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Published by Deval Gaudani

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Published by: Deval Gaudani on Aug 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To study working of printer.
What are printers?
A printer is an output device that prints characters, symbols, and perhaps graphicson paper. The printed output is generally referred to as hardcopy because it is inrelatively permanent form. Softcopy refers to temporary images such as thosedisplayed on a monitor. Printers are categorized according to whether or not theimage produced is formed by physical contact of the print mechanism with the paper.Impact printers have contact; non impact printers do not.A
computer printer 
, or more commonly a
, is a computer peripheral whichproduces ahard copy(permanenthuman-readable textand/or graphics) of  documents stored inelectronicform, usually on physical print media such aspaper   or transparencies. Many printers are primarily used as localperipherals, and areattached by aprinter cableor, in most new printers, aUSB cable to a computer  which serves as a document source. Some printers, commonly known as
, have built-innetworkinterfaces (typically wireless or Ethernet), and can serve as a hardcopy device for any user on the network. Individual printers are oftendesigned to support both local and network connected users at the same time.In addition, a few modern printers can directly interface to electronic media such asmemory sticksor memory cards, or to image capture devices such asdigital  cameras,scanners; some printers are combined with a scanners and/or fax  machinesin a single unit. Printers that include non-printing features are sometimescalledMultifunction Printers(MFP), Multi-Function Devices (MFD), or All-In-One(AIO) printers.Printers are routinely classified by the underlying print technology they employ;numerous such technologies have been developed over the years.The choice of print engine has a substantial effect on what jobs a printer is suitablefor, as different technologies are capable of different levels of image/text quality, printspeed, low cost, noise; in addition, some technologies are inappropriate for certaintypes of physical media.Another aspect of printer technology that is often forgotten is resistance to alteration:liquid ink such as from an inkjet head or fabric ribbon becomes absorbed by thepaper fibers, so documents printed with a liquid inksublimation printer are moredifficult to alter than documents printed with toner or solid inks, which do notpenetrate below the paper surface.
An impact printer has mechanismsresembling those of a typewriter. Itforms characters or images bystriking a mechanism such as aprint hammer or wheel against aninked ribbon, leaving an image onpaper.
Impact printers are dying out;however, you may still come incontact with a dot-matrix printer .
They are slow and creates lots of noise pollution.
They can create several copies ata time without using carbonpapers.
Impact printers are less expensivecompared to non impact printer.
Example: Daisy printer, drumprinter dot matrix printer, chainprinter.
Non impact printers, used almosteverywhere now, are faster andquieter than impact printersbecause they have fewer movingparts. Non impact printers formcharacters and images withoutdirect physical contact betweenthe printing mechanism and thepaper.
Two types of non impact printersoften used with microcomputersare laser printers and ink-jetprinters.
They print very fast and make lessnoise pollution.
They can create only one copy ata time.
Non-impact printers areexpensive.
Example: Ink-jet printer and laser printer.

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