional metaphysicaldisciplines willfind that whatever energy theyput into the mixture will,tosome degreeat least,become a permanent partof the finished Ergonite'senergy signature.Thisapplies,of course,whether or not a person is consciously usingmetaphysicaldiscipline of some variety.Even if a person is notconsciously directing energy into the Ergonitewhile it cures,their thoughtsand emotions,the state of their mind,the things theyare thinking aboutwhile working with the materials...these allhave some effect onthe finished product.Itappears to me(sofar)that consciously directing your energy into the Ergoniteoftenproducesa greater change in thefinishedproductthannot.Theexceptionto this would be states of great emotional intensity.If youare in a state of emotional excitement,thena partof thatemotional energy will be picked upand integrated into the Ergonite.So,if you are a person who usesprayers,affirmations,declarations,visualization,intent or the like,thenyoucanprogram yourErgonitewith these techniques.One thing tobear in mind if usingminerals other thanquartz crystalsis the kinds of jobs thatvarious minerals are suitedto doing.For example,if you are making Ergoniteand programmingit to get ridof toxins in the body,thenyou couldmake that process either moreefficientor lessefficient,depending onwhat minerals you include.If youincludeminerals that have the effect of stimulating the body to releasetoxins,thenthe mineral and the program are harmonic.If you usea mineral that stimulates the body toabsorb energy but program the Ergonitewith a purgative effect,thenthe result will generallybe a bitless effective.Inshort,the orgone outputspectrum of the finishedErgoniteis defined bya COMBINATION of theingredients and the programming,soit pays togivea littlethought to how you put those 2 factors together.So whatif you are making Ergoniteand youinadvertently put a bunchof nasty thoughts /emotions into it? Well,they WILL affectit somewhat,but not enough toreduce its effectiveness beyondthe 30% line,in my experience.Theywillmake it work lesswell,but not stop it from working entirely imo.One thing ihave discovered is that say,for example,youthink 'issue X is horrible'.well,youdon'twantthe Ergoniteto enhance the horrible nature of issue X,obviously.But once you have thought that thought,it isdifficult if not impossible to take it back.So givethe Ergonitea counteractive program with respect to issue X.Immediately thinkanother thought,namely,that you wishto directthe healing /clearingproperties of the Ergonitetoward issue X,and work ontheproblem.This producesErgonitethat works specifically(counteractively)onissue X.Not a badrecovery from a littleslip of themind.Practitioners of radionics will likely be familiar with this concept,point being the conceptis of course transferable toErgonitemanufacture.Another example...Some time agoimade some ErgoniteTBs which had a few flies fall into the resinwhileit was curing.Ididn'tthink it that important,thoughmaybe i felta littlesorryfor the flies.The Ergonitecame out with a sympathetic effect towardshouseflies.Itwas amazing towatchhow they justcouldn'tleave it alone.Theywould be buzzing aroundthe light bulb,and keptstopping and landing onthe TBs,which i must admit i foundrather annoying.But atthe same time,othershave reported successusingTBs to get ridof problematic insectinfestations,byincludinga sample of the insectin the Ergonite.Whether they knew it ornot,and i must assume they did,they included the intent that theywanted a counteractive effect.And theysaw that the insectinfestationwas reduced.The difference between my TBs attractingthe insects cast inside them,and their TBs repellingtheinsects cast inside them was simply the difference between a counteractive effect and a sympathetic effect.Again,thosefamiliar with metaphysics willprobably find this familiar territory.Bearing that in mind,iam sure you willunderstand why programming the resinwith the intent that you wantto counteracttheinimical healtheffects of the HAARP and GWEN towersis worthwhile.Alsoperhapsthis shedssome light onwhy there existssuchvariance in the observableeffectsof TBs.Without the intent to get a counteractive effect (since if you live in area withtowersthe resinis exposed to the signal from the towerswhileit cures) youwill get the cleansingeffect in the 30% range.But ifyouaddthe simple thought that youwant the Ergonitetohave a counteractive effect,you willget muchmoreefficiency,up toseveral hundred percentimprovement.Rather thangoing into detail abouthow todo visualization or focus your intent,i willjustsay that your emotions are a big partofit.For example,if you are making Ergonitetohelp your soreback,thenyouwant tomake sure that the Ergoniteis programmedbyimagininga healthy back,free from pain.Or perhapsimagininga soreback turning into a comfortable,pain-free back.You donot wantto program the Ergonitewith you wondering if it willwork.That saps efficiency.So if you have doubts,well that justmeans youare human.We cannot always instantly finish upwith ourdoubts or uncertainty.But wecanput them out of ourminds for a few minutes.And in those few minuteswhenwehave put ourdoubts out of ourmind and have stopped thinkingaboutthem,that is the time to do your intent or programmingor visualization.For posterity,the same thing applieswith prayers,affirmations,declarations,etc.,with or without Ergonite.Ideally,you wantto charge the Ergonitefor the durationof time it takes to cure.This may or may not be possible.Ihave foundsofar that with the mentalimpressions,it is best to do it atleast 3 times.Since polyesterresinactuallycontinues tocurefor a longtime after it has solidified,you generally have about a 3 daywindow of opportunity tocharge the resin,thoughthe initialperiodwhenit is solidifying appears to be the mostcritical.Once the plastic has cured,youcannot reprogram the resin,but youcanreprogram the crystalsembedded withinit.You canalsodirectthe energy that the Ergoniteis producingto a given task with yourintent.Directing the outputfrom the Ergoniteis differentthancharging the resin.Using your Ergonite's energy output is giving theoutput a job to do.Chargingthe resinwhileit cures is definingwhatthe output willbe.When usinga machineto program the Ergonite,depending onhow strongthe machine is,a ten to15 minute period of exposureis oftenenough toproduce aneffect,but where possible i oftengiveit up to72 hoursof exposure.
Page 3Orgonite and the curing process31/01/2006 04:08:11http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/artorgonitecuring.htm
If you have aradionics machine,succor punch,pulser,wand,or some other kindof intent amplifier / orgone generator,you can use that to either charge the Ergoniteor enhance the mental impression(intent)that you givethe Ergonite.You canalsoset yourfavorite xtal (if you work with xtals) nearit while it cures and use that to charge the resin.Varying methodsof charging givevarying degrees of success.Any kindof attention to the charging process will produce a moreeffect thannone,ifind.One way you cancharge the resinis to devise some meansof connecting a quartz crystal wrapped with a mobiuscoilto theoutput of your pc sound card.Ihave a bitof info aboutone suchdevice onthering generator tutorialpage.Even a smallerdevicesuchasa succor punch,connectedtothe output of a pc sound card,provides a very versatile apparatus for charging Ergonite.Ifyou are unableto toset upsomething like that,theneven usinga tonegenerator and exposing the Ergonitetothe soundproduced willcharge the resin.Iam amazed at Ergonite's ability toaccept a program and repeat it almostindefinitely.RobertoForcen,at hissiteVoicesync,has some veryimpressivesound analysis and sound generation software.One of hisprograms that i have workedwith a fair amountis called mineralsounds.Inhis ownwords,it 'Generatesresonantthree octavecompound tones from a listof morethan3000 minerals.Tones are generated usingpowder X-ray Diffractionparameters.' Whati cansay is that wheni fist started playing with it,i was veryimpressed.When i runthe sounds from this program throughmy bigmobius-drivenorgone generators,the energy produced is verysimilar in 'feel' and in 'color' tothe energy from the mineralsthemselves.Aside from usingit toprogram Ergonitewith the effectsof a minerali would like tohave,but don'thave onhand(notquite the same ashaving the actual mineralin the Ergonitebut closeif you letit runseveral hours),i use it to compliment theingredients of the Ergonite.For example,if the Ergonitecontainssteel,copperand quartz,i willopen multiple copiesof thisprogram and charge the Ergonitewith the sounds of iron,copper,quartz,and gold.This gives the Ergonitea lotmorepowerwhenit is finished.Sunlight is another wonderful thing toexpose the resintowhile it cures,and sois moonlight.These two methodsof charging theErgoniteare already in widespreaduse.Especially with exposing the resintosunlight,you willoftennotice a difference in thevisiblecolor of the resinwhenit has cured,indicationthat you are in fact doing something and this is not allhocus pocus...;)Astrology alsohas a certainamountof influence onthe Ergonite,thoughnot one with which i oftenwork.Using a large orgonegenerator tocharge it candrownout some of the astrological effects,it would appear.One batchidid during the harmonicconcordance cameout very nice,and it appears to have capturedsome of the intense catalytic energy of the harmonicconcordance.Another way you cando it is topour the Ergoniteoutdoors,preferably in contact with the earth,in acleanvortexor ley line.Thisway tends tobothstimulatethe vortexor ley line and program the Ergonitewith a permanent link to the area in which it waspoured.Alternately,you canaddsome dirt or wood chips from the vortextothe Ergoniteand pour it elsewhere.Ihave used thistechnique tolink together a few differentmedicine wheelsin the area.Possibly,it couldbe used to create and/or divert energylines in the earth's body,leading to or from the vortex.While iwas proofreadingthis article,i phoned myfriend of several years Chris Gozdzik fromdiviningmind.com,and asked him ifhe thought ihad left out anything glaringlyobvious.Hereminded meaboutlinking,which is another way that youcando severalthings with Ergonite,includingcharging it while it cures.Basically,if you link the Ergoniteto the energy from anexisting largesource of energy,either bya sample of the source or clear visualization,thenthe Ergonitewillnot only pick up the energy fromthe existing source asa program,but willalsohave a permanentlink tothe energy source.Thanks,Chris :)And 2 finalnotes-If youare building aring generator,power radionics machine,or otherlarge power-drivenorgone generator, first decidewhatfrequencies youplantouse todrive it with.At least pick out a few of the ones you planto use a lot.Then,charge the Ergonitefor the generatorwith the frequencies it willbe running at.This increasespowerin the finished generator.Many of us have notedthat Ergonite,once cast,sometimestakes acertain amountof time 'startworking'.Chargingduring curingdramatically reduces the amountof time that it takes a deviceto 'startworking'.Well,that abouttakes up the time ihave today,but here are a few of my favorite hertzianfrequencies for charging Ergonite,andsome the effects ihave observedwith them.741Hz (sine wave)- This is one of the solfeggio tones,and is quite potent imo.When ifirst started usingit iimmediately felt abuildup of energy and subsequent releasein the solar plexus and heart chakras.Itmay be a bitintense for some people atfirst,but theyshould rapidly acclimatize.Itappears to have the effect it is reported tobyothers,that of assisting with finding thesolution toa problem.Iuse it a fair amountthese days,and thanks towhomever it was that postedabout it ontheyahoocloudbustersforum some time ago.528Hz (sine wave)- This is another one of the solfeggio tones,and it has proven useful for mein manifestation.5075Hz (square wave) -A frequency i chose myself for use in the driver circuits of the pulsers.Ittends to have a grounding,stabilizing effect.Iuse it asa multipurpose frequency to drive generators,and to helpmecalm down wheniget cranky ;)32kHz (square wave)- Another frequency ichose for use in the pulsers,tends to have the oppositeeffect than5075Hz,butmeshes well with 5075Hz.Iuse it for removingblockages in body work,for shieldingfrom energy attacks,and for anaid in themental 'reachupwards' involvedin meditationand remote viewing.When set to a frequency higher than20 kHz,NCH tonerproducesa lower harmonic of targetfrequency.Sincesquare wavesespecially produce manyharmonics ranging upand downthe scale,imo you are still getting this frequency (or one closetoit) asa harmonic whenyouuse a pc sound card connectedto acoiland xtal.

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