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4A.final Review Doc

4A.final Review Doc

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Published by: KHALEDALSHARAI on Aug 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4A (Grammar and vocabulary review)A. Grammar
Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences:
1.You can have your bike ______________ by John'sServices.A.fixingB.is fixedC.fixD.fixed2.Do you know where ______________ someone toshorten my pants.A.I canB.can IC.canD.none of the above3.A: How can I build self confidence?B: One thing you could do _______________ in moresocial activities.A.is to participateB.participateC.participatingD.to participate4.A: How can I lose weight?B: Have thought about _________________ a health club?A.to joinB.joiningC.joinD.none of the above5. A: Is there an effective way to get along with myroommate better?B: Maybe you could _____________ peeved about littlethings.A.try not to getB.trying not to getC.tried not to getD.don't try to get6.A: What can I do to save money?B: It might be a good idea ______________ with a budgetA.coming upB.come upC.comeD.to come up7.The first laptop was produced ________ the earlyeighties.A.sinceB.inC.foD.from
World War II lasted _______ 1939 ______________ 1945.A.to/fromB.from/inC.during /fromD.from/to 9.South and North Yemen have been united ________ 1990.A.fromB.sinceC.duringD.fo10.He has been working for the University of Science andTechnology ____________ 10 years.A.foB.sinceC.fromD.during11._____________ I graduated from college, I was reallyimmature.A.AfteB.BeforeC.As soon asD.Until12.__________ I was 10, I had learned how to earn myliving.A.AfteB.UntilC.By the timeD.The moment13._________ my father arrived last night, the wholefamily sat together and had dinner.A.UntilB.By the timeC.As soon asD.Soon 14.If I ______ well for the interview, I would have gottenthe scholarship.A.preparedB.had preparedC.have preparedD.prepare15.If I had been more ambitious, I ___________ a promotionA.would have gottenB.will have gottenC.would getD.will get16.If she ___________ more active at college, she ________ leaned another language.
was/could have
were/could have
had been/could have 
I like YALI _________ many of my friends study there.A.because oB.due toC.becauseD.the reason18.___________ the weather is beautiful all year round inSana'a, I decided to live and work in Sana'a.A.Because oB.SinceC.FoD.Due to19.Sana'a is famous __________ its beautiful architecture.A.becauseB.sinceC.foD.the reason20._________ the heavy rain last night, most of the roadsaround the city are blocked this morning.A.BecauseB.SinceC.The reason whyD.Due to
 ___________ so many people watch Al-Jazeera is theway it presents its news and political programs.A.Because oB.The reason whyC.SinceD.Because22.A: Ahmed is in a terrible mood today.B: He ___________ an argument with his boss.A.must have hadB.must haveC.must beD.must23.A: Yousif couldn't keep his eyes open during the lessontoday.B: He ____________ the whole night studying for theupcoming exam.
might spentB.might have spentC.spendD.spends24.A: I am so exhausted. My brother and his family cameover last night and stayed until 3 A.M.!B: They _____________ so late. You _____________ yawning. Maybe they would have gotten the hint.
shouldn't stay/you should have started
should stay/should have started
shouldn't have stayed/should have started
should have stayed/should have started
A: My friend invited me for a meal, but I ended up payingfor both of us.B: I would not have paid for him. He __________ you if hewas short of money.A.shouldn't invite26.A play ___________ for several weeks before it isshown to the public.A.may be rehearseB.may rehearseC.may rehearsedD.may be rehearsed27.Newspapers ___________ to stores after they _________ A.are distributed/are printedB.distribute/printC.distribute/printed
is distributed/is printed
Many roads __________ around Sana'a these days.A.are builtB.are being builtC.buildD.build29.His assignment ____________ to the teacher beforethe deadline.A.submittedB.submitC.has been submittedD.has submitted30.A foreign correspondent___________ travels all over the world.A.,who writes about events in othecountries,
who writes about events in other countries,C.,who writes about events in othecountriesD.who writes about events in othecountries
A stunt person is someone __________________ 
who "stands in" for an actor duringdangerous scenes.B.,who "stands in" for an actor duringdangerous scenes.C.,who "stands in" for an actor duringdangerous scenes,
,who "stands in" for an actor duringdangerous scenes32.He has a car, ___________________ A.doesnt he?B.does he?C.hasn't he?
has he?33.She doesn't have money, _____________________ A.does she?B.has she?C.Hasn't she?D.Doesn't she?34.They can speak Chinese, ______________________ A.can they?B.can't they?C.don't they?
B.should inviteC.should have invited
invitesD.do they?35.By the time I am 40, I hope ________ most of thecountries in the world.A.I'll have seenB.I will seeC.I seeD.I saw
B. Vocabulary
1. I can't _____________ that loud music anymore.A. put upB. put up withC. cut down onD. take care of 2. My friend didn't know what to do for his mother's 40
  birthday, but finally he ____________ the idea of asurprise party.A.came withB.got along withC.looked forward toD.came up with3. Clara ________________ her fiancé after being engagedfor five years.A.broke withB.broke up withC.cut down onD.broke up4. Sara finally decided to ______________ her old computer.A. upgradeB. trainC. cutD. invent5. President Sadat was ______________ in the eighties.A. discoveredB. assassinatedC. exploredD. invented6. No one knows why many ships and planes have disappearedin the Bermuda triangle. It is still a great ______________ .A. discoveryB. disaster C. epidemicD. mystery 7. Mary is so _______________ . She always dresses verywell, she knows many languages, knows many intelligent people and she never says silly stuff.A. rebelliousB. argumentativeC. generousD. sophisticated8. in World War I, many soldiers were __________ against thedisease Malaria.A. segregatedB. existedC. vaccinatedD. assassinated10. That newspaper is very __________________ . I learn a lotwhen I read any of its issues.A. knowledgeableB. informativeC. muscular D. gorgeous11. Akram is a very friendly and ___________ salesperson. Hesells three time as much as his co-workers.A.fashionableB.attractiveC.musculaD.persuasive12. Ahmed __________ I would be awake at 5 A.M. I wasstill asleep when he called.A.suggestedB.assumedC.warnedD.criticized13. Often, special music has to be ____________ for a film.A. composedB. designedC. hiredD. shot
Use an appropriate form of the following words to fill inthe blanks below:
 gamble abolish abuse advertise pollution provideimprovement requirement trash installation graffiticostumes
Designing ________________ for actors to wear requiresa lot of creativity and talent.2. People should not write _____________ on walls becauseit is antisocial.3.I need to ______________ a new telephoneline at my home.4.People should be allowed to leave thei ________ in the street.
The law that allow people to keep animals incages should be ____________________ .
Las Vegas in the United States is famous for its __________________ casinos.
In order to _________________ your English, you have to seize every possible opportunity to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening on adaily basis.

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