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Bible Test 3

Bible Test 3

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Published by richlion
Test for lesson 3 in Bible Law
Test for lesson 3 in Bible Law

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: richlion on Jul 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How grateful we should be, that YEHOVAHGod has seen to it in all ages that HIS TRUTH COULD NOT BE ERASED from human accessibility! Ever since the time of the Messiah there have been organizedconspiracies to destroy the Bible.Yeshua the Messiah started YEHOVAH’sChurchin31A.D.Andin33A.D.theGreatConspiracygot under way to organize and build the GREATFALSE CHURCH -- Satan’s church! The Great Con-spiracy sought to destroy the true Church of YEHOVAH God, and to blot out the Word of YE-HOVAH God, by COUNTERFEIT doctrines. Theyappropriated the NAME of the Messiah, and calledthemselves “Christian” -- then presented a FALSEMessiah and a FALSE “Christianity.” No religion had ever before offered theforgiveness of sins until the Messiah died to pay thesinners’penalty.Asapalliateforguiltyconsciences,theSatan-influenced conspirators eagerly seized on “the blood of Christ,” deciding that “gracewould be awonderful selling point to make their pagan religion popular.But REPENTANCE from sin -- turningAWAY from sin -- which means OBEDIENCE to YE-HOVAH’s Law -- that was something quite different.They well KNEW the natural mind of man is HOSTILEto the idea of obedience to YEHOVAH God, and is notsubject to the Law of YEHOVAH God (
Romans 8:7
).So they “did away with” YEHOVAH’s Law. Theysubstituted “penance” for repentance. They pervertedthe true Gospel of the Messiah in a manner to make itutterly ineffective. And THE WHOLE WORLD has been misled and deceived!During the middle ages, every attempt wasmade to DESTROY the Bible itself. But YEHOVAHsaw to it that His Word was preserved. Even duringthese difficult times YEHOVAH’s ministers, small innumber, clung tightly to YEHOVAH’s Truth. Finally,after the invention of printing, copies of the Bible became accessible to the public and more people beganto discover nuggets of truth that had been buried for centuries by the Catholic Church. YEHOVAH’sChurch is diligently searching the Word of YEHOVAHGod and restoring the Truth to a Satan-deceived world.
E-Mail:kiwihope@gmail.com VisittheHopeofIsraelWebsitesat:US:http://hope-of-israel.orgNZ:hope-of-israel.org.nzUK:church-of-yehovah.org
YOUR ENROLLMENT has been paid byothers. Bulk copies for distribution notgiven or sold. ADDRESS COMMUNICATIONS to theEditor at the following address:
Hope of Israel Ministries
, P.O. Box 2186,Temple City, California 91780, U.S.A. _________________________________ 
Pictured on our Test 3 cover is a composite of thecover photos used in the preceding four lessons.Each picture is a reminder of the marvelous BibleTruths you studied with each lesson.
Certain Protestant scholars, during thelatter part of the 18th century and through the19th, devoted lifetimes to producing variousworks, more or less scholarly, to assist in Biblestudy and understanding. These were theexhaustive concordances, the lexicons or Greek-English and Hebrew-English diction-aries, the marginal reference systems in the printed Bibles, the religious encyclopedias, theBible dictionaries, and the commentaries.Most of these men were scholarlyenough -- but their minds still were largely blinded to spiritual truth. They had been taughtfalse doctrines from childhood and blindlyassumed them to be true. Nevertheless, these exhaustive worksand Bible helps were making it gradually possible, for those who would be willing, tocome to more truth, more rapidly -- and at thesame time the more rapidly to dispel error. Thereal TRUTH was becoming too nearly revealed-- Satan became disturbed, then stirred to action.He introduced German rationalism andthe Theory of Evolution into modern education.He also began removing his brakes againstacquisition of scientific and technologicalknowledge. To pervert this latter, Satan mixed itwith German rationalism in educationalinstitutions. The new learning became rapidlymaterialistic. It became agnostic, then more andmore atheistic. It began to be considered“old-fashioned” to believe in YEHOVAH God. Now“highercriticism”oftheBiblegushedforthlike an avalanche. Men began sitting in judgment of YEHOVAH GOD -- began CRITI-CIZING YEHOVAH GOD.As we developed through the 20thcentury, this “new” rationalism gradually foundits way into the religious seminaries wherefuture ministers were being taught. Studentsentering seminaries had already encountered thenew supposed “rational” knowledge. It appealedtointellectualVANITY.Itwasthefashionoftheday. Men wanted to BELONG. They wanted toCONFORM. So they floated along on theatheistictidalwave.
THIS THIRD examination is given to helpyou BETTER UNDERSTAND your Bible andEVALUATE your own progress.You should by all means take this testafter finishing lesson 12. It is a SIMPLE EX-AMINATION covering your studies in this present group of four lessons. It's a quick reviewto help you REMEMBER and put toPRACTICAL USE the vital Truth of YE-HOVAH God you have learned. It also lets usknowofyourCONTINUEDinterestinthestudyof your Bible. Notice that there are 42 questions in thistest.AlsonoticethatFOURCHOICESaregivenunder EACH question. These are labeled A, B,C, D. YOU ARE TO SELECT THE RIGHTANSWER(S) FROM AMONG THESE FOUR CHOICES. You do this by CIRCLING the letter of the answer(s) you feel to be correct. Repeatthis procedure for each question. (Generallyspeaking,theINCORRECTanswersareFALSEideas which are taught and believed about thesubject.) Noticethatthequestions aredividedintofour parts -- corresponding to this present groupoffourlessons.Weadviseyounottocovermorethan one lesson at a sitting. Take sufficient timeto understand each question. Try to answer asmany questions as you can without referring tothe lessons. If you find any difficult questions,then REFER TO THE LESSONS. We expectyou to do so -- it isn't cheating!Once you have finished going over thequestions and are satisfied with your answers,FILL OUT your ANSWER SHEET by placingan "X" in the box(es) which corresponds to theselection you have chosen (circled) to be thecorrect answer(s) FOR EACH QUESTION.(Notice that the first two questions are alreadymarked correctly for you on your answer sheetas examples.) That's all there is to it! It's very

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