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Where is the Lord God of Elijah? by A. A. Allen

Where is the Lord God of Elijah? by A. A. Allen

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Evangelist A. A. Allen reveals a Life-Changing Secret in this book... There is ONLY 1 thing you MUST have to receive the Miracle you need. Do you know what that 1 thing is? Read this short message and find out. The answer may surprise you.
Evangelist A. A. Allen reveals a Life-Changing Secret in this book... There is ONLY 1 thing you MUST have to receive the Miracle you need. Do you know what that 1 thing is? Read this short message and find out. The answer may surprise you.

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Published by: http://MoreOfJesus.RR.NU on Jul 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for THERE IS A SOUND OFABUNDANCE OF RAIN!” (I Kings 18:41).I WANT to confine my message to this one phrase tonight. “There is a sound of abundance ofrain!” Do you hear the rain?What kind of rain?The Lord said, “Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the later rain; so the Lord shall make brightclouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field. (Zechariah 10:1).I don’t know what kind of ear you have. But I am referring to two men in my message tonight -Elijah and Elisha; two of the greatest miracle workers of the Old Testament.These two men performed every type of miracle that Jesus Christ performed. If these men of old,in the Old Testament day, under the Old Covenant, performed the miraculous and walked withGod, heard from heaven and, by laying their body upon the cold corpses of dead people, broughtthem back to life again; if they performed the miraculous in their day, how much more can it bedone today under the New Covenant; under greater promises which are given and provided forus in the New Testament!There are many people today who, when you read something out of the Old Testament will say,“Oh, that was back under the ‘Old Law!’ That was back under the Old Covenant.”I say, “Yes, thank God, it is! But if God did all that under the Old Covenant, way back there; howmuch more will He perform the miraculous under the promises of God which He gave under theNew Covenant, for the New Testament Saints, because God hath set “In the church . . . firstapostles . . . prophets . . . Teachers, after that MIRACLES, THEN GIFTS OF HEALINGS . . . Etc.”(I Corinthians 12:28).Elijah had an ear that heard an abundance of rain and he let the devil (Ahab) know that it wasgoing to rain! I am serving notice on the devil that it is going to rain! You might as well get ready,for I hear the sound of an abundance of rain!Someone said, “Why, it isn’t raining yet!”But Elijah heard it - and when you have a spiritual ear you can hear what God is going to dotomorrow. When you have spiritual discernment, you know what God is going to do next week.Thank God, I have spiritual discernment and I know from God’s Word that there is going to be anearly rain and a latter rain. (Deuteronomy 11:14; Jeremiah 5:24). We are in the midst of one ofthe greatest rain storms the world has ever known. This isn’t man-made rain, this is rain that iscoming down from God out of heaven; genuine rain - God’s blessing, power, and glory! This isGod’s anointing - signs, wonders and miracles, coming straight from heaven. I feel it pouringtonight!Elijah went out on Mt. Carmel and began to pray with his head down between his knees. Heprayed one time then sent his servant out to look for a cloud - a sign of rain. The servant returnedand said, “I don’t see any sign of rain.”
Elijah put his head back down between his knees and prayed again. Then he sent his servant thesecond time; told him to look across the sea to see if he saw a sign of rain. Again the servantreturned and said he saw no sign.Elijah said, “That is strange! I heard the sound of rain! You should be able to see the sign. Golook again. The servant returned the third time with the same report - he saw no sign.Elijah knew how to pray the rain down. He put his head down and prayed again and sent hisservant out to look for the sign of rain. He did this until the servant had gone seven times to lookfor the sign. The last time he returned, he said, “…There ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like aman’s hand.”When he said this, Elijah knew that was what he had been hearing; this was what was coming -was on the way - because God had been letting him hear it for days.What you are seeing tonight and what is happening across the nation today is what I have beenhearing for years. THIS IS THE RAIN. You might as well start running like Elijah did! We aregoing to run for God.This is the rain from heaven; this is the true rain! This is the rain that Elijah warned old Ahab wascoming. When it started raining, it rained!
Preachers, have you prayed once for rain and it hasn’t come; have you prayed once for revivaland it hasn’t yet come to your church? Have you been praying for a ministry that has neverdeveloped in your life? Put your head between your knees and begin praying again.Have you been praying for the Gifts of Healings, for the Gift of Miracles? Have you been prayingfor God to open your blind eyes, or take your arthritis away?Why don’t you get your head down between your knees and start praying again!It is God’s Word - He has promised an abundance of rain!As sure as He promised to heal you, He is going to heal you!If he promised you the Gifts of Healings, He is going to give them to you. Just as sure as God haspromised you the Gift of Miracles, He is going to bring it to pass in your life. If God has promisedyou a ministry, He is going to give it to you.Mother, if God has promised you a miracle, He is going to bring it to pass. If you have prayed foryour child to be healed, and he has not yet been healed, get your head down and pray again!I have known for years that if you will keep your eye son Jesus; keep looking up, He is going tobring it to pass.I see that cloud! It is just the size of a man’s hand; but you had better get ready, for the rain hasalready started falling. I mean an old-fashioned downpour of the Holy Ghost revival.It is not only going to cover all around this great tent in Atlanta, but it is going around the world.Watch out, preachers. Because the rain has started falling doesn’t mean that the devil won’t havea little power once in a while. God does, at times, give the devil power to find out what you are
made of; just to test and try you.
It wasn’t very long after Elijah predicted it was going to rain (and it came a deluge) until he wasoff sitting under a juniper tree, wishing he was dead, thinking he was the only one left servingGod.I will say this here, when God begins to give you supernatural discernment, supernatural gifts, thedevil is going to jump on you with all the power of his might.God has not said that discouragement won’t come; it will come to some of you ministers, laymembers and servants of God; but there is one thing sure, God always has an angel at Hisdisposal that knows how to come and give you meat; or give you strength to last 40 long daysfrom just one meal.I started with Chapter 18, but in Chapter 19, Elijah is asleep under the juniper tree, wishing hecould die, when the angel touched him and said, “Elijah, rise and eat!” The angel had built a fireand charbroiled him a steak! He had prepared it just for him, and Elijah ate this and went in thestrength of it forty days and forty nights; from that one meal that God sent him from heaven! OhGlory!This ought to encourage every one of you preachers, who might be discouraged.Some preachers have asked me, “How many chairs do you have under your tent?”I always reply, “I don’t know. I haven’t counted them. God didn’t call me to count chairs. I haven’ttime to count them. God called me to preach the Gospel! These chairs aren’t bothering me. Whatis bothering me is the people sitting on the chairs. They need help; they need deliverance. I amnot so concerned about how many chairs there are under the tent as I am about the peoplesitting in these chairs, bound, tied and fettered, diseased and afflicted. They must have a miraclein their body, in their soul, in their mind and in their spirit.”
God promised me that He is going to do it through my life, through my ministry, and through yourlife and your ministry. But remember this, some of you have tried and have been discouraged.You come under this tent and look at its size, then you see all these beautiful shiny vans outthere and say, “Oh, My, the Lord is just so good to some people. Why doesn’t He do this for me?”There was a time when I used to look at a tent. It wasn’t as large as this one; it was only aboutone third as large as this one, but it was the largest one I had ever seen. I thought, too, “Oh Lord,you are so good to this preacher. He has trucks, and lots of chairs, and is preaching to suchcrowds of people.” I was actually discouraged, but the Lord spoke to me while I sat on a backseat of that man’s platform and said, “Son, 13 years ago, I called you to do this. I met you in aprayer closet and told you to do this; in a time of fasting and prayer, I gave you a list of things todo - 13 things that stood between you and the miracle working power of God in your life. Youhave obeyed to a certain extent and have already marked many things off of the list, but you stillhave a part of that list that is left. If you had obeyed me when I told you to, 13 years ago, I wouldhave done this for you thirteen years ago!”

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