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Redneck Metaphysics - The Ring Generator

Redneck Metaphysics - The Ring Generator

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Published by skalpsolo

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Published by: skalpsolo on Jul 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1Wizzer31/01/2006 04:13:32http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/ringgenerator.htm
Wizzers Desk
Personal Bioenergy Tools - Orgone Matrix Material Ergonite Orgonite Organite - Construction info & sales-Radionics Stations -Mobius Coils - EM Pollution Control - DIY Plans & More! -
Site Map/Products/Info/Ebooks/Contact/ Legal/Links/Orgonite/Radionics
The design illustrated here is crude in execution and simple in construction. That's the point.Currentversions of this deviceare significantly more evolved than the one illustrated below, but even a verysimply device like this willwork really well if you put it together right. Aprofessionally built unit hasmany refinements over this crude design, but if you want to do it yourself, here is a way for about 75bucks US, not counting the cost of the xtal.
A generator likethis is a different classof generator fromPulsers,Powerwands,SPsand the like.This device is intended for experienced metaphysics practitioners or serious researchers,and /or for the purposeof chargingErgonitewhileit cures.Devices of this size cansometimesachieve weather effects,if used in the right manner,but is not asubstitute for a Chembuster.The design given hereis highly adaptable,and canbe modified tosuit your needs.The deviceissimpleenough that it may be somewhat anticlimactic for you whenyou seehow it's made.A device likethis transcribes anaudio signal into radionic data,and provides a strongemissionof Bioenergytocarry the radionicdata.Itrequires that a person use the device with purposeand control,asopposedto simplerorgone tools likeTBs.Itcanradically improve the qualityof orgone matrixmaterial made bythe home builder.This device is a lotmorepowerful thanapulser,but lessuser friendly.This device is not portable,but rather requires a stationarysetup and the input of electrical power,a home computer and anaudio amplifier (you canuse the amplifiedspeakers of a PC sound system).This deviceoffers flexibility in that you caneasilychangeout the core xtal or object.Some materials may not be especially healthy for youwhenyouexpose them toscalarwaves,and youare responsiblefor your owndecision tomake and use this device.Depending onhow muchvoltageyouputthroughit youmay or may not harm electronicsin the area.Ihave found that relatively low voltages onthe RingGen suffice.
Materials used in the example below:
-30 feet of 14 or 15 gageinsulated copperwire.-Onelarge quartz crystal.There is a picture to the right of the xtal Iused for the device shown.Itdoes nothave tobe a niceDTlike the one Iused,but it shouldbe about that size.Ina pinch,youcanalsouseseveral;smallerxtalstogether to get aboutthe same amountof xtal mass.Igot this xtal from ZSL,agenerous gift onhis part.Hegot it fromthe crystal man(in Canada).Another good place toget xtals isfromrevted(in America).-6 Plastic binderstraps.-Some aluminum tape.-Enough stuff to makeat least 1 liter ofErgonite.-The ringsfrom 2 masonjar lids.-A smallshelving unitmade from metal meshof some kind.Iused anold LP record rack,flippedupside down.You could makeone from piecesof window screen stretchedacross a frame,or seewhat youcanfindin your garage or the secondhandstore.Itshouldbe a shelf that has the individual shelves made out of a metal GRID or SLATS,sothat there is anopen mesh,not solidpiecesof metal.Onthe next one Imake,Iwill probably use copperscreensfor the mesh.Ihave not triedusingaluminum for theshelves,but Ithink steel or copperwould be betterfor the shelves.Steel works well,Icanattesttothat.-A large diameter hemispherical piece of metal touse asa reflector.Iused the canisterlidof anold steam cleaning rental unitIhappened tohave,you coulduse a large wok lid,or a large metal mixingbowl.Itdoes not have tobe a perfect parabolic curve,and aluminum willwork for the reflector.Itshould be atleast 12 inchesin diameter.The metal shouldbe bare onthe inside of thereflector,it canbe covered with paint or enamel onthe outside.-A longsectionof speaker wire (2 wires) toconnect the deviceto your PC.
Page 2Wizzer31/01/2006 04:13:32http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/ringgenerator.htm
-A householdstereo,boom box,or any other audio equipment that has anamplifier built into it,and alsohas a line in or auxiliaryinputjack soyoucanroute the signal from your PC's sound card throughit.Iuse anancient 8-track playerthat has a 50 wattamplifier in it.-Adapters toconnect youPC sound output tothe line in of the amplifier.-Tone generator software for your PC.You candownloadit off the web,and there are some linksprovided onthe linkspage ofthis site where you canfind it.RobertoForcen's stuffis amazing,
his site ishttp://www.voicesync.org
.Hehas wonderful donaware forsound generation and analysis.Also,NCH toner
is a very adaptableand functionaltonegenerator foryour PC with a range from 1 toabout 20,000Hz with control overthe waveform.You canalsorunmultiple copies of the programand generate multiple tones atthe same time.
Simple Building it info
Buildyourselfa largemobius coil.
Make it big enough you canfita large xtal in the core,about2.5"to 3" diameter.Itdoes not have to be a fancy xtal.Itcanbe single point.Onthe old deviceshown hereIused a single knot mobiuscoil,but onmynew one Iam usingthe continuousknot style.Secure the coilwith plastic binders toprevent it from losing it's shape.The coil shownhere is from 15 gage magnetwire,and whileIrecommend usingat least 18 gage,it does not have tobe magnet wire.magnet wire justworks a little better.Itisn'tnecessary to use magnet wire.
Using aluminum tape,connect 2 masonjar ringstothe coil
asshown.Work the tape firmly intoplace,and use at least one full wrapof tape allthe way around,.This is not only for the effect of ametal shroud onthe coil,it is to keepthe Ergonitefrom leakinginto the coil.Doyour best to line theringsup evenlywith eachother,sothat the ring onone end is parallel toand plumb with the ring onthethe other end.Pull the leadsfrom the coil out throughthe center,or if youwant tobe morepreciseyoucanform a littlehole in the tape to pass the leads through,and fillthe holewith glue soit doesn'tleak.
Finda suitablemoldthatis cylindrical,and deepenoughto come uptothetopof thecoil
assembly youhave justbuilt.Itshould be atleast deepenough that youcancast Ergoniteup tothe top of the coil assembly,andwideenough that there is at least one inchof Ergoniteall the way aroundtheoutside of the coil.On the generatorIuse now there is a lotmoreErgonitethanonthe old one shownhere.The old one shownhere workedwellenough toimpress meseveral times with itseffectiveness. Coat the moldwith releaseagent of some form,regularvegetable oil or WD40 willbothwork fine.If you are usingErgonitemade frompolyesterautobodyfiller,you do not have tosealthe bottom of the coilassembly to the mold.If you are usingErgonitemadefrom resin,you willhave to sealthe bottom of the coil assembly tothe moldsoresindoes not leak under the coil assembly intothe cavity atthe center.You want tocast a ring of Ergonitewith a hollow center where the coil is.A littlehot melt glue workswellfor this (sealing it),since it willkeepthe resinfrom leakinginto the hole,and is easilyremovable.Italsosetsfast,soyou don'thave towait for it todry like youwould siliconeor goop glue. 
Castit withMHD,HDor XHD Ergonite.Allow the Ergonite tocure,and removethecoil cast inErgonite from the mold
.You shouldnow have a hollow cylinder of Ergonitewith a coil in the centerof it.Place the cylinder with the coilin the center of the reflector asshownbelow.You canfasten itwith a littleglue if youwant. Thenplace the reflector onthe lowestshelf of the metal shelving unitasshown below.Thequartz xtal goes in the holeinside the coil,asIimagine oughtto be obvious.You canalsoeasilyremove and changextals this way.Ihave alarge cluster of kyanitewhich Iuse inside the coiltoo,gives a great energy.Letyour imagination be your guide.Experiment with usingdifferentminerals andother things inside the coil,but be awarethat not everything youput in there will work aswell asa quartzxtal.A safer way toexperiment is to ADD things in there with the quartz xtal,and see whatkindof orgonetheyproduce beforeyou trythem alone.Now you're readyto hook it up.If youwant to,you canline themetal shelf upwith the compass directions(I.E.sothat one sideof it faces north) but this is not necessary,it justmakes it work abitmoreefficiently).The metal shelves and reflectorshould be insulated from eachother electrically,or atleast that is the way Ifindit works best sofar.The metal rings onthe ends of the cylinder do not have tobe electricallyinsulated from the metal of thereflector.
Not only do the metal screens act like an RF antenna, they also provide aconvenient surface for exposing samples
If you are making orgone matrixmaterial,you canput your molds onthem while the resinis curing.The metal in the shelves pulsesin rhythm tothe scalar energy coming off the coil.Furtherrefinements tothe design involve proportions of the parts in relationto eachother and the use ofmoreadvanced Ergonitetechnology.
Ifyouare goingto use the device for radionics,thenuse the metal shelvesas your witness well
.You canalsouse thecavity inside the coilaswitness well,but the energy sentto targetthat way may not be beneficial unless there is a quartz xtal in

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