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4A - UPDATED - Interchange Book 3

4A - UPDATED - Interchange Book 3

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Published by: KHALEDALSHARAI on Aug 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interchange Book 3 (4A: TEST / Units 9-16
Circle the letter of the correct answer
1. __ traces or studies a family's history.a. A head-hunter  b. A hypnotherapistc. A genealogistd. A personal shopper 2. __ finds jobs for people.a. An interior designer  b. A fortune teller c. A car detailer d. A head-hunter 3. Do you know ___ ?a. where I can have someone tell my fortune b. where I can have someone told my fortunec. where can I have someone tells my fortuned. where I could have someone told my fortune4. You should get ___ .a. the.car check  b. car the check c. a car check d. the car checked5. What can help you sleep better?a. Have you thought about drink hot milk? b. Have you thought about dranking hot milk?c. Have you thought about drinking hot milk?d. Have you thought about hot milk drinking?6. I want to make more friends.a. Maybe you could joined a health club. b. Maybe you join a health club.c. Maybe could join a health club.d. Why donlyou join a health club?7. How can I learn Arabic?a. It might be a good ideas to meet somenative speakers. b. It might a good idea to meet some native speakers.c. It might be a good idea to meet some native speakers.d. It might be a idea good to meet some native speakers.8. How long did Iman work here?a. For June to November. b. From June to November.c. Since June to November.d. During June to November.9.Ahmed has studied at YALI --a. from 2004 b. for 2004c. during 2004d. since 200410. Michael Jackson was really popular ___the 1980s.a. since b. inc. for d. during11. How long has Mohammed been in Sanala?a. For about 3 years. b. From about 3 years.c. Since about 3 years.d. During about 3 years.12. Soon they __ computers that can read the mind.a. will be sell b. going will be sellingc. will be selld. will sell13. By 2010 scientist_· _ a cure for AIDS,a. will have been finding b. will have foundede. will be going to foundd. will have found14. In the future everyone _ flying cars.a. will driving b. would be drivingc. will be going drivingd. will be driving15. Now people see the world as a __ .a. cold war village b. conflict villagec. global villaged. tribal village16. _ you get your first job, you don't know the meaningof responsibility.a. Until b. After c. As soon asd. By17. __ I had my first child, I didn't know how wonderfulit was to be a father.a. The moment b. As soon as
c. After d. Before18. I started learning English, I realized how easy it was.a. Before b. Untilc. As soon asd. As once19. _ I started at YALI, I had been teaching for 5 years.a. By the time b. After c. Soon asd. Then20. I __ something more practical.a. if been more sensible b. should had studyc. should have studyd. should have studied21. If __ to my parents, I _ a doctor.a. I listening I would been b. I'd listen I would'vec. I'd listened I would've beend. I would have listen I wouldn'thave been22. I _ with my wife, now I have to "polagize.2. sho~i!d have argued b. sriGuldi~': [,aye arguec. shouldn't have arguedd. shouldn't have argues23. I _a better job if I __ qualifications.a. can have gotten I have best b. could had gotted I had better c. could have gotten I had better d. could has gotten I had better 24. If _more careful, I wouldn't have hadthat accident!a. I'd been b. I had beingc. I wouldn't beend. I hadn't been25. I _overweight if I'd been more active.a. would be b. would have beenc. wouldn't beend. wouldn't be26. Look at all the kids waiting for the bus!It __ be after 3pm, that's whenschool finishes.a. must b. mightc. mayd. could27. You've been busy all day. Aren't you exhausted?Yes, I _. I cannot remember whenI've been this tired.a. must be b. may bec. amd. could28. Have you seenthe new movie playing on Haddah? No, but it _ sad. Many people leavingthe theatre seem to have been crying.a. must be b. might bec. isd. could29. Where's Haifa?I don't know. She __ her aunt rightnow. She usually visits them everyFriday.a. could be visit b. could been visitc. could be visitinqd. could been visicing.30. I heard a loud crash in the next room.When I walked in, I found a rock on thefloor, and the window was broken.Someone__ the rock through thewindow.a. may have throw b. may have thrownc. must have throwedd. must have thrown31. A: I need to see Zakaria,where is he?B: I'm not sure, I think in his room.Knock on his door softly. He __ a nap.a. might be take b. might be takingc. must be tookingd. might take
32. Amira wanted to go to the opera, but she delayed buying the ticket, and now they're all sold. She her ticket weeks ago. She__ until now to try toget a ticket.a. should have buy / shouldn't have waited b. shouldn't have bought / shouldn't have waitingc. should had bought / shouldn't have waitsd. should have bought / shouldn't have waited33. his car __ gotten I repair got I repairingc. gets I repairsd. got I repaired33. Walid34. Hani his suits __ on Zuberi Street.a. has I cleaned b. had I cleaningc. have cleanedd. has I clean35. Nuha,where did you _your hair_?a. cut I get b. cutted I gotc. get I cuttedd. get I cut36. Moneera_her baggage_at the airport.a. has I searchinghad I searchhad I searchshad I searched b.37. Hana is goingto walk around townwhile she is _her photos _.a. getting I develop b. gets I developingc. getting I developedd. got I developing38. A: What time will you be hometB: here by 8:30pm, so I should be home about 9:00pm.a. I havefinished b. I'll have finishc. I'll had finishedd. I'll havefinished39. This chessgame is going to take ages!They it until midnight!a. won't had finish b. won't have finishedc. will haven't finishesd. will hasfinish40. By the time I get up tomorrow morning, the sun _ a. will have already risen b. will have already rosenc. will have already raised. will have already rise41. Next year __ for nine years.a. I havebeen teaching b. I havebeing teachingc. I'll have been teachingd. I'll has been teaching42. What? You're smoking another cigarette? At this rate you __ a whole pack by lunchtime.a. will has smoke b. will have smokingc. will have been smokingd. will have smoked43. This is the longest flight . Bythe time we get to Aden, we __ for 13 hours.a. I've ever took I will have flying b. I've ever take I will have beenflyc. I've ever taken / will have beenflewd. I've ever taken / will have beenflying44, We are going to be late meeting my brother's plane. It by the timewe get to the airport.a. will have already arrived\b. will have already arrovec. will have already arrivesd. \"vil1 have going to arrived45. We have been married for a long time.By our next anniversary, we __ for 43years.c.'vvillhave be marriedwill have been marryingwill have been marriesd. will have been marrieda.

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