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Selawat Munjiat & Doa Mohon Murah Rezeki

Selawat Munjiat & Doa Mohon Murah Rezeki

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Published by BAPBS

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Published by: BAPBS on Aug 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 َاﻠﻟُﻬ ﻢ َﺻﻞ َوَﺳﻠ ْﻢ َﻋَﻠ َﺳ ﻰ ﻴ ِﺪ َﻧُﻣ ﺎ َﺤ ﻤ ٍﺪ َﺻَﻼ ًةُـﺗ ْﻨ ِﺠ ْـﻴ َﻨ ِﺑ ﺎ َﻬ ِﻣ ﺎ ْﻦ َﺟِﻤ ْﻴ ِﻊ  َْﻷاْﻫَﻮ ِلاَوْﻵاَﻓِتﺎ َوَـﺗ ْﻘ ِﻀ ْﻲ َﻟَﻨ ِﺑ ﺎ َﻬ َﺟ ﺎ ِﻤ ْﻴ َﻊ ْﻟاَﺤ َﺟﺎ ِتﺎ َوُﺗ َﻄ ﻬ ُﺮ َﻧِﺑ ﺎ َﻬ ﺎ  ِﻣْﻦ َﺟِﻤ ْﻴ ِﻊ ﺴﻟاﻴ َﺌ ِتﺎ َوَـﺗ ْﺮ َـﻓُﻌ َﻨ ِﺑ ﺎ َﻬ ِﻋ ﺎ ْﻨ َﺪ َكَأْﻋَﻠ ﺪﻟا ﻰ َرَﺟِتﺎ َوُـﺗ َـﺒ ﻠ ُﻐ َﻨ ﺎ  ِﺑَﻬ ﺎ َأْﻗَﺼ ْﻟا ﻰ َﻐ َﻳﺎ ِتﺎ ِﻣْﻦ َﺟِﻤ ْﻴ ِﻊ ْﻟاَﺨ ْـﻴ َﺮ ِتاِﻓْﻟا ﻲ َﺤ َﻴ ِةﺎ َوَـﺑْﻌ َﺪ  ْﻟاَﻤ َﻤ ِتﺎ َوَﻋَﻠ ِﻟآ ﻰ ِﻪ َوَﺻْﺤ ِﺒ ِﻪ َوَﺳﻠ ْﻢ َﺗ ْﺴ ِﻠ ْﻴ ًﻤ َﻛ ﺎ ِﺜ ْـﻴ ًﺮ ِﺑ اَﺮ ْﺣَﻤ ِﺘ َﻚ َﻳ ﺎ  َأْرَﺣَﻢ ﺮﻟاِﺣاِﻤ ْﻴ َﻦ . َاﻠﻟُﻬ ﻢ ْـﻓاَﺘ ْﺢ َﻋَﻠ ْـﻴ َﻨ َأ ﺎ ْـﺑَﻮ َباﺮﻟاْزِقَوَأْـﺑَﻮ َباﺮﻟاْﺣَﻤ ِﺔ َباَﻮ ْـﺑَأَوﺴﻟاَﻼ َﻣِﺔ  َباَﻮ ْـﺑَأَوْﻟاَﻌ ِﻓﺎ َﻴ ِﺔ َباَﻮ ْـﺑَأَوﺮﻟاَﻓِﻫﺎ ﻴ ِﺔ ُﻢ ْﻳ ِﺮ َﻛ ﺎ َﻳ َﻢ َﺣْرَأ ﺎ َﻳ َﻚ ِﺘ َﻤ ْﺣَﺮ ِﺑ َﻦ ْﻴ ِﻤ ِﺣاﺮﻟا. َاﻠﻟُﻬ ﻢ َﻳ َﻏ ﺎ ِﻨ ﻲ َﻳ َﺣ ﺎ ِﻤ ْﻴ ُﺪ ،َﻳ ُﻣ ﺎ ْﺒ ِﺪ ُئَﻳ ُﻣ ﺎ ِﻌ ْﻴ ُﺪ ،َﻳ َر ﺎ ِﺣْﻴ ُﻢ َﻳ َو ﺎ ُدْوُد، َﻳ َذ ﺎ ْﻟا اَﻌ ْﺮ ِشْﻟاَﻤ ِﺠ ْﻴ ِﺪ ،َﻳ َـﻓ ﺎ ﻌ ٌلﺎ ِﻟَﻤ ُﻳ ﺎ ِﺮ ْﻳ ُﺪ ،َأْﻏِﻨ َﻨ ِﺑ ﺎ َﺤ َﻼ ِﻟَﻚ َﻋْﻦ  َﺣَﺮ ِﻣاَﻚ ،َوِﺑَﻄ َﻋﺎ ِﺘ َﻚ َﻋْﻦ َﻣْﻌ ِﺼ َﻴ ِﺘ َﻚ ،َوِﺑَﻔ ْﻀ ِﻠ َﻚ َﻋﻤ ْﻦ ِﺳَﻮ َكا 
 َاﻠﻟُﻬ ﻢ ِإْنَﻛ َنﺎ ِرْزُـﻗَﻨ ِﻓ ﺎ ﺴﻟا ﻲ َﻤ ِءﺎ َﻓَﺄ ْﻧِﺰ ْﻟُﻪ َﻟَﻨ ﺎ ،َوْنِإ َنﺎ َﻛ ﻲ ِﻓ ﺎ َﻨ ُـﻗْزِرَْﻷاْرِضَﻓَﺄ ْﺧِﺮ ْﺟُﻪ ﺎ َﻨ َﻟ،َنﺎ َﻛ ْنِإَوﻲ ِﻓ ﺎ َﻨ ُـﻗْزِرْﻟاَﺒ ْﺤ ِﺮ َﻓَﺄ ْﻃِﻠ ْﻌ ُﻪ ﺎ َﻨ َﻟ،ﺎ َﻨ ُـﻗْزِرَنﺎ َﻛ ْنِإَو َﺑِﻌ ْﻴ ًﺪ َـﻓ اَﻘ ﺮ ْﺑُﻪ ﺎ َﻨ َﻟ،َنﺎ َﻛ ْنِإَوَﻗِﺮ ْـﻳ ًﺒ َـﻓ ﺎ َﻴ ﺴ ْﺮ ُﻩﺎ َﻨ َﻟ،ْنِإَو َنﺎ َﻛ َﻗِﻠ ْﻴ ًﻼ َﻓَﻜ ـﺜ ْﺮ ُﻩﺎ َﻨ َﻟ،َنﺎ َﻛ ْنِإَوَﻛ ِﺜ ْـﻴ ًﺮ َـﻓ اَﻬ ﻮ ْﻧُﻪ ﺎ َﻨ َﻟ،َوَﺑِرﺎ ْكﺎ َﻨ َﻟِﻓْﻴ ِﻪ َوْراُزْـﻗَﻨ ِﻣ ﺎ ْﻦ َﺣْﻴ ُﺚ َﻻَﻧْﺤ َﺘ ِﺴ ُﺐ  َوُﺚ ْﻴ َﺣْﻦ ِﻣُﺐ ِﺴ َﺘ ْﺤ َﻧِرْزًﻗَﺣ ﺎ َﻼ ًﻻﺎ ًﺒ ﻴ َﻃَﻏَﺪ ًﻗُﺳ ﺎ ﺤ ﺎ  ُﻣَﺒ َرﺎ ًﻛ ِﻓ ﺎ ْﻴ ِﻪ َﺣﺘ َﻻ ﻰ َنْﻮ ُﻜ َﻳ َِﻷَﺣٍﺪ ِﻣْﻦ َﺧْﻠ ِﻘ َﻚ َﻋَﻠ ْـﻴ َﻨ ﺎ  ِﻓْﻴ ِﻪ ِﻣﻨ ٌﺔ ،َوْﺟاَﻌ ْﻞ َأْﻳ ِﺪ َـﻳ َﻨ ُﻋ ﺎ ْﻠ َﻴ ِﺑ ﺎ ِْﻹﺎ ْﻋَﻄ ِءﺎ  َوَﻻ َﺗ ْﺠ َﻌ ْﻞ َأْﻳ ِﺪ َـﻳ َﻨ ُﺳ ﺎ ْﻔ َﻠ ِﺑ ﻰ ِْﻻﺎ ْﺳِﺘ ْﻌ َﻄ ِءﺎ ِإﻧَﻚ َﻋَﻠ ُﻛ ﻰ ﻞ  َﺷْﻲ ٍءَﻗِﺪ ْـﻳ ٌﺮ  

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