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The Revelation of Messiah#1

The Revelation of Messiah#1



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Published by Ed Nydle

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Published by: Ed Nydle on Aug 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RevelationAn Introduction©
2010 Rabbi Edward L. Nydle
Introduction: Part 1
Rabbi Edward ‘Levi’ Nydle /Levi bar IdoB’nai Avraham
This is an introduction to the
Book of Revelation
in the
 Brit Chadasha
. I think it is appropriate that westudy the words of our Master Yahshua to the seven Messianic congregations in Asia Minor because He isreferring to
[Hebrew for return] and over-coming the self/ego. But, before we start we must lay somefoundations before we can study the
Book of Revelation
. Let us begin this introduction by opening to
 [Exodus] 25.40.Elohim is speaking to Moshe and giving him the instructions for the
or theTabernacle.
“So see
 , and do according to the pattern which was shown to you on the mountain.
When we begin a study in the
Book of Revelation
we have to be careful not to apply twentieth centuryinterpretations to what we find within the text written in the First Century. There is no other book in the
 Brit Chadashah
, or the Scriptures that is more misinterpreted than the
Book of Revelation
. I believe this isbecause people fail to understand how to read it, and also they have attempted to interpret it by disconnectingit from its Hebraic words, references, and roots. When a person does that, we end up with some prettyridiculous interpretations of this Book. The
Book of Revelation
is a book that is dealing with several thingson several layers.Elohim says to Moshe,
“See that you do everything according to the pattern.”
In the
Book of Revelation
wehave to recognize the archetypal symbols found in the Book. Archetypal means “pattern”. Now once weunderstand that we can understand a lot of this
. When Elohim instructed Moshe to make everythingaccording to the pattern, I do not believe that he saw in the pattern was what was made in the physical world.But rather, he saw on the mount archetypal symbols in which he interpreted into physical realities in thisworld.
NOTICE See and do – it is very similar to the words of the Zohar – it is always “See” – the Talmud says “Hear.”
 33A definition of an archetype is:
a primordial psychic ordering of images that have a collective orgeneralized quality; it also being a living dynamic agency that inhabits the collective psyche
. So, anarchetype is a symbol that is collective, or known by all mankind. We may find it manifested in variouscultures and religions, but the archetypal symbol is the same. We see this in our dreams and the visions of the
[Prophets] in the Scriptures. Symbols are not the object which they represent but living forms of eternal energy from Elohim.The
Book of Revelation
is “mystical”. I know many people are afraid of that word, but I have no other wordto use besides the
level interpretation found in
is the deepest level of interpretation of theTorah).
means – a revealing of what is hidden. It comes from the Greek word
– to coveror hide, and
away from. A
means– to take the cover away from. A cover hides somethingunderneath it. The
Book of Revelation
means “taking the cover off of something to reveal, or to reveal Him”.The Book is a revelation of Yahshua the
, expressed through archetypal symbols.The
Book of Revelation
is a “shattering of the world as we know it” and a “reforming”. It follows thepattern of taking what is and bringing it into chaos, taking that chaos and bringing it back into an order orunity. It is the reforming or renewing of what once existed in wholeness. It follows the pattern of: Revelation;Judgment; Punishment; the Reforming of a new world.Now with that pattern established we can see it not only refers to the physical world as we know it, but itrefers also to the human psyche. It happens to our minds all the time but we are not aware of it. A new truth isrevealed to us, passing judgment on our ideas, beliefs, opinions, and concepts in which we have held on to inour lives. After the punishment of those false concepts there is a reformation of the human mind in order tograsp those concepts. We do it all the time, but we are not aware of the Revelation pattern. When we heard theName YHWH we realized that was a true revelation and we passed judgment on our old concept of “G-d” andpunished it by not saying it, and reformed our vocabulary to express the Name YHWH. The same patternholds true with
, or anything that the cover is taken off and revealed to us.The
Book of Revelation
also covers many things within linear time and things outside linear time. We haveto understand there are people breaking fellowship and establishing whole movements on whether it is pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib. This is childish nonsense and has no place in the Nazarene Movement.The
Book of Revelation
deals with the past, the present, and the future. The Scroll also deals with things thatare eternal and outside of time. It deals with the human psyche, or the human mind. So in Hebraic thought wecould say, “You are all right”. Whenever we isolate one aspect of the Book and say this is that, then we arewrong. Now with that being said, we have to understand some basic concepts before we can open up theBook.

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