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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Aug 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Date Time From To Message
2010-08-0101:53:54AMMs Mary Jane enter the room2010-08-0101:54:54AMMs Mary Jane(}) (L) (Tp) Glory, Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! Welcome tothe live show. Please note that I cannot address anyquestions, comments or concerns until after the readingof the Word.2010-08-0102:32:10AMMr. Romance enter the room2010-08-0102:32:19AMMr. Romance quit the room2010-08-0102:42:45AMTeamSuccess1 enter the room2010-08-0102:43:41AMTeamSuccess1 quit the room2010-08-0102:43:54AMTeamSuccess1 enter the room2010-08-0102:46:15AMTeamSuccess1 Good work sister!!2010-08-0102:51:55AMTeamSuccess1 quit the room2010-08-0103:04:04AMMs Mary Jane quit the room
Date Time FromToMessage
2010-08-0109:20:09 PMTrue Blood inDallasenter the room2010-08-0109:20:20 PMPamspumps enter the room2010-08-0109:20:21 PMTrue Blood inDallasWelcome and WOW!!!!2010-08-0109:20:28 PMTrue Blood inDallashahha hi Pams2010-08-09:20:36 PMPamspumps Hey Dallas!
012010-08-0109:20:38 PMTrue Blood inDallasSorry time got away from me2010-08-0109:20:40 PMBabyVampsuckeenter the room2010-08-0109:20:42 PMGuest7082 enter the room2010-08-0109:20:44 PMTrue Blood inDallasHey Pams!2010-08-0109:21:02 PMBabyVampsuckeHey guys!!2010-08-0109:21:03 PMPamspumps It happens - had to rewatch that Postmortem too2010-08-0109:21:19 PMtotalaskarsfan enter the room2010-08-0109:21:22 PMTrue Blood inDallasfor me its loading the music and chatroom2010-08-0109:21:23 PMChoChoMojo enter the room2010-08-0109:21:25 PMlafemmetopaz enter the room2010-08-0109:21:26 PMGuest7091 enter the room2010-08-0109:21:34 PMBrandy LeeBetancourtenter the room2010-08-0109:21:46 PMlafemmetopaz Hola peeps2010-08-0109:21:46 PMtotalaskarsfan hey dallas2010-08-0109:21:46 PMCourt KC enter the room201009:21:4Brandy Lee Hello Ladies!
-08-018 PM Betancourt2010-08-0109:21:49 PMlafemmetopaz DAllas2010-08-0109:21:49 PMTrue Blood inDallasLafemme you won the prize last week email me after the show !!!!2010-08-0109:21:53 PMGuest7094 enter the room2010-08-0109:21:58 PMTrue Blood inDallasHelllo2010-08-0109:21:58 PMgreeneyegirl enter the room2010-08-0109:22:00 PMlafemmetopaz KEWLLLLLLLLLL2010-08-0109:22:02 PMCavalavalier enter the room2010-08-0109:22:02 PMBrandy LeeBetancourtYAY Lafemme!!!!2010-08-0109:22:02 PMPamspumps hello truebies2010-08-0109:22:05 PMTrue Blood inDallasHahah2010-08-0109:22:08 PMCourt KC I made it in time!!2010-08-0109:22:08 PMCavalavalier Hello Eberyone2010-08-0109:22:13 PManelson53546 enter the room2010-08-0109:22:16 PMlafemmetopaz thank you Dal2010-08-0109:22:16 PMGuest7101 enter the room

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