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Biodynamic Education at Rudolf Steiner College 2009-2010 Brochure

Biodynamic Education at Rudolf Steiner College 2009-2010 Brochure

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   R   u   d   o   l   f   S   t   e   i   n   e   R   C   o   l   l   e   g   e
   9   2   0   0   F          O     k     B  o  u   l           d   F          O     k   ,   C     l      f  o    n        9   5   6   2   8  w  w  w .            n      c  o   l   l        .     d  u
   N   O   N  -   P   r   O   F   i   t   O   r   g .
   U .   S .   P   o   S   t   a   g   e
      P      a      I      D
   P   e   r   m   i   t   N   O .   1   8   9   0   s   a   C   r   a   m   e   N   t   O ,   C   a
Biodynamic Education
a Rudolf SteineR College
Workshops & Events 2009-2010
   B   i  o   d  y  n  a  m   i  c   E   d  u  c  a   t   i  o  n
  a      R   u   d   o   l   f   S   t   e   i   n   e   R   C   o   l   l   e   g   e
   W  o  r   k  s   h  o  p  s   &   E  v  e  n   t  s   2   0   0   9  -   2   0   1   0
   F           n       n   d   g       d    n     n   
    C  o    p  o        N       u       l   B       k      p     n   
    C  o         c   r   h  y      h       W         
    B     o   d  y  n         c   P      p              o  n     H          B  u      l   d     n   
    a  n          l   H  u     b    n   d    y
   L  o  o   k     n        d    o                 w  w  w .            n      c  o   l   l        .     d  u   f  o      o         n   f  o              o  n .
   C   O   v   e   r   P   H   O   t   O   g   r   a   P   H  :
   P   E   T   E   R   H   U   F   F
   i   N   t   e   r   i   O   r   P   H   O   t   O   g   r   a   P   H   s  :
   j   i   m    H   E   a   T   H 
   P       n        d  o  n      c  y  c   l     d  p    p      w         h    o  y     n   k
Biodynamic Educationat Rudol Steiner College
At Rudol Steiner College, biodynamics is practicedand taught, bringing health and wholeness to the landand the community. It oers participants a spiritualpath that takes them beyond physical labor into adeeper, more intimate connection with the earth, thecosmos, and ultimately themselves.Rudol Steiner College, a center o BiodynamicEducation, proudly oers a comprehensive selectiono biodynamic workshops, events, evening study groups, a arm apprenticeship program, arm visitsor school children, garden tours, and volunteerdays. Details and a registration orm are included inthis brochure. Registration is also available onlineat www.steinercollege.edu (click on Programs/Biodynamics).
The Farm and Gardens
At the heart o Rudol Steiner College sits RaphaelGarden, our 3-acre, Demeter-certied biodynamicarm. Founded in 1987, the arm supports seasonalruit, year-round vegetables, a large seed savingoperation, arm animals and natural beekeeping,in a beautiul, serene, and very productive setting.A model o biodynamics in action, the armprovides or most o its needs rom within thearm individuality. Soil ertility is maintainedby composted garden and kitchen waste, animalmanure, cover crops and crop rotations. Biodynamiccompost and spray preparations, made on the armor in cooperation with other local arms, are usedrhythmically throughout the seasons to enhancelie orces. Most seeds or next season’s crops aregrown right on the arm. Enough seeds are producedto sell nationwide, and they are in particulardemand by local growers due to their enhancedadaptability to the area. Te arm is supported by the 40+ shareholders o the Raphael Garden CSA(Community Supported Agriculture).Te 13-acre College landscape is also maintained as aunique individuality through the use o biodynamicpreparations and principles. Ornamental gardens andthe ow orm garden, which sits like a jewel at theheart o the arm, oer sanctuary or pollinators andan atmosphere conducive to the College mission o transormative education and artistic renewal.
Biodynamics is anagricultural methoddeveloped rom indicationsgiven in 1924 by Rudol Steiner in a series o lectures.Tese indications laidthe oundation or a newway o thinking about therelationship o the Earthand the ormative orceso Nature. Biodynamicsbecame the rst organizedorganic approach toarming. Te ideal is or aBiodynamic arm to be asel-sucient organism,enlivened by the biodynamicpractitioner through theuse o compost and spray preparations in cooperationwith natural rhythms.
Rudolf Steiner College
 A Center for Biodynamic Education
Now in its 33rd year, Rudol Steiner College is one o America’s leading centers or Waldor Teacher training and the study o anthroposophy, a path o human development initiated byRudol Steiner. An important part o the College’s mission is bringing Rudol Steiner’s healing impulses to individuals, communities, and the earth. Located in Fair Oaks, Caliornia, near Sacramento, Rudol Steiner College ofers a wide range o educational options, all held on abeautiul campus with anthroposophically designed classrooms, dorm housing, a bookstore,and a biodynamic arm and ornamental gardens.
Bookstore at Rudol Steiner College
Phone: 916-961-8729
Fax: 916-961-3032
E-mail: orders@steinercollege.eduAnd now online at www.steinercollege.edu! Open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. We oer over 2,500 titles, curriculum resources, children’s books, gifs, artsupplies, health products, and a large selection o Biodynamic titles or armers andgardeners. Orders are happily received in person, by phone, ax or e-mail.
Housing at Rudol Steiner College
Phone: 916-864-4816
E-mail: housing@steinercollege.eduDormitory housing and housing in private homes are available.
Fom the south ad west:
Go east on Highway 50 at Sacramento toward South Lakeahoe. Afer 15 miles exit at Sunrise Boulevard/Fair Oaks. urn lef (north) onto SunriseBoulevard. Afer 2.5 miles turn lef onto Fair Oaks Boulevard. Afer the 2nd light get intothe turn lane and turn lef into Rudol Steiner College.
Fom the oth ad east:
ake Interstate 80 to the Madison Avenue exit. Go east onMadison Avenue. Afer 2.5 miles turn right onto San Juan Avenue. urn lef onto Fair OaksBoulevard. ake an immediate right into Rudol Steiner College.
Session 6: Cosmic Rhythms andPlanting Calendars
March 13, 2010
Lie is rhythm. Te plant is embedded in cosmicrhythms o days and seasons, guided by sun, moon,and planets. Learn about cosmic inuences that aectplants and how planting calendars help you see plantsin relationship to cosmic events, increasing awarenesso the land’s cosmic surroundings.
with Harald Hoven
Session 7: Spring! PlantPropagation, Weed Management
April 17, 2010
echniques or preparing soil to plant or transplantsummer crops will be demonstrated. Methodso propagating annuals and perennials will alsobe demonstrated, including direct sowing, useo greenhouses or cold rames, pricking out, andpropagation through cuttings, layering and divisions.We’ll explore strategies and biodynamic methodsor dealing with another Spring eature: quickly-appearing weeds. Additionally, last year’s preparationswill be dug up.
with Harald Hoven and David Basile
Session 8: Pests, Insects,Benefcials, and Beekeeping
May 8, 2010
Te garden and arm can’t exist without insects,but when the natural balance is disturbed, pestso all sorts creep in. From managing pests toattracting benecials, this workshop looks at insectidentication, biodynamic methods o pest control,pollinator habitat, and care o the honeybee.
with Harald Hoven and David Basile
Weeklong Advanced Intensive
 June 9-13, 2010
Culminating the year’s sessions, this week recapitulates and deepens the entire series’experiences. It includes presentations on thesel-enclosed arm organism, plant observations,theoretical discussions, hands on activities, andlectures and eurythmy based on the our kingdomso nature. (Te advanced intensive can be takenseparately, with permission, by those who have someexperience with biodynamics.)
with Harald Hoven and Cynthia Hoven
Workshop Fees
Satuday Sessios9:00am-5:00pm
Regular: $95Students/Seniors: $75
Advaced Itesive
Regular: $390Students/Seniors: $305
Etie Seies (icludig Advaced Itesive)
Regular: $895Students/Seniors: $710
Biodynamic Farming and GardeningWorkshop Series
Held one Saturday a month or 8 months (Sept–May except Dec), ollowed by a 5-day intensivein June. Sessions may be taken individually or as a series. Beginners and experts welcome.
Session 1: Soil: The Foundation o Lie
September 12, 2009
We begin the series with an introduction to Biodynamics and the philosophy out o whichit arose. We’ll explore soil as the oundation o all garden and arm work, including in-depthobservations o dierent soil types and conditions, and end with preparation o a bed orplanting. (Bring samples o your own soil!)
with Harald Hoven, Cynthia Hoven, Laura Liska
Session 2: Biodynamic Preparations
October 17, 2009
Te BD preps are Rudol Steiner’s special contribution to agriculture. Fermented herbscreate rich compost to enliven the soil. Fermented cow manure and crystals are sprayed onsoil and plants to stimulate root growth and aid plant maturation. We will make and apply “horn manure” preparation (BD #500) in the garden and learn about the balancing actiono the spray preps.
with Harald Hoven
Session 3: Compost
November 14, 2009
Compost is the ideal recycler o all organic wastes, acquainting us with the mysteries o death, transormation and new lie. Biodynamic preparations, used homeopathically in thecompost pile, are important healing medicines or the depleted earth. Compost becomesthe bearer o new lie, improves any soil, and provides the highest quality ertility. You willlearn the theory behind composting and practical skills or building compost piles or bothlarge- and small-scale operations.
with Harald Hoven
Session 4: Seed Saving
 January 16, 2010
Te miracle o the seed is the orm o the uture it carries within. Instead o importingseeds, learn to save your own seed, a crucial part o creating a sel-contained arm organismby encouraging varieties best suited or your environment.
with Harald Hoven
Session 5: Tree Care and Animal Husbandry
February 13, 2010
Fruit trees and animals complete a arm or large garden. Te tree is a special bearer o lie,and provides bird and insect habitat, and shade. Learn to select appropriate ruit trees oryour locale and how pruning helps trees respond with an abundance o ruit. Animalsensoul a arm or garden, bringing additional joy. Gain an understanding o their role in the“arm individuality” through their capacity to process plant matter, produce manure, andgive us meat and other products.
with Dan Crebbin

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