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Appendix C-9 Archaeological Studies~ Acciona Industrial Wind / FEIS /Cape Vincent New york

Appendix C-9 Archaeological Studies~ Acciona Industrial Wind / FEIS /Cape Vincent New york

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Published by pandorasboxofrocks
Acciona''s FEIS unanticipated discoveries plan for Archaeological properties including human remains
Acciona''s FEIS unanticipated discoveries plan for Archaeological properties including human remains

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: pandorasboxofrocks on Jul 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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St.LawrenceWilldpower. LLC
May 2009
r,Lawrence Windpower. LLC
The purpose of archaeological surveys during theproject design phase is to determine 'the
presence and disposition of potential historic and pre-contact Archeological Properties
within the project areasof'potential effect (APEs). These archeologicalstud-ies are
conducted pursuant tc. Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation AcL of 1966 (16
USC 470t). as amended (1976 ]980,1992
and 1999) and implanting regulations of the
Advisory Council on Interior - tandards for Archeology and Historic Preservation 48 FR
44716-42 (1983) and the applicable laws and regulationspertainingto the identification,
preservation and protectionof Historic PropertiesinNew YorkState. These procedures
are consistent with the relevant federal regulations (36 CPR 800.11).
l.Lawrence Wind_power, LLC is committed to the protection and preservation of
HistoricProperties,in accordance with federal and state legislation. St. Lawrence
LL recognizesthat, despite the intensive archaeologicalresource field
investigations that were performedprior
to project construction, itis nonetheless possible
that previously unknown archeological resources could be discovered duringthe project
St.Lawrence Windpower. LLCrecogniz s the requirement far
strict compliancewith federal and state regulations and guidelines regarding the
treatment of human.remains,ifany are discovered. The following details the protocol that
willbe followed in the event that nearchaeological resources including human
remains, are discovered during the construction process.
These procedures present the approach that S1.Lawrence Windpower, LLC will use to
address unanticipated discoveries of archeological resources during construction
activities of thet. Lawrence Wind Project.
Archaeological features may be discoveredby project or contractor personnel. The
following protocols will be adhered tointhe event of a discoveryof features during
A StopActivities
Iffeatures are uncoveredduring .aconstruction activity theon-sitecontractor' s
constructionsupervisor ,:vU1stop aU activity withinthe immediatevicinity of the
discovery,unless safety concernsare an issue. Specificallythe constructioncrew will

stop at the spot where the "find" is uncovered and not resume constructionwithin 20 feet of the find until clearedby the project's Environmental Monitor. (A "find'is a significant archeological-valuable

st.Lawrence Windpow.er, LLC
B. Make No1ifications

After construction activity has slopped the contractor s construction supervisorwill notify theproject's Environmental Monitor, who will immediately notify the project's Cultural Resource Manager("CRM").

C.Initial Determinations
The CRM will determinewhether the fe-ature(swas recorded during a previous

archaeological survey. This "Willbe accomplished by reviev ing project maps and other applicable data. If the discovery is determined by the CRM to be within the previously identified site area where archeological excavation has taken place and resultedin the area being previously cleared for con tru tionby the StateHi toric Preservation Officer

("SHPO"), the CRMwill notify the project s Environmental Monitor who, in turn. will
notif the contractor s construction supervisor tbat construction activates may resume.
Ifthe feature(s) is discoveredin an areain which sites were notpreviously
CRM ...
vill review the location and type of discovered material with the appropriate on-
site personnel, and also will also inform and offer the SHPO representative the
opportunity to review the discovery ..Ifthe CRM determines that additional on-site
archeological investigations are required the CRM will so inform the project's
Environmental Monitor " ho,in turn, will inform the construction contractor that
construction activities must remain stopped in the immediate vicinity oftbe discovery
andin any areas in which further investigationis warranted, St. Lawrence Windpower's
Environmental Managerwill arrange for an archaecl gical excavation crew to be on site
tpcarry out an additional investigation. These activities will take place as soon as
practicably possible,
Construction activities in the area of the discovery, the boundaries of which willbe
defined based on a r view of the resources identified, will not resume until the site bas
been surveyed and the results re iewed with SHPO. The site will be flagged off-limits to
work, and will be seemed to protectthe potential significant resource.
The following activitieswill take place as quickly as possible in order for construction to
'continue in a timely manner:
1. The CRM, 'with support from the archaeological team, will conduct a physical review
andwill test the site area8$ necessary.
2. The CRM will determine, based on the features found, their research potential and
whether the site is significant or not. If SHPO concurs that the site is not potentially
significant the project's Environmental Monitor will be notified that construction may
resume and. a copy of the findingswill be provided to SHPO.
3. If the CRM recommends thatthe site is Historic Property and SH.PO concurs, then data
recoverywill commence. Every effort will be made to avoid significant Historic

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