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Published by chris_goforth

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Published by: chris_goforth on Jul 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Most people would define me as someone who is very old-fashioned when it comes toraising a family. I believe the man should have a job and take care of his family. I believethe wife should be the one to stay at home and raise the kids. I have taught my kidsmorals and principles based on the bible. My wife’s biggest dream in life was to be a full-time stay at home mom and raise a large family. I too also desired to raise a largefamily; with 5 kids and 1 more were in the process of adopting I would say we are there. Iam also a realist and understand this isn’t the way it is anymore and that the old waythings were done is hard to find anymore and I accept this. I believe that each familygets to decide what is best for them and I understand that based on our economy orpersonal choice my old-fashioned ideas are going by the wayside. I guess you would callme a realditionist or trarealist. For the most part my wife and I have been very blessed tohave our family the way we want it. This last weekend my we were all sitting watching movies and it was time to choose anew movie. I allowed one of my daughters to choose and she chose “Father of theBride”, which all the other girls said yes too. So we began watching the movie. Thismovie never fails to catches me off guard. If you were to mention the movie I mostlyremember the humor that Steve Martin displays as the dad who can’t let go of hisdaughter and tries to do what he can to control the situation. The parts I forget are theparts where it shows touching moments of love for a daughter and wanting her to havethe best out of life and realizing she is a full-grown woman who can make her ownchoices. A dad who struggles with releasing his daughter. As I watch this show I alwaysimagine myself in his place with one of my 4 daughters and thinking what it’s going to belike when that time comes.As with each person my daughters are all uniquely different. They are all “girly girls” forthe most part, yet are able to get dirty, play outside and have no problems with it.Honestly, I am quite happy I have feminine girls. I have done my part as their father topromote them as proper young women as well as their true inner beauty. My oldest,which was for all intents and purposes was and is a guinea pig (oldest kids generally arefor parents). We used to dress her in dresses and lots of pretty girly clothes, I didn’t wanther getting dirty. I wanted her to stay clean and beautiful and oh yeah I didn’t want herto have sugar or other things that weren’t good for her. I wanted life to be the best itcould for her. Years later after my son was born I discovered some friends who had takencare of her when she was a baby had allowed her to play outside in the dirt and eatcookies. I was shocked but it explained how she managed to play outside and never getdirty. I have yet to meet any other kids that are able to do that and I consider it anamazing skill. Since then she has always enjoyed dressing up and looking pretty. Sheand her sisters continues to grow more and more beautiful as the years go by.Somehow this has permeated to all my girls. They all enjoy dressing up and aredeveloping their own sense of style. I love watching them play dress up, getting fancyand putting on fashion shows for me. Seeing what they put together and how they makeoutfits come to life just puts a smile on my face. Sometimes some of their choices wouldmake it on the worst dressed lists, of this I am positive.As I watched the movie and spent most of the time either laughing or crying, I got lost indeep thought about the girls and what life will be like for them.I believe that beauty goes more than skin deep and deep within the hearts of all mydaughters is true beauty. I realize the role I have in their lives and shaping their thoughts

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