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Ba Duan Jin is the Foundation Chi Gung Set

Ba Duan Jin is the Foundation Chi Gung Set

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Published by TongRen

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Published by: TongRen on Aug 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1Tong Ren Dao 2008 Australia ©
Ba Duan Jin is the Foundation Chi Gung Set
HiI am Tong-Ren Dao, founder of the Tong Ren School. If you look at the website you willknow more about my apprentices and I teach in person or via skype. Also in the website aresome of my other writings which are free of any charge. However, you must respect mycopyright.Enjoy reading.
From what I have seen on the internet and from talking to practitioners and teachers of thenumerous schools that I have come across in my travels, Ba Duan Jin is the foundation set of almost any school that teaches a chi gung curriculum, and unfortunately, the only chi gungset taught by many other schools who falsely claim to teach
internal arts
.As a young man, my own Hsing Yi teacher was teaching Ba Duan Jin as esoteric Taoist yoga.At the time, I was more than a little annoyed at the shallowness of the set as well as theromantic and marvellous claims being made about it.So on and off over a period of several years I thought about the set and its true possibilitiesand came to know it like the body of a favourite lover.It wasnt until Mantak Chia published his first book on the micro-cosmic orbit that I knewthat that soon the real teachings would soon be taught to those of us who had waited for solong.Ba Duan Jin in the way I have taught it in recent times is a good preparation for learning theinner and higher teachings of energy cultivation.Ba Duan Jin in the energy cultivation scheme of things fits into the category of 
wai gung
.Wai gung in the practical sense means
outside skills and effort.
Wai gung teaches the basic skills of self-awareness. These basic skills of self-awarenessinclude:Co-ordination of your mind and your physical movementsThe connection of your mind and the body into B
2Tong Ren Dao 2008 Australia ©
Learning to consciously control the depth, rate and length of your breathing processLearning to breathe and move in harmony with each otherLearning to be actually in your bodyWai gung also opens the joints, stretches the ligaments and muscles, and smooths out tightand bunched up fascial tissue.As a wai gung set, Ba Duan Jin is also the most effective way to free and to re-circulate theenergy that gets blocked in the muscle bands, joints and ligaments. The asanas of Hathayoga are effective for the same reason.For the release and circulation of previously blocked energy both Ba Duan Jin and Hathayoga are much more effective than Tai Chi practice.In the treatment of people with a seized up body, there are eight essential movements thatwhen done over a period of time will liberate the body from its rusted cage.To release the muscular spasms the use of acupuncture, shiatsu or massage is extremelybeneficial and will greatly shorten the journey to un-obstructed movement.These movements are:Up and down as in doing wall squats with the legsForward and backwardTwisting to the left and to the right, andLeaning over to the left and rightBa Duan Jin is a good package that contains all of these therapeutic with additional partsthat make it interesting to doThe regular practice of Ba Duan Jin will consciously connect the upper body and the armswith the spinal column and will free up stiffness and limited range of movement in the neck,arms, shoulders, waist, flanks, ribs and hips. It helps to raise and lower blood pressure asneeded; restores vitality when the body-mind is empty or depleted; develops your ability toarouse and strengthen your power to
and prepares you to learn the actual chi gung of the gathering and absorbtion of vitality.However, the historical and conventional Ba Duan Jin wai gung set does have its owninherent weakness. The weakness of the Ba Duan Jin is the omission of leg strengtheningexercises.This lack of leg-work reduces the therapeutic possibilities of Ba Duan Jin and other similarsets.

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