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The Advantages of Ramadhan

The Advantages of Ramadhan

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Published by Rajendra Kartawiria
Scientific explanation of moslem's obligatory on doing fast in the month of Ramadhan
Scientific explanation of moslem's obligatory on doing fast in the month of Ramadhan

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Published by: Rajendra Kartawiria on Jul 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ramadhan has comeLet’s take the advantages of the fast
2Why do human need to do the fast?Because human are one of the earth creatures,and all of the earth creatures do the fast.
 Trees do the fast by shedding their leavesGrass and seeds stop to grow (dormant) Bears do the fast (hibernation) during the winterBats, rats, porcupines, woodchucks, frogs, waterlizards, lizards, snakes, snails, bees, insects, bears,and crocodiles do the fast during the winter Crocodiles do the fast (aestivation) during the summerSnakes, aardvark, lemur, insects, edible snails, frogs,lungfish, crabs, snails, and dragonflies also do the fastduring the summer Whales and birds do the fast while they immigrate tothe far awaySalmons, penguins, gooses, sea bulls, seals, walruses,and caterpillars do the fast in reproduction season In metamorphosis, butterflies do the fast during thecocoon phaseSpiders and chicks do the fast in the early period of their lives 
Snakes do the fast after having a big mealDogs do the fast in couple weeks when theyare angry or sad because of their owners’deaths Iguanas do the fast for hundred days after theywere capturedElephants and dogs do the fast when they gotinjured Horses, cats, dogs and cows do the fast whenthey were sick till they get cured
Each mature creature has its own fastingcycle with a different period and term
•What do the earth creatures do the fast for?Let’s see the purposes and the advantages of their fasting 
Doing the activities effectively and efficiently forthe scarce of food;trees, bears, crocodiles Doing jihad (struggle) by going to the place whichhas many food resources;whales, birds Increasing the quality of sperm and ovum in orderto make a healthy generation;penguins, salmonsFocusing and concentrating in doing one type of process;cocoon Completing the adaptation process to the newworld;chicks, spidersDigesting the food by a healthful process;snakesControlling the emotion;dogs Raising a protest in order to get a better life;iguanas Healing a disease;elephants, cats, cows 
How can the fast give these advantages?By using AUTOLISIS program which is in thebody of all of the living creatures. 
Normally, body gets energy and nutrition fromtheoutside, by having meals, drinks and radiation.Autolisis or self digest is a program to get energyand nutrition fromthe body itself , by ‘burning’ thebody cell which is known as food resources.Living creatures will do the fast as their instinct toldthem. This Autolisis program will be activate duringthe fast and give the advantages as living creaturesneed.
Do human have Autolisis program?Sure, because human are one of the earthcreatures. 
Human are just the same with other earthcreatures. They follow the rotation and revolutionpattern of planet earth. They live by takingeverything that earth provides them. All of livingcreatures have a soul. And even 99.3% of the basicplanning body (genetic) of human is the same withchimpanzees’.The difference is only at the brainability.

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