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Badge: Go Vegetarian

Badge: Go Vegetarian

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Go Vegetarian
Enrichment Project

Learn about vegetarianism and try it!
Go Vegetarian
Enrichment Project

Learn about vegetarianism and try it!

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Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Aug 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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 Badge Program larajla.com
The Enrichment Project
Go Vegetarian
Types of vegetarian.
Explore the different types of vegetarianism. A few are listed below. Which are you most likely to try? • Pescatarian Flexitarian Vegetarian (ovo-lacto, lacto or ovo) Vegan Raw Vegan Macrobiotic Fruitarians2.
Adjusting your favorites.
Look at your favorite recipes. By following your type above, what items can you replace and still make your favorite recipes? Try one or two and see how they taste. Make sure you write down what you’re changing so you can repeat the recipe. You may find you like the recipe better with your adjustments.3.
Try it twice.
If you didn’t like the recipe with the adjusted ingredients, don’t stop experimenting. Try adding herbs, spices, seasonings, etc. to change the flavor. Perhaps try a different way of preparing the recipe to see if that improves the taste. 4.
New foods.
Try a few new prepackaged or prepared foods that are per your chosen vegetarian type. Look at the grocery store for foods that are advertised as “vegetarian.” Check the content list before you buy. It might be good for one type of vegetarian, but not another. Don’t forget to try health food stores as well. What new foods do you enjoy?5.
Plant exploration.
Explore the offerings of your local farmers market to see what fruits and vegetables you can get locally. Try grocery stores, specialty markets and health food stores to find new fruits and vegetables that you’d not considered eating before.6.
Ask your friends and family.
You might not realize that some of your friends and family are vegetarians or might know someone who is. Talk to them or find someone local to discuss the reasons they chose to become a vegetarian and what they allow themselves to eat.7.
Vegetarian part time.
Some people are vegetarian part of the time. By limiting themselves to eating meat once or twice a week, they still get the protein but are trying to help the planet by reducing their meat intake. If you feel you can’t stick to a strict vegetarian lifestyle, try this alternative.
Go Vegetarian!
Do you know there are a variety of ways to “be vegetarian”? Let’s explore how different people choose to “go vegetarian.” You might even decide to incorporate this into your lifestyle.

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